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  1. so you have ping times of 45 - 65 ms to Germany ? in the previous post you have said its "The theoretical *absolute minimum time* round trip for a packet from New York to London based on the speed of light is 56ms" and "It is physically impossible to have sub 150ms ping for NA players" ??????? for the IP i get and I live in England so that server would not be in Germany more likely in the US some ware due to them ping times
  2. Have you thought whether Geo Location data is right ? its often not and that gives you the wrong country flag I live in the UK and a tracert to one of those IP addresses show hops with ping times of around 144ms that tells me that the servers in question are not located in Germany and would be the right sort of ping times for central US from my location
  3. Please allow more of the structures to be clipped into the ground and cliff faces I dont want to clip anything in all the way but at the moment you cant even do it over 5 % make building on uneven ground a pain to do Thanks JamieKG
  4. Please could you make wood structures well anything that logical that you can craft on your self also craftable in the smithy
  5. Im assuming its not a case of just rebooting one certain server
  6. M10 has not been allowing players to join for a few hours now
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