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  1. All I see from any of these "improvements" is more pandering to the megas. If the devs were even the least bit interested in balancing the game (which at this point I very seriously doubt for the record) they'd make it harder for these gigantic super groups to control literally everything important.(You know, like Ark) There's no way that the devs could miss the abuse of power they've continually created and seemingly reinforced short of absolute ignorance, especially considering how they claim to want to hear what we have to say. Instead they need to ACTUALLY listen and at least try to fix the problems that already exist, some of which have existed since Ark. Hell even the link they give us to report bugs and problems is broken, which to me says ALOT about the future of this game (or lack thereof) Honestly I had such high hopes for Atlas, and even now the game isn't beyond redemption, but as it currently exists if it wasn't for private servers and single player I'd have tossed this game away just like I did Ark, and given the current trend of the game I may yet do just that.
  2. The lesson you should take away from this, my friend, is that you should be very careful in trusting anyone you don't know well. And NEVER rush an alliance or merger.
  3. Are you fools TRYING to kill your game??? Being able to buy a ship for gold at a freeport makes sense (implementing a shipwright building or something similar would actually be pretty cool for this). However making players pay gold in any amount, especially after grinding for HOURS to gather the resources needed to build a ship in their OWN shipyard is nothing short of assanine! Who exactly is this gold suppose to be going to anyhow? It's my shipyard, I built it and I own it, but I have to feed it gold to build anything bigger than a sloop? If this is some haphazard attempt at staunching the growth of the overpowering mega-companies I fear you are morbidly mistaken. This will in fact only give those oppressive bastards an even greater advantage over we smaller groups even moreso over solo players, and lessening the number of ways to procure gold only threatens to exacerbate the issue. Mark my words, if you do indeed implement this "fix" this game will be dead (or very nearly so) within weeks.
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