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    Cyclones + Ships of the Damned

    I'd rather see more variety in the storms. Light rain. Heavy rain. Intense wind. Hell. Make some even do sail damage if it's too intense? There are so many options they could go with if they wanted. Make lightning an actual thing too? As I said, there's a lot of variety. Hopefully, it's on the agenda, but part of me worries it may not be and instead turns into more of a what mega clan can demolish the other rather than enhancing the core experience where weather and other things should certainly matter.
  2. Jasper

    Cyclones + Ships of the Damned

    Oh, I agree. I feel like having cyclones every time it rains is really, really bland. Annoying even. Every time it rains though? Come on.
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself really. I play a lot of PVE and I haven't asked for anything really. Sure - the little additions are nice but I don't know of any of the PVE players that I play with that wouldn't want better balance rather than shit that simply isn't needed right now. There's a LOT of the game that gets absolutely trashed in favor of PVP balance and it is almost always negative changes. Not going to blame the PVP crowd, though. I blame it on incompetence and piss poor balancing on developer parts.
  4. Jasper

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I'm starting to wonder if the devs play their own game?
  5. Jasper

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    Do you have anything useful to contribute?
  6. Jasper

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    Are you an idiot? The modkit is just as integral as performance. I'm still sitting on an r9 390 and get that amount of FPS on an average of high settings typically. Not in every place obviously, but let's be honest. Their server side performance is pretty damned important and they have been working on it.
  7. Tan actually looks pretty well. you might consider it.
  8. Guess I'm cooking up a ton of dye. That looks better than the hot garbage the base lanterns are.
  9. On other games, it seems I could never have enough torches at times. This one, however, one shines with the intensity of the sun.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has debated just running around without lights because of how intense the glare is. In certain areas, I think I see better even without them.
  11. Does anyone else find the sheer brightness from torches/lanterns far too excessive? That one torch is putting off that much light. It doesn't look nice and in fact, it's far too hard on the eyes. Am I the only one that finds the incredible glare just too much? Below, is one torch and one lantern at a long distance.
  12. Jasper

    Patch Thursday

    With the frequency of patches, just have the admin set up auto reboot for patches. It sucks if it randomly kicks you, but at least your stuff will be up to date. This early into the development of the game, people should expect it anyway.
  13. Agreed. I'm okay with the bow taking durability damage, but 40 shots with it before breaking seems a little much. With perfect head-shots, you can clear things out well enough, but let's be honest landing headshots 100% of the time isn't possible in some places, Lowering it to .5 or something would be a better alternative. Thankfully I play on unofficial servers only, and with the devkit being released soon hopefully mods to fix some of these garbage changes will start making an appearance soon.
  14. Yup, I don't see WHY the costs are so outrageously high other than they just want that The amount of players per server + the amount of servers needed is pretty terrible. I just have to wonder if it's sustainable in the long run. How long until people get tired of shelling out that kind of money for a server.
  15. Meh, don't play on that unofficial server if you disagree with what the admin of it wants to do. I can see why they are doing it though, because of the absolutely atrocious server costs at the moment. There are unofficial servers that do not practice that, I suggest changing.