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  1. The way things are currently going I think this game is DnL 2.0. Take from that what you will...
  2. BigDally

    M6 Lawless Missing Discovery

    Yeah we went back to this grid but have been unsuccessful at finding this last discovery point.
  3. BigDally

    M6 Lawless Missing Discovery

    Yeah I have been using that, but I'm starting to think not all discoveries in a grid have an "indicator" over them when the spyglass is used.
  4. BigDally

    M6 Lawless Missing Discovery

    No I did not. I checked all the outlying rocks around the islands and did not get the discovery. Now granted I did not grapple onto the tops of the tall ones, just explored around the bases.
  5. BigDally

    Repair Hammer not working

    I'm seeing the same issue. Plenty of resources in resource box, and all materials show up green with the hammer equipped. Whacking a damaged plank does not start the repair mini-game though, but we can repair from ship resource box using "E" instead. Also AI crewmen can repair the ship from the resource box as well, just not the hammers.
  6. BigDally

    M6 Lawless Missing Discovery

    So according to the wiki this missing discovery point should be "MerMaid's Perch". Has anyone found it?
  7. It is my understanding that Atlas does not have separate BPs for the alpha creatures, and that Alphas are basically the same BPs spawned with the "alpha" buff. If this is true, then we need a way of disabling the "alpha" buff in order to prevent alpha spawns???
  8. Disabling dynamic aging on my unofficial server using bUseStaticCharacterAge=true causes my in game age to be -44944 years!!! Anyone else seeing this bug?
  9. Has anyone been able to find this missing discovery point in the Lawless M6 Grid? I have looked everywhere for it!!!
  10. BigDally

    Skill Points Per Level

    Ok edited OP to reflect feedback
  11. BigDally

    Skill Points Per Level

    Yes I've had that, but we are trying to figure out the skill points you gain per level as you level.
  12. BigDally

    Skill Points Per Level

    Is this right for skill points per level? Level 2-11 > 3 points Level 12-21 > 4 points Level 22-31 > 5 points Level 32-41 > 6 points Level 42-51 > 7 points ??
  13. They really need to do a better job of keeping the depot updated, as a lot of paid customers play on unofficials.
  14. BigDally

    Minimum windforce change is bad

    Yes my heart sank when I read this change. I was learning how to sail for the first time, and enjoyed the challenges associated with working with/against the wind conditions. I can't believe they did this...
  15. To follow up, I "re-checked" the "Use UTC Time" setting in my project and re-exported the jsons. Now when I cross between grids the wind direction is the same. Thanks for the tip!