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  1. neither can I I went to buy crew for my schooner no npc crew atall and cant buy any
  2. so as of midweek next week people can live if allowed under other people claims . I was wondering if anyone bigger tribes were going to do that and as a solo player would I be able to move to one of these locations under tax OR would it be more advantage considering its cons to stay in lawless
  3. so as a solo player it now takes me 6 hours to farm a schooner if I'm not raided I can crew it with npc that can make ships playable for me sloop just doesn't cut it vs others reason I play is for fun not to farm all day WHAT I CAN NEVER DO AS SOLO is claim and hold land like groups can so you have advantage strait away you own land if others farm that land or after midweek live on your land you get tax so if I move from lawless I get taxed on my farming and if I stay in lawless I have to deal with all the scum that come to break in every day least as a solo player I should be able to do in sail in a schooner ill never make a brig or galleon and I could never afford the crew to man it as treasure is hard as hell solo my gold income if mostly from floaters anyway that's my 2 cents there aren't many solo players that play this game but I believe the 2x rate is good for that reasons
  4. so my home server is set to h13 witch is down for over an hour this might be the problem ill try again later
  5. as says above was offline raided killed when I spawned in was just waves on my screen saying you where killed it didn't respawn me or anything so I quit tried to reconnect to get connection to host timed out and when I rejoin prev atlass it gets stuck on loading screen for ever after 30 mins I quit loading screen any known fixes ?
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