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  1. New stuff sounded interesting, so I thought I'd check it out. But they've introduced so many new bugs to things that were working that I'm quitting again after only 3 days. Beds are messed up: You have to search for a name of the bed and then hope that you can click on the bed to respawn instead of choosing beds normally Taming is messed up: Even with tier 3 taming, you can't bola tigers (who knows about some of the other, only tested with tigers) Farming is in a bad place: Unless the resource map is wrong, chili seeds and wheat seeds do not exist in the wild. And unless there is something that I'm missing, you can't get back to rookie cove for the freeport seed seller, and the freeports in the other areas (at least the one in D6) don't have seed sellers in them. Portals are messed up: Almost lost 6 of my 8 crew that I was transporting because they all spawned off the boat and were getting eaten by the shark sitting right there Troughs are messed up: They don't exist as far as I can tell (searching for what skill teaches them through searching the item crashes your game) That's just the stuff that I found in just a few hours of playing. Who knows what other stuff that was working is broken, and what new bugs they introduced?
  2. don't quite see the point of the tranq arrows for most things, yet. Sure, I was able to knock out a bull and move him. But then he slept for at least 5 minutes before I could even start to feed him. I can just bola him and toss a "pen" around him while bolaed. Bear sleeps even longer and can't be picked up. AND he started running away after 5 arrows, which I then had to chase him down, instead of having him chase me, like normal taming, so he ended up in an even worse spot for taming (if I had wanted to tame him and wasn't just testing). Maybe for birds, but until they fix the hit boxes of projectiles with birds, I'll just punch a bird and have him follow me into a cage, or drag his bolaed body with a hook.
  3. While we're looking at Grog crafting, any way that we can get the Water Barrel to have more than 2 slots? Especially with the increase in capacity. This way you can queue up more than 1 grog to craft at a time. Also, sugars stacking above 20 would greatly help this process along with it.
  4. I had to run water lines again because for some reason my water seemed to have broken. I ran complete new lines (since I had to demolish the old ones since getting underwater lines in range of an existing pipe doesn't connect it). I started running lines around the base, put 2 different taps up. They both worked for drinking water. Ran pipes up to the garden and then irrigated pipes. Noticed that the plots were still listed as Not Irrigated. Broke all the pipes back down to the underwater pipe. Re-ran the pipes again, checking for connection with a water tap at each step of the way. All good so far. Once I put an irrigated water pipe, it was still listed as Not Irrigate. But now also all of my pipes that were working to the taps no longer work. So twice now, the moment that I put an irrigated water pipe on, it breaks all of the water pipes connected to the underground. It just started today (since the last patch). Please fix!
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