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  1. Looking to get back in to atlas. would like to get with a pve group if one needs people
  2. Ran into same issue 5 wolfs 1 alpha 3 spiders 2 corcs and 2 hours worth of work and building gone. I do not mind the most but add the alpha at 233 and that ends my bears, elephant, and any chance of doing anything at all today. When game mechanic blocks playing the game it's not a feature its a bug. Again don't mind the lowers but that alpha is unbeatable.
  3. Understanding that lawless was never supposed to be a place to stay and I get that. But, been going from one place to another to try and find land to claim. Well not happening with only 3 people in my group of friends we have never been able to get close to grabbing one piece of land at all. I get why they did this and think it's dumb till they fix the claims. I have no issue with the alphas it adds to the danger. Now that I do not have the resources to get off my island because someone, large group, weighted down my ship till it sank I have no way to get off the island that we are on.
  4. Well this is a show stopper for me.. Love the game and was upset that we could not find a claim. But, I could still set up in lawless and at least build a ship and now if this will not be fixed I am done with this game.
  5. Wonder if it would be possible to intrudes a trade chest. When two parties put the product in the chest and must hit accept to trade. Understanding that it might not work with pets but, maybe a leash that transfer control of pet to new owner after trade is accepted.
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