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    Mob difficulty

    You could also tame a monkey (they're a passive tame, so easy). Carry it on your shoulder and they throw poop at your target and slow it, allowing you to get more hits in and/or escape if things get dicey. Just keep in mind you can't tame on a freeport island
  2. Leilani

    Where is the promised content?

    The original Ark season pass (at least on steam) only includes the first 3 'old' DLC (scorched earth, aberration, extinction); there's a separate Genesis (new DLC) season pass that will include Genesis part 1 and 2.
  3. People would need to be able to actually play the game to notice the cracks
  4. Leilani

    patch note for 404.6?

    I don't know for sure what it actually fixed, but based on the in-game pop-up right before the mini patch dropped, it sounded like it was a server update of some sort, not like an "actual" patch. And official servers were down for a bit (like 20 minutes or so, for me at least) right after we got booted for 404.6.