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  1. Nah i found a tool a while back (idr where) that converts / extracts uasset textures into .dds files
  2. Answer for 2. Those server templates/regions are just a way to copy and paste server settings to different "sectors/servers". If you have 3 servers that you want to be temperate, its easier to just create one setting for all of them.
  3. I just extracted the texture uassets. Ive never used this before but im about to lol, seems really useful.
  4. If someone dies on a ship and you decompose the body, the weight isnt removed from the ship weight.
  5. I just extracted all the icons for buffs, skills, and feats. Figured someone might use them to compile some information or make a Skill planner, i just don't have the time anymore Download
  6. I think they patched that hidden menu either way.
  7. Here's your proof. I recommend turning down ground clutter in the options.
  8. Nope there seems to be nothing....
  9. Made a map with (what i think are?) each server grid + a 10 digit grid square for each one. Wanted an easy reference for planning with my group, figured id share. Let me know of anything i should improve! Download
  10. Show me the facts #flatatlas
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