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  1. Will trade ships be useful again? All their items are available at the freeports now. I understand they were a bit of a pain to find but now they're just useless. (I suggest when if/when they are useful, we could have markers on the atlas pointing them out similar to our own ships to fix that problem, they could even be in regions that tend to be less popular *cough* desert and cold areas *cough*) Will lighthouses ever have a use besides just being a player-made landmark? The old theory went was that they attracted tradeships. And even if it is true, everyone and their mother has a lighthouse making that ineffective. Is fixing the pve gold tax going to happen soon? I also would looooove to know the actual chances on mutations in breeding. That's just a tiny bit of knowledge that would improve qol. I'd guess it to be about 5%. Maybe 2.5% for each parent? I've gotten double mutation on an offspring a few times. Once in the same stat. So I don't think it is x% chance per stat. I get my hp mutation stack once in about 200 or so eggs with my crows. I just hit 20 hp muts a couple days ago. I haven't tried to breed beyond 20 to see about a crop in chance or not (since other breeders have said they get muts with one parent well beyond 20)
  2. I set to aggressive, attacking target, neutral, crow still acts as if it's on passive. I have been disappointed greatly by my flock of crows in pvp and pve. Tried even throwing the crows at stuff. No luck. Crows attack in the wild before tame. But not when tamed, so I know they have attacks. I've tried finding aggressive mobs and making them attack the crows, they just sit there and take it. Please help my murder murder. Chickens murder but crows are chicken. Please fix.
  3. I really hope they do major reworks on their plans for pve, but if we must deal with the changes, I have a suggestion on a tweak on it. Patch notes from what it sounds like: Decay will happen on all floors, walls, ceilings, chests(?), crafting stations 24/7. As they take damage, you can put resources into a repair structure which automatically repairs all your structures over time. (within an area?) This is similar to how NPCs repair boats when idol and parked. This is implemented to try and free up inactive land so new players can find places to build. Sounds cool right? Potential issues: Foundation spam everywhere. Grapeshot thoughts for this to work: Upkeep costs means no infinite pillars. Reasons I don't think that will work: Currently those foundations go byebye when the owners don't reset the timers, aka walk near them every so often. There is already SOME sort of upkeep. It might not require farming but people aren't just placing down pillars to leave and forget about them. They want those foundations to be there. So they'll upkeep. If that upkeep is 5% of the mats to build it everyday, that's like... up to under 100 thatch, wood, fiber per week on every foundation. But those with even a tiny thatch house in a small plot of land will have at least 15x the upkeep. Why not just increase upkeep costs? It penalizes those who are legitimately trying to make any sort of build. A player can block off a large portion of land with 20 foundations spread apart. And only pay MUCH LESS upkeep to keep that there than say a person with a 4x5 (TINY) house with walls and a roof, plus chests, crafting stations and all else. How much can they really increase upkeep costs before it's unfeasible for even a small company house? They surely cannot increase it enough to keep trolls or land ransomers from blocking the surrounding area building rights. We'll all be living in our boats soon. High upkeep costs will also sway people away from making MAGNIFICENT builds. And that will be very sad to see go away. Everything will become just tiny efficient, bare min, houses and/or boat docks. Except, of course, main bases of large companies. SUGGESTION: Foundations create a claim of sorts. And the upkeep scales to the area of land (or % of land in the server) you have blocked by your buildings INSTEAD upkeep on every wall, ceiling, floor, roof, crafting station, chest, boat dock, etc. If the upkeep is based on area taken up on the map, then people will be more inclined to not spread out, so more land will be available. But they are also not penalized on upkeep in an attempt to keep foundation spam down, instead the foundation spammers will take the penalty. I've never done video game work but I feel like that might be hell to implement. So another lesser-effective suggestion but likely easier: Only foundations that block building have upkeep costs. So builders won't be paying upkeep on every single piece of the house. And they will not have to pay crazy significantly more upkeep than the foundation spammers. Then maybe you can raise upkeep prices a solid amount to weed out some foundation spammers. I'd really love people to still make amazing builds to explore. Thank you for reading.
  4. (not a dev or anyone with any power) but I have heard of devs stepping in an banning people over greifing by blocking people's land off in pve. Specifically a friend of mine had a chinese guild on their island who build gates in a literal circle around my friend's land. After a report to the dev, they were banned and all the gates disappeared. It's not really a fix/resolution for the problem..... but at least it's a little less to worry about, yes? Greifing is against the rules in pve. And devs will do something about it if it's major like blocking you into your land. Just need to fight for their attention on the topic. I hear they are receptive in the discord if you document it all very well. I will be posting a separate suggestion thread to try and help with resource blocking. /won't really prevent it but... well.. it might help a little if they're set on the system they laid out so far. I'm not a fan of any of the changes for PVE myself besides getting rid of sea claims.
  5. Can we set permissions for animals to eat specific items in the trough? Or settings for creature groups that only allows certain groups to access certain troughs? I'm tired of my bears eating all the meat gathered for wolves when they have plenty of berries. Or literally all the omnivore/carnivore animals eating the fish gathered for my penguins. I have to put it in penguin inventory. Then it expires fast.
  6. this would be nice for aesthetic as well. more crows near your home. But I'm kinda neh over the idea of my well-defended neighbor running me out of my land with a wolf spawner on the end of the property. or spawning more crows so if I hit one, I get swarmed. but even with a low spawn rate, an extra wolf/day still sounds terrible. but if they're taming wolves. they might love it. neh.
  7. currently i have a raft visiting a nearby island but the dang thing git stuck facing a rock. I'm unsure if this is an issue with other boat types. Could we possibly get an option to drag the boat away from the shore? similar to drag body but much slower where our char swims, clinging to the raft, slowly bringing it out to sea. (company members only to prevent griefing of course) If this is a common issue with bigger boats, o e could make it based on weight in such that multiple people needed to pull larger boats and/or empty the boat chests to get it to move. if gripping the boat directly would be unwanted to keep (hold e) menus clean, maybe make a rope to tow boats craftable. another option to fix would be to make boats slowly drift to face the direction the steering wheel is facing without sails open. This doesnt make much sense imo but it might be easier to implement. It would be amazing if it would do this anchored too so we could set the boat to turn around while we explore an island. then the boat is facing outward when we leave. Thanks for reading. I just really want to get my raft off the island.
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