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  1. correct about the stuff. But u didnt realize that peace phase islands themselves are already the issue. THey shouldnt even exist in the first place. I went into detail about all of this in my posts (including player tracking tools like ship icons, join notifications etc.). Look them up
  2. ship icons on map, logs, player join notifications : REMOVE THIS BS!!!
  3. There is so much stupid bullshit in this game, beside these. Like Player join notifications, Ship symbols on the map etc that make the game stupid. THey basically allow cheats for everyone. when will all this junk be removed?
  4. allow it. I am done placing mortars on the groudn and not being able to pick them up again and not being able to place at all, bc enemy has pillar spam near. Allow placing mortars on carts, so we can move them around and dont have to waste them!
  5. Crab is shaking like a mother fucker when I try to aim wiht cannon on the crab platform. whats the damn point of this platform if the cannon aim isnt usable?! FIX UR SHIT! Besides, fix the tramp, u ruined it by ruining th control. It is always dragging to one side, i cant use full sail.
  6. also: LANDFIGHT blackjack throws riders of their tame. wtf is this broken nonsense? This neeeds to go
  7. hire me as game director, u dont know what u r doing
  8. ur method is trash. the real way is the game creates random squads. Throwing u into random squad, with one leader. And the leader can kick u out, then u get thrown into another random squad and so on.
  9. There is no place for such things in a pirate game! it's insanely unfair. Everything should be raidable and capturable. This includes tame too. remove all this unfair junk!
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