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  1. Good Morning, Hopefully this is the right place to post it, in de Bug report system i dont find the right section. After the Last Balance of the Golden Age Ruins with the Rebalance of the respawns,they are nearly no more SotDs there. They Take a redeciolus large amount of time to respawn and in the wohle grid are at the same time at max only 2 fleets with 6 Ships. We scanned yesterday with 6 Ships for Like 4 hours the Grid and checked our Expirence with other companys and the answers wehre all the same. I would be nice if you could rework the current situation. ATM the Golden Age is the easiest Grid, even in free Port you got more Damage from decay then in Golden Age from Enemys. @Dollie@Jatheish best regards Efariam
  2. Then go back too ark there is a game that has everything you want, so no need to be frustrated in Atlas. feel Free to leave if you think the game is bad
  3. But at the sam time this are people that spam foundations all ower lawles so its the same =D it makes no diference if he claims a island or if he spams foundations
  4. Thanks, i will look to find that calculator =D it would be realy helpfull =D
  5. for my bears i got 2 feamls with 160% meelee and a male with 750 health and 2 Females with Stamina 950. Thanks for the idea with the torches i will try it. its a good idea to control all of my breeding rooms at ones
  6. Was a pleasure to trade with you. got our Rhino with nice stats for a incrediblie fare price. The Rhino only Feels a little bit Cold in M15 now =D
  7. Hello everyone, i was making some reasearch and was looking what could be the possible highest roles for weight, stamina, health and damage in a wild lvl 30 tamed bear. i got no real answer, is there anyone that nows the values? i will start my breeeding process today an i have several good bears to start and wanted to compare there values to the highest possible roll in order too get the best outcome bevore i start with the second phase and get the mutation breeding process started. best regards Efariam
  8. Efariam

    Whale Spawns

    Cant connfirm hunted 2 Whales down 2 hours ago
  9. Good morning, if you still need some help we would Love to join your advanture
  10. I know Anne from my early Days in C9 in Decembre where she started her adventure. She was really helpfull and one oft that kind of players that contributed a lot in making a good and friendly community, i hope that this trolling from a few people will end or atleast that the admins take action to controll it. with best regards Efariam
  11. i Love the idea and hopefully you can catch the atention of other great companys like Fairy Tail. i think my company can and will participate to contribute to your idea in order to ensure to make some place wehre we can gather to orgenise some great events and make new conections. best regards Efariam (Eis Piraten M15 Haithabu)
  12. I think what we need is a system to vote if we like or dislike the landlord and regarding this value the upkeep reduces or increases or the time for one upkeep increases in order to ensure that a good lanflord gets a bonus and a bad landlord gets punisht. I would also be nice to have a seperate section to make it possible to make advertising your own claim. We have got our habds on a Island in M15 Haithabu and we try to make it easy for others to settl down or only tame. We are now making open taming pans and traps for yetis in order to ensure that people have fun landk g at our Island. We build a nice little settlment wehre we want ro encourage people to make RP with us. I think the system needs onls a few improvments. The core system works good.
  13. 10 Gold per mythos Would be my initial offer. But it depends on the demand you need. so i would say give me a roundabout Number what you would be willing to pay for wich amount. best regards Efariam
  14. Ist eig nur ums eck =D dann statten wir euch mal nen Besuch ab wenn wir in die Richtung unterwegs sind
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