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  1. Side note....I have 300 hours in as of right now. And I'm just getting burnt out by your awful implementations. I'd rather go back to playing Dark and Light ffs.
  2. So...where does the balance team get off by introducing paste to the crafting format for stone...EVERYTHING?! Stone structures are easy to kill off, if you're not someone who needs their hand guided with every survival experience. Grapeshot, the stone gates were a needed nerf (If anything remove the gates from the game...) BUT since when does masonry require ORGANIC PASTE?! If you strive for a realism aspect. You certainly have ruined ANY chance for builders in over 66% of the map. You can do the math here buds, I believe sap grows in more temperate regions. So the regions 13 and down need to travel 4+ blocks for this sap. Regions 3 and up need to travel 4+ blocks for paste. YOU'RE RUINING THE GAME EVEN MORE. You are making people in the 2 biomes that have nothing already travel extremely far for....stone structures. LET ALONE WE ALREADY NEED AN ABUNDANCE FOR FUR WHICH YOU ONLY NEED IN THE TUNDRA REGIONS. Coral is apparently out there....but in very small amounts in the tundra regions. But my company, and myself have yet to see it. Think before you speak grapeshot....seriously.....you are ruining 90 servers. 1-3 A through O(45 servers on the top regions) and also 13-15 A through O. (45 servers for the bottom regions) Do you think making 90 servers worth of people migrating even MORE for defensive structures and simply living is tangible? DO YOUR RESEARCH. Piss poor nerf.
  3. Hello, fellow pirates! Tharieon here, patching in to announce that we are opening our doors to a few more members! We are a tight company of 12 individuals at this moment in time, we control an undisclosed server with our strong alliance. We have property, we have the fire power. Now we need the good people of Atlas to join our company! Please send a reply to this posting, and I will get in touch with you as soon as I see it! We have a brief test to make sure you can properly sail! We need all hands on deck!
  4. Title honestly says it all. If we can get some comments on this for anyone who agrees that would probably bring the attention this needs. In my days of MMO's there is always dividing servers for each region. and lets be Honest, Asia/Pacific players are amongst us in the EU and NA servers. So wouldn't it be if anything right, to include them on a server base? Perks: It would reduce population bottlenecking It would reduce server latency (due to their distance, the mainly have poor latency on NA servers) Make the community happy with branching out more servers to diverge the overpopulation problem. Cons: Money? Makes fan base happy? (chuckles) Lets be honest. Edit:Spelling lul
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