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  1. Yesterday i was modding on the Atlas Devkit and done a Mistake, i modified a File from the Content data and saved it. So i get Error messages and cant restore the Datas because i deleted the Atlasdevkit Zip file. I deleted the Skill_TheBasics from the Devkit and overwrite it with the live Atlas and now i cant load the PrimalGameData from the Devkit anymore. Dont know what todo i dont want to redownload the whole atlasdevkit. Can someone upload the for me ? Would be very thankful
  2. Today it should come out: "We expect the DevKit to be available for download Thursday Evening, with a lot of additional functionality, including the ability to host servers without using the seamless grid system, but rather traditional "single server" specifically using Steam Workshop maps."
  3. I want the modkit for the ark stuff. Both games are made on udk we could import the Creatures/Weps to Atlas and forge some new islands filled with it. We got alot of possibilities for Modders to create their own MMO, as we saw: Planes, Airships, tanks and more to come. Thats a reason why some cant wait
  4. Every Dev do it differently, look at BFA it is still unfinished and you pay more and monthly. And in Atlas you pay 20€ get your own Server, Land Editor and soon the Modkit where you can create your own stuff and change settings that you dont like.
  5. So 2 days before we build a Brigantine and it got destroyed by the ship Cannon that we want to test out it was near a Shipyard. The Whole Back from the Brigantine got instantly destroyed. So we build a 2nd Brigantine and it got too destroyed by too much Ghost Ships. So we build a 3rd Brigantine and got destroyed by an Shipwreck by transfering to another Server. So We spend 6+ hours sailing looking for Claiming areas and always fail because of that dumb Structure bug.
  6. The Problem is, Admins cant get their Hands ingame its not allowed for them on official. Official will only Support Patch,Server-Fixes
  7. We build a Brigantine for a half day and while we let the ship go down we tested the Cannon doors, and our Ship crushed in the Back and sunked because it was near a Harbor Construction 15M Damage. I gave up playing because in its current state you waste your Time. But its a game with alot of potential i recommend it to play on Unnoficial Servers for now.
  8. You Will get the UDK you can Add creatures, make your own Islands, Ships, tools, ressources, Structures and more like Scripts, interface Modification etc. but dont know how differently is it from the ark def kit.
  9. Its very depressing, you cant even claim one little land not being interupted. But i found some nice Company´s that gave me a little land to build. But the System is very bad thats the only Feature thats bad for the game or it can be better if it gets some improving. I would do a Claim Limit and some Claim Protection i started 3 times over and spend 3 whole days gathering resources for Nothing. Its the best game currently for me, but some Stuff is gamebreaking i hope it gets some Improvement in the next Days. Some People just run over the Island and Spam claim flags without any buildings on it. Its EA and im fine with it, just a little Feedback
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