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  1. It is simple. They are adding over 200 islands to the map, and they are also removing some islands as well. That would mean you would have discovery points that others would never have a chance of getting because those islands no longer exist after the update. Also, There was a mistake about 2 weeks ago on an update where the discovery point increase was 3x for a couple of days. So those that took advantage of it would have everyone else at a disadvantage if they did not wipe characters. I do not like the wipe idea, and I like the PvE flag changes even more, but I understand the reason behind the wipe at least.
  2. The issue with server lag and land claims has a lot to do with an over abundance of abandoned Rafts, Sloops, and Skooners. This issue effects most claimed lands, Power stone Islands, and Lawless islands. Rafts are the worst with this because of the amount of health they have and the slowness of decay. It can take up to 1.5 months for a Raft to sink. This is causing a lot of land in the lawless regions to not be buildable, and inaccessible to anchor. Rafts, Sloops, and Skooners are still clogging up power stone islands and causing disconnects and server lag. And this is also being used to grieve other players by blockading companies into their own land and not being able to sail or access their ship yards. I have addressed this issue before in my post on how to balance the claim flag system here. Here is the lines that pertain to this issue. As you can see this will address these issues and also help with server lag and clutter.
  3. We are still recruiting and growing pretty fast. WE welcome all, and we do accept mergers as well.
  4. This is not balanced at all. It is geared toward small companies only and has a narrow vision that does not fit GrapeShots vision. 1. Limiting the amount of land you can own goes against the leader boards and the reason to have a tax bank. 2. Companies should have control over their own taxes this is there to give competition to the companies to bring in renter or tax payers more than the others. 3. There should not be a limit or ongoing tax to own land. This does not in any way address the current issue and still stay within the vision of the creators. Your comments are laced with vitriol and anger. it seems as though you do not like the way others play a sandbox mmo and play within the rules and mechanics given to them. Everyone has a different play style and no one is ever exactly the same. This is NOT a Single Player game, it is a Sandbox MMO with land control features and a governance mechanic coming soon. You have to 1st understand the type of game this is before making suggestions. Or you end up not making sense and looking foolish.
  5. If you are thinking basically, then you would come to that conclusion. This is not a simple easy fix that you can just attach gold to to correct it. The flag system is flawed in countless ways and will take a total revamp to get the balance right, and to stay in Grapeshots vision. Just plopping a gold requirement on the existing system will only make things worse for new players. Existing companies and players already have a gold hoard and know how to get a lot of gold fast. A medium company can get upwards of 40k gold in a few hours. We have done it. Get several Masterwork and Journeyman maps with 10+ players and there you go. For just myself, I have over 10k gold sitting in my bank from taxes, that is not including the 25k that is in the resource box. With this, even if they did a flag wipe, the existing top companies would keep their claims easily. There might be a little shuffling of flag locations but the flags would just go back up fast, especially with companies that have 100 +active players. But, new players do not have the resources or know how to easily beat these treasure maps to farm them fast. And float-some is not a viable option for large amounts of gold. This would make it even harder for new players to get and keep land. That is why the option I posted above is a real solution. it takes all the above into account, turns flags into collision based models, and removes them and the items on the property if too much time has transpired. And lastly, it doesn't matter what someone owns, how much land they own, or how they use it. That is THEIR land, not yours. They might want to leave that land open for a rare resource that grows there, or tax it when other players come there because the island the other players live on has been so built up that nothing spawns there any longer. And lastly, if they did open it up, then the newbies would build anywhere and even on top of rare resources and break those spawns too. I know this well, we have had that happen to our land, so we only share land that is not near resources that are either rare or needed in abundance. Final thought. Atlas might be based on Ark and play like it in some ways, but it is not Ark. This game is not just a simple sandbox survival game with land grabbing, boats, and bosses. It is a full MMO with survival aspects, a competitive leader board system, trading stalls(Coming in February) and a full city and society builder in place for large companies. This is already in future plans for the game or already implemented. Having a full island and then building a city with laws, rental apartments, rental ship yards and such is not a far fetched idea here. It sucks that the current game is not there yet, but we know most of that is coming. And that post i made above takes all of this into account. Just slapping a gold requirement on a flag does not.
  6. A wipe would not be a wise thing to do at this stage of the PvE side of the game. 1. Wiping would cause established players to leave in droves. None likes to have their hard work gone in an instant and have to start over. 2. Most land would be taken again in a week or 2. So this would not solve the issue of land. 3. Until the claim flag system is corrected and balanced correctly, this will be an issue and hot topic of discussion. Also, about the issue of adding gold costs to claim flags is a bit much. If you look at the big picture, the devs put this in place with having it a competition with land in the 1st place. Taxation, laws and land governance(coming soon), Claim Flags, and a page on the web site dedicated to the top ten land holders of each server. So adding a gold cost to each flag would be counter intuitive to the vision that GrapeShot has for the game as a whole. It would severely curtail the size of the top ten and limit the growth of companies so they can challenge these top guilds. It would be received the same way as a wipe to be honest. In a very bad light. But instead of a countdown timer that is based on how many flags you have is also not a good system that just turns the game into "Capture the Flag" for the larger companies that have tax banks and land for harvesting, we can have a decay based system where it is fair and balanced. 1. All flags of the company have a repair cost to them. 2. They decay over time. Lets say 2 weeks. After that, the flag breaks and the land becomes open to claim by anyone. 3. The company must have the resources in a resource box or in a players inventory for the flags to be repaired. 4. Players can use a repair hammer to repair the flags, or press "E" and use the redial menu. 5. NPCs can be set to keep all flags that are touching/overlapping in a cell repaired. 6. Sea flags will not have a decay, but have a placement cost. And can be challenged within 3 days. 7. Sea claims that touch/overlap a land claim will be considered a land claim and have decay. But at a slightly faster rate. 8. The cost of repairing flags will go up as the amount of flags touching/overlapping increases past 10 flags. 9. Single/Isolated Flags without company builds and/or not set to everyone building will be decayed at a faster rate. 10. If a flag has a company build, company ships, or company owned tames on it, it will decay at a 50% slower rate. IE 4 weeks. 11. Builds, Boats, NPC's and Tames of the owning company will decay at the same rate as the flag they are in and can be claimed by other companies after the timer runs out. 12. Boats, NPC's, and Tames that are abandoned or left in another companies flag area will have a 5 day decay timer and will become the property of the flag owner or if they are not in a flag area they will will be claimable by anyone when the timer runs out. 13. Boats, Building, Tames, and NPC's that are not claimed or in a flag area for 3 days will auto destroy. 14. Players that are not a part of a company get one free land claim and 1 sea claim. All the above rules will apply. 15. When a player from the owning company spawns into a claim flags area of coverage, then all flag timers that are touching/overlapping that flags area of effect will be reset. 16. A member of the owning company must visit the flag to reset the claim timer.
  7. I am can second this as well. I have had the same issue, and the others players are having the issue too that are in the same Company as I am.
  8. Please be more thoughtful to the person that created this thread. It is rude to hijack it for your own personal anger and frustration. I am done. @LastbreathI apologize for the unsightly comments above. I hope this does not continue.
  9. *Ignoring the Riff Raff* I forgot to say we also have access to 80% of the resources in game. Not to mention, we are currently gathering the power stones for the Kraken. We do not rent or sell land, we have beach front and coastal land designated for others to freely build on in 3 different zones currently, hoping to have more soon. (Not posting those locations here because you will always get that occasional butt head that will come and spam foundations everywhere just to troll.) Others hate on us because we started day one and had a plan on what we wanted to achieve. We are working toward that plan still, but we have achieved a lot of it already. That is why we are top 10 and will stay there for a long time to come. From what I read from your post you are looking for people to play with more so than land to rent and that we can do easily. I do hope you find a good group that works for you. Good luck.
  10. Hi, I feel your pain with friends quitting, we lost a lot of members as well, but we have been rebuilding. We are a top 10 Company with 6 different land bases that ships can be built ate. WE are interested in new players, so you can just bring yourself, or if you are the owner of the company you have, we can do a merger. WE have players from several time zones so we usually have someone on at any given time. But our most active times are after 6 pm EST time. PM for more details if you are interested.
  11. Hi all, we are now sailing around the world finding treasure with our maps. What an Awesome team! "Thar Be Treasure!"
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