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  1. when you are surrounded by 20 or more lvl 75 AOD with crossbows and maces, you just get stuck in a cycle of die-retry-die. its also very boring and frustrating. not to mention the golden age isles or fountain of youth. AOD being immune to all but melee/guns puts you in a situation of repeated naked death runs till you can get there
  2. yes in pve you used to be able to use a veriatey of fun ways to kill AOD now its basically tames or melee, no point in guns and melee isnt an option with only 2-3 players
  3. it isnt an adventure though, you sail over with a few bears. than bat the daylights out of them. in the past you could plan an attack, set up crossbows puckle guns and grenades and all that fun stuff. now all of that weaponry and equipment is usless on pve
  4. i was not long forced to build a huge structure to get to a 16 treasure it was on top of a cliff. it was impossible to do it with just 3 people armed with flack, swords and guns. not only that the spawn was at the end of the cliff so even when we finally think we are done. some inevitably fall off so we have to do it all over again. not being able to use the other weaponry types is just downright unfair and kind of game breaking for us
  5. I have come back after the wipe, i and my team members were dismayed to find that we couldn't damage or kill the army of the damned. after some searching we found AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage. why do this? this has turned a fun battle where we would scout the terrain, use tactics and alternate weapons/firepower/traps into a simple battle of might. if you dont have an army of bears or super duper gear you are doomed to a cycle of death-reaquip-death. its very nearly a deal breaker for us, it takes fun out of the game puckle guns are pretty much useless now, and the only time we can use the fun stuff is for boss battles? without the means of practice? i can see now why people do naked death runs to the fountain of youth. could someone please tell us the devs reasoning for doing this? if someone in power reads this please consider changing it back for the pve servers
  6. there is a player that is griefing our whole region and we cant report him as all of his lettering cant be seen by us
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