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  1. Its pretty bad. I totally support Grapeshot for working to make a great game, a fun game. Wiping servers, making changes when and how they need to be - that's awesome, and it is Early Access - we are just helping test the game, in a sense, and that's solid. Its what we agreed to. But, when Grapeshot comes out with strong statements about banning entire companies and alliances if folks abuse known exploits - strong words, that really give folks like me hope that the game is going to be revitalized... ... and then don't keep their word - well, that support dries right up and I agree - best bet at this point is to move along and find a game developer who keeps their promises. I don't care what that promise is! But strong words and zero action sum up to one thing... pathetic.
  2. Myk

    And it starts

    Yea, there's so much lag already - I don't even want to consider the overhead of a "hex overlay" across the entire map.
  3. Myk

    And it starts

    The actual phrase is, "so it begins" .... not "and it starts," c'mon now.
  4. So you want the stuff you want to do to be solo-able, but you don't care if the things you don't want to do are group content. Well, OP, I think you've shown your true colors. This conversation has been fun, but its time for you to look in the mirror and think a bit.
  5. Not sure what server you're on, but anyone on NA PvE who has this problem let me know. We're in a PvE alliance focused on killing Kraken on any odd Tuesday. You don't have to do anything with anyone at all, ever - be as loner as you want, but if you could stand to you know, sail near other people for a few minutes, its pretty easy to get those things unlocked. I do see what you're saying in terms of wanting to be pure solo and still access everything, but how can things be made at that level of difficulty/challenge, yet still also be a challenge for folks who do work together? If it takes one guy to do something, then its usually stupid easy with 2 or 3 ... I can't imagine a scenario where the solo hero can achieve everything, and yet, the game still provides a challenge to groups.
  6. So, are you suggesting the game have different rules for smaller companies than large ones? Like if your company is 3 people or less, you just get everything without working for it, but those folks who can work together get... to work harder? Sorry, doesn't make sense to me, and I'm in a 2 person company. The game already allows you to get the power stone pretty easy... only requires one stone to get the submarine... There should be something available to folks who are able to do more... because they work together as a large group, or work very well as a small group, or whatever it is. Without challenge, the game loses all interest.
  7. Just set things up so you only need to visit for the imprint. Figure out temperatures, build a shelter, run some grills... whatever you need to do... been breeding bears, and now horses, without any stress at all - just getting them past that first 10%, and then using an alarm clock to visit for imprint... super easy, with a shelter and a couple grills as needed.
  8. Its the same as in Ark, the baby randomly gets from the parents, each stat. So if the baby gets the worst of a bunch of stats, then his level is lower, because less points per stat. Its unlikely, but always possible.
  9. Hey Shoe, if you're on NA PvE we have a breed that is 170+ born, fully imprinted over 200 dmg - would love to mix and match with that stamina and health.
  10. 141% Also happy to trade 1 run for 1 run, each supply the mats ... could do a 184 that way
  11. Like the subject says - we have an extra mythical large shipyard blueprint, as an indication of quality, it wants over 100 mythos. We're looking to trade for a small, mythical shipyard blueprint, since we aren't having the luck in finding one. NA PvE, PM me here, I'll follow up. Myk
  12. Hey, Looking for an alliance to join on NA PvE, to do endgame content. If anyone knows of one, please let me know! If other folks are looking for one as well, on NA PvE, drop a comment here - if nothing else, we'll just make one. Myk
  13. Bump. Additional information: Colorful tools will not remain on my toolbar when I relog. When I log back on, I cannot drag them to the same slots on my toolbar where they were when I logged off. I can, however, drag them to a different slot, and swap that slot with the correct slot, as a 5-10s workaround. Network - NA PvE Grid - B5
  14. Definitely full emo. Once spotted, an Emo will turn into a Rageaholic, as their cover is blown.
  15. I think you can get away with placing an NPC in a box and letting him sit there forever, or until your resources/gold run out. Not sure, but the NPC pirates have been used before to help with claim battles, once you own the land. Might work here.
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