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  1. I hope by god grace you are actually listening to your player base. Stop the gimmicks stop the bullshi.... just fix the bugs and consider viable updates you know maybe even consider talking to your player base before screwing it??
  2. THIS!!!! You should listen and stop trying to make this game as hard as you can. Seriously back off my stone.... especially considering the places it is needed the most cant mass product the paste (K2 has literally no sugars of any kind) Stop screwing your player base.
  3. V15: I can not walk through stone doors
  4. Have you bothered to fix the bs happening where players are now no longer in their company caused by the update? At this point you had better be because you are costing us land and items plus all our ships and it's starting to piss us off. We have waited patiently all day. You no longer earned the right to ask us to wait patiently. Early access or alpha game or not. This is bs.@Jatheish
  5. I am going to start this with the little diddy of I honestly dont care if this is a duplicate of another topic. As of Patch 9.3 my company is still alive but none of the players who made it up are still in it. This was not some rogue idiot who kicked us out. This was everyone including the current owner suddenly being trapped in our stuff because it was no longer ours. To clarify it was still under our company but we were no longer apart of said company. This must be corrected ASAP. I have tried to support this company and recognize its still early but if this cannot be corrected then I quit and will no longer support the company who makes this game. We were in sector K7 on NA PVE Hyrdras Den
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