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  1. They are not added, I am adding the infrastructure to allow me to more dynamically insert data into the map. Currently, I have to retrieve most of the discovery points still (even the wiki seems to be lacking them) and finish the feature. (I have several changes in the pipe-line that I've been working on, I just get busy with college which takes time.)
  2. This is planned. There's multiple working parts for the project. I am deciding between open source / use with a restrictive license, or to make a service where you can provide map data and it makes the map similar to the official map.
  3. I can upload the file if you still need it.
  4. It's unfortunate that this account was hijacked by the owner not taking the proper security precautions. Hopefully this is a good lesson and moving forward any employee with such permissions is given some form of information explaining how to ensure their account doesn't become compromised.
  5. Well that's good, but weird. Glad everything resolved itself.
  6. Interesting, would you be able to show me a javascript console output log? On your browser hit F12 and navigate to the console tab. Usually it only loading what you've shown is due to some type of javascript error. Additionally, which browser are you using?
  7. I don't see an issue for toggling those layers? UPDATE: I've added a new map style called Flat. You can switch between the Topographic (Default) and Flat styles via the layer switcher.
  8. Try my font modification for Ark https://the.biggest.cat/index.php/2017/07/25/install-ark-font/ It works for Atlas as well, just follow the instructions and and replace Ark with Atlas.
  9. Which is what the official map shows. I can only show the data the official map has.
  10. My map is showing the same claims as the official map. Checked just now, neither mine or the official show B13 on Kraken's Maw taken.
  11. I've pushed another update that will now show Island names on-hover. If it causes major performance issues, I'll make it toggle-on instead of always on.
  12. I'm not quite sure I understand what you are trying to say? Updating coming in ~an hour to fix a few small issues with the renders, I was using an older pre-release version of the server grid editor.
  13. Hello Atlas community. Today I'm proud to release to first iteration of my advanced dynamic map for Atlas. The map can be found here: https://pocketdevs.org/map/ Currently, the map has the following features Important Zone Highlighting (Freeports, Golden Age Ruins, Lawless Zones, Central Maw.) [Toggleable] Showing Map Grid [Toggleable] Showing Discovery Zones [Toggleable] Showing Biomes [Toggleable] Showing Official Server Top 10 Companies + Claims (NA PVP, NA PVE, EU PVP, EU PVE) [Toggleable] Showing Current Mouse Position as in-game GPS coordinates + Tile Showing Specific Point as in-game GPS coordinates [Right Click] Controls Layer Control, this control allows for changing which layers are shown on the map. Zoom, this control allows you to zoom the map in or out. Right clicking the map will show the in-game GPS coordinates rounded to two digits. Screenshots Click any screenshot for the full-size.
  14. Do you mean that you took a screenshot or something? I know there's tools to inject into the DX11 stack and rip streamed textures, but those generally give questionable results.
  15. They used umodel with Ark selected under "game override"
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