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    More Key Bindings

    Dear Devs! Add please more key bindings such as Turn the Sails (Shift + A-D), reason new movement in fight, there would be an opportunity to make a sharp turn of the ship when you are floating in the wind, to abruptly face the enemy, example change turn sail to (Q-E) sharp turn sials against the wind and put (A-D), now with shift this impossible! Change double keys O, P, U and many other make it with Shift-Alt and add more mouse buttons, i got 11 keys mouse but can use only 3-4...
  2. DEar Developers! Please Set Limit the number of buildings per person and company! It’s just not possible to play, all the Lawles islands are simply littered with players ’buildings, now I’ve even stumbled upon such that 1 player cut off half a large island with a lagoon having built several dozen shipyards, Big Shipyard got 300k HP and huge like... Made limit, example 1 character in company can build: - 1 Tiny shipyard, 1 Small or Big Shipyard - ground buildings 150-200 elements max that enough (in variations at your discretion) Wanted to move to another island? Be kind to take away your shit... All sorts of hotheads come to the islands, break houses, and leave behind dozens of cannons with foundations, which then stand for weeks and this concerns not only cannons, each island is stuck with pillars every meter... I also propose such an addition, a concept as a foundation, if a player is going to build a house to build walls, he needs to build a plateau of at least 9 cells, as soon as he does this, the trigger is turned on that he has a building and cannot build foundations away from the main foundations, only can connect to existing cells, only gates and walls not further than 50-100 meters from the foundation, depending on the number of players in the company, the more people, the more they can build...
  3. PoniGO

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    As I understand 2 fountain or something changed?
  4. PoniGO

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    F8 were is the entere in cave with fountain??
  5. PoniGO

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    So where is he now? Who can confirm exactly ???
  6. The weight of a barrel of water is 550 kg, a bottle of 6 kg, a barrel contains 500, a bottle of 200, dear developers, you may be mistaken with the numbers, then make the barrel hold 5000 units of water and even a big request make it possible to fill it with buckets.
  7. PoniGO

    ALL RAFTS without Sail

    After server fix Hey Devs i just login after hour in the open sea on a raft... How to swim now??? A check all my 4 raft same crap...
  8. PoniGO

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    DEAR DEVS!!! Do so if the pet cannot reach the owner, after some time or distance the pet teleports to you.
  9. All the islands are just dotted with traps for the domestication of animals set up by other players. I tamed almost the whole hour of the Rhino 32 level, this is the fifth rhino and he was stuck again, then trapped in the mountains under the textures.... Do so if the pet cannot reach the owner, after some time or distance the pet teleports to you!!!!
  10. 1. Does not collect more resources that with the skill that without it, also the amount of a tree is 200 pieces, from stones 100 rock + flint+ 20-30 metall 2. Pet stucks under texture and can't get out of there, while wild animals can get out of there... 3. Lawles region optimization... In these sectors, all the islands are just crap with old buildings of players who are no longer playing, make some kind of destruction system, after player timer +6 hours old constrution is destroyed, do the same with abandoned rafts(PROVIDED THERE IS NO BED ON THE RAFT) cos they got 10k HP and sink a very long time, ARE MILLIONS RAFT everywhere!!! Is now players run and remove buildings themselves because the FPS so low on TOP computer hardware, simple example of Oregami island, i7-6700 + rtx 2070 = 35-40 FPS max, other small islands 60++
  11. Guys have something going on with the video memory, without the function in STEAM - launching a low memory, the game loads the full memory video card, I have a new video card rtx 2070, first lags start and in half an hour the game just crashes... I also noticed in free ports in one place elephants accumulate, in large numbers, usually in the sea in shallow water, Check A10...
  12. 1. Graphic settings are not saved in the game and in the settings file - GameUserSettings.ini -- HighQualityMaterials -- HighQualitySurfaces They are ALWAYS TRUE! Restart client and TRUE... There is no possibility to configure, please make different settings, (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) 2. Armor hypothermia and hyperthermia effect not work totally!!! Tried almost all the armor in the desert and the Tundra, no effect that you are in clothes that without it, you die with the same speed! Fortitude does not work correctly, protection from cold and heat is almost insignificant, only vitamin buff appears at 40 fortitude and again tried to play in the tundra with vitamin baf clothing does not protect at all... 3. Loot bag disappears in Freeport areas, its drop only in deep water sometimes. And make new craracter with level 0, each 4. Suggestions In essence, FREEPROTS are locations for beginner players, so make them more convenient, for an easy start, people go into the game, die 5-10 times trying to collect a little resource for pickaxes, close the client and delete the game!!! Make new craracter with level 0, each level gives +1 HP, +1 wieght and atm, No cost level point, passive bonus... Big request, add some sort of Tavern in the Freeport in tundra location, the character dies in seconds, very much like these locations, but it’s not possible to play there with a new player. Please make some kind of crafting hall with primary simple tables (Smithy, Tannery, Coocking pot and something else at your discretion), solo players build rafts and build them up with crafting tables and so in each city there are 20-30 such lag rafts... The simplest storage for 30 cells, NPC with storage functions, each city has its own local storage Make a simple trading system, each city has its own auctioneer. Why do I propose this, there is such a category of players who like not only exclusively PVP, but also those who like to trade and explore combined with PVP. Your game is like one little known game with the same system of pvp and other mechanics, Mortal online, see how everything is organized and streamlined, but with its shortcomings it will soon die due to lack of content development, many people like your game with pirate themes and territorial scales If you develop it, it will be a great project that everyone dreamed of.