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  1. i'd take blue out of the giraffe color palette (also either make it's neck shorter like an okapi, or longer like a giraffe.. now it's all out of proportions ) although i see a lot of suggestions to increase weight, i wouldn't add weight to pack mules, leave that to a cart or harness addition. it's probably a concession to prevent having to render all drops individually when they drop after harvest, but i had some hope storing non-edibles inside a utility animal would've been a thing of the past (the "dino era" ) with the release of atlas. (there's still time before end of EA ^^ )
  2. Please, modders.. can you stop adding NoCollision to your mods? No collision is already an ini variable. Game.ini: bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=False (set to True to disable collision) Unless you've found a way to maintain collision on ships while adding NoCollision to land structures, adding it to your mod isn't a feature, it's a forced ini override that allows floating fortresses. Thank you
  3. oh well, fully downed it now as well.. Thinking of repacking in smaller files and add some par2 files to the mix, then upload to usenet as a mirror for those less fortunate especially feel bad for this guy (posted as a reply on jat's original twitterpost)
  4. a single 147GB file on a http link.. now i'm getting a dejavu of how slow internet used to be; 2 hrs remaining and i've got a proper (200mbit) connection, downloading at 24MB/s (which is 192mbit) so the upstream is good. still feel bad for those who have less (or worse: an unstable connection)
  5. anyways.. just noticed the steam workshop page for atlas is active now, so probably won't be long till devkit https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/workshop/
  6. seriously, you're barking up the wrong tree here, you could've picked any other topic , this one is specifically focused on content for unofficial.. Nobody wants to get a mod "in".. the devkit IS for unofficial and not intended to help official players. no clue where you got that idea.. you were right about the devkit not being a way to "fix" the game, but you were wrong about mods not "saving" the game. on average i think the overall playtime until someone gets bored or interested in something new is 2-3 months. without modding, those players are lost forever, servers die out and you'll end up with a handful of players. with mods, those players who otherwise would've been gone keep coming back due to the new config/gameplay options mods provide, keep talking/showing their friends, stream, make more people interested. that's how they "save the game"..
  7. What's your deal with "making it into official"? There's no modding for official.. Even s+ won't be fully integrated. Wildcard *and probably grapeshot as well* simply hire modders who've proven themselves through modding for unofficial, who then share parts of the code of those mods (and provide support/ideas), to finetune their product. Not to fully integrate the mod. There's not been a single mod (except for the center and ragnarok mapmods) added to ark since they added the workshop.
  8. actually it's the "replayability" caused by mods on unofficial what "saves the game".. That's what they are referring to. on the long run it'll be hard to keep custom servers up due to gridsize, so there also needs to be some sort of continuity plan for 1x1, 2x1 and 2x2 servers; 2x2 on average will be about 40 euro/dollar/whatever currency a month. Ark got this big due to the low serverprice and the huge amount of mods allowing overall customisation. So to actually save the game eventually i think we need some good mapmods focused on content for those 3 gridsizes. A low poly mod/full conversion would be best of course, shrinking all models and textures to allow for bigger maps on the same tile size. (and thereby compressing the amount of servers needed for a full grid).. i think a 2x2 resized grid can max fit a 3x3 unmodded grid in terms of land if models are 50% smaller, which also adds more water in between. Which would bring the total world grid to 10x10 *(mainly due to the increment of spawns per tile being the new bottleneck) @S.McCowan: totally agree, just wish they'd stop posting dates and times and thereby get expectations up (in terms of "maybe this time they'll actually make it")
  9. you're cute.. what part of my explanation didn't you understand? the topic isn't about tattoos, it's about bodypaint. the topic starter mentioned RMT, which is why i pointed to that article.
  10. actually that's unrealistic as bodypaint is applied ON the skin, not IN the skin like tattoos in fact bodypaint is based on warpaints worn by various tribes, of which the most iconic have darker skin (native/south american, african, australian) on topic: RMT isn't allowed as mentioned here under "Misconduct" : https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/
  11. Yup, would be nice if it'd be a little more forgiving. for custom (unofficial) servers there's the option to set bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=True in the game.ini, but that's a bit too strong of a setting for atlas. it was enough for ark as that was focused on building on land and only had a flat raft, but on atlas it also removes clipping on boats, meaning you can build floating fortresses by building through the walls of the ship. so for it to work on atlas it kinda needs a split or modified version. On that note, until that's done i fully agree on the need of a little more clipping range
  12. there's that word again.. "patience".. that word is the reason for this entire and tons of other posts spread out over the atlas and ark forums. we are patient. the entire community is patient. patience is usually rewarded with a release. once a releasedate is set it becomes a promise. broken promises end in impatience. and that's where we're at. The lack of "soon", "eta", "hopefully" and/or "possibly" when a date or time is presented (in this case "end of this week") makes it a hard limit, so we're entitled to be impatient. the whole reason for the delays however probably has to do with too much patience internally at wildcard/grapeshot. they set a deadline for when the coders have to send in their code so they can cook a new patch. once that patch is tested and stable they can cook the devkit. However, during the cooking of the patch, code that didn't make the deadline arrives, they stop the cooking process, start again, more code arrives, they restart again, then code for the new patch arrives and they decide to move the deadline so they can add it all to a bigger patch.. Due to all these additions, they can't cook the dev kit yet because they need time and a stable release, which will be ready the next week.. rinse, repeat
  13. eh.. even ispezz, author of the steampunk mod (and featured in the actual devkit announcement at the end of the atlas trailer) doesn't have access to the devkit. no clue where you got your information from, but your source isn't correct. Besides, even if they did get it before launch it's outdated now. my source: https://twitter.com/iSpeZz/status/1082812195979833345
  14. Oh how i wished you were right.. It was my assumption as well.. until i actually got a private server (tested both nitrado as g-portal) and flew over and explored them thoroughly. I created this topic after those negative testresults. Getting all biomes on a single map doesn't mean having all resource spawns. it just means you get 1 or 2 islands of each biome, which is not enough to host all resources of that biome. Even if you host a single player 1x1, 2x1, 2x2 or 3x3 grid of a single biome doesn't necessarily mean you'll have access to all the resources that should grow in that biome. and about not having to travel: tradeships, as stated earlier, actually travel as well. they also cross gridsections.. and as with all spawns in the "shootergame" engine: you can change the spawnweight to make tradeships even harder to find. anyways, can't stress this enough: the entire reason for this request is to get access to all seeds while keeping the need for travel.. The fun part: I gave the same reply (the entire point of the game is to travel and explore other islands) as you guys did to mine, when someone did a post requesting the primary foods to grow on the same island as the "dinos" that need them. That post was the trigger for me to try and find a solution that fits the already existing game mechanics. Tradeships follow a route on the map (the thin black lines) which cross gridtiles. I also suggested them not to have all seeds in stock at once. In additon: seeds are not the only thing you need travel for. You need to farm mythos to craft mythological blueprints and those same blueprints need materials from all biomes. same goes for upgrading crafted gear.. (if it states thatch 4x120, you need 4 types of thatch, not 480 of the same)
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