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  1. Riwius

    critical Laader on Sloop cause stuck

    Anybody else faced that issue?
  2. Riwius

    performance One reason of the performance issue

    Does anybody know if this issue is still existing?
  3. Riwius

    Ship sink bug PVE

    I totally agree with your suggestion. It wouldnt destory the feeling to explore and the player would be still possiable to move freely over other ships. At the start of the game I loved to climb on other ships to take a clooser look to what they have done to the ship and see the creativity of other players.
  4. Riwius

    Ship sink bug PVE

    Another point is that the "fix" makes it even worse to play, because when you jump/cross accidentally a raft you'll stuk on it. The only way to get down from the raft is to die. And you lose all your stuff that you carry, because you are unable to get the stuff back.
  5. Thanks for the informations!
  6. Will that happen directly after I have no gold left or do I have a little timespan (like 1 or 2 hours) to get back some golds?
  7. Hello together, does anybody know what happens when your gold is empty and you are unable to pay the crew? Will they disapear/die or just stopp any work you'll give them? Would be nice if anyone could help me with that question. Regards
  8. Riwius

    "Network Failure Message" Pls Help :(

    Do you still face this issue? Sometimes, some servers are crashing but they automatically restart after some minutes.
  9. At the moment there is an exploit in the game where everyone can sink your ship
  10. That is insane ... now I don't want to play until this is fixed. I fear to lose the ship we are going to finish tomorrow ...
  11. Riwius

    high Map does not center while sailing [Closed]

    Thanks for the reply. It seems that this was the cause of the issue. Is there a shortcut to directly disable the follow character function? Because when I am using the steering wheel, I often have that issue.
  12. Riwius

    critical Claiming on PVE Server [Closed]

    Thanks for your replies. I misunderstood the mechanics.
  13. Placing a ladder on a ceilling with a gab cause a stuck under the shipyard or a spawn under the ship. To walk under a Sloops deck you have to crauch. When you crauch and access/climb up the laader, then you spawn under the ship. Is this ship in the building process on a shipyard, your character stucks under the ship.
  14. Dear Atlas-Team, when I am using the map while I am sailing, the map doesn't move with the ship. After leaving the steering wheel the map doesn' t center to the ship again. When you travel a long distance you are forced to scroll out to see where your location is. Regards Sascha
  15. BEFORE YOU READ! I misunderstood the mechanics. This topic can be closed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Atlas-Team, on a PVE server you are able to claim areas where players/owners wasn't for the last 3 days. When I try to claim such areas with out claim flag, the "Claim time Remaining" stays by 9:59. After over an hour the time is still at 9:59 and the area is still not claimed. This happens every time I try to claim an area that is possiable to claim. With this bug, our company isn't able to claim any area. Regards Sascha