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  1. BUMP! Still plenty of room for old and new players!!! Looking to join a company, plenty of people are taking in new recruits!! Don't forget to bring a friend and take advantage of our recruit a friend program, WE HAVE 5 TIERS OF REWARDS!!! Thanks to our awesome community, we have Double Harvest in place til 5/21! Come get your grind on and stock up!
  2. BUMP! ((Important Changes)) - Added server option to allow large cannons to not require snap on ship. - Reverted the changes made to large cannons so you can build offensively however you would like. - Added the Transfer Gun back after bug fixes! Thank you iSpezz!!
  3. Sorry, we have no intention of allowing players to bypass such a huge part of the Atlas progression. We have companies actively readying themselves to defeat the Kraken and are more than happy to take crews willing to participate. We also have players that are happy to assist with doing Power Stone Islands.