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  1. ..Sin..

    Treasure Beams not Showing up on Dedicated Servers

    I thought the same thing lol, one of my players told me no so ?? But all of our Treasure Maps are working properly. Good luck!!
  2. ..Sin..

    Treasure Beams not Showing up on Dedicated Servers

    So i've been informed by a player that there is no such thing lol (too early). Do you have it in the hotbar? Also, chances are, if you have more than one of the same island on the dedicated, you are probably at the wrong location. Not seeing any reports of issues on our servers.
  3. ..Sin..

    Treasure Beams not Showing up on Dedicated Servers

    Do you have the abilities for them? Pretty sure you have to have certain abilities in order to see the beam.
  4. ..Sin..

    PVE claiming issues

    The Power Stone island are part of the grid editor. We just added one for every grid + the Ghost Ship (Not SOTD). When enough companies are ready to face the final boss we'll add the maw in, which takes a grid up on its own. Have all biomes. Discovery zones, all resources etc etc. We've got 20+ people and no one is lacking content
  5. ..Sin..

    PVE claiming issues

    I have a 3x3 PvE grid with plenty of spots to build, we also have strict rules for claim flags based on company size. If you get tired of Official, PM me if you need a place to play. Good luck!
  6. ..Sin..

    Unable to Swing Weapons Randomly

    look and check for the auto-run key, guy on my server had the same issue and spent days with no fix. I guess when you accidentally hit it you can't do any
  7. ..Sin..

    Show ‘n Tell #2! Deadline: Monday 14th Jan

    A player in our gaming community put this together for our Admin Team and their locations throughout the map, now when new players join the dedi they know exactly where they are! Picture was taken during one of our players many journeys! #DivinityGaming - Atlas Adventures!
  8. Is there a way to remove fog of war server side? At this point we're just about to copy and paste the map grid on our discord and let our players loose. We've tried several different ways and nothing is working with the map. Got a grid, names, just fog.
  9. Lol, sorry to be so slow but can't you reiterate? And thank you for replying, me and my husband have been searching high and low and its a real pain trying to get a dedicated set up to advertise if we can't promise any progress with setting changes in the future without save loss haha. So, save the old Regis data and a backup, that's about as far as I understand
  10. Sorry to piggy back your post, but could any of you lend some assistance on setting up an OVH server? Managed to get it all running and my friends and I play on it, but any time I make an INI change it starts the server/grids from a fresh save instead of the existing prior to changes. Everything else seems to be great lol, just this tiny 'headache' Many thanks in advance!!
  11. Got my server up and running and everything works well except for one "major" issue. Anytime I alter the game.ini or GUS and relaunch, the server makes everyone create a new character. If anyone has a detailed tutorial or could help out in any way, I would greatly appreciate it!!