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  1. I thought the game had already been discontinued. I just got into the XBOX ONE version. I stopped playing about 6 months ago. I joined the game. G8 PVP... Any plant I harvest comes with cabbage or Fiber. ALLL! - SALT Stones is get common stones. - Crystal Stones are giving RUBIES... - CACTUS Getting Fiber. - PEPER Getting FIBER.- Iron Stones are giving STONES or COAL. I won't keep playing. I uninstalled the game then. But I want to leave my indignation here... This game is a blatant lack of respect for all players who have compared this BETA version. It would be much better for everyone if the company announced that the game will no longer come out, than leaving the poor lost by playing something that doesn't even have an update anymore! In all my 20 years of playing, I have never, never seen a game that disrespects customers so much. If any mederator has the courage to read this, I will leave a message I left several months ago. Players want a stable version. Stop whatever you're doing and just work so that what's in the game works correctly. Stop creating additional content and just focus on keeping what's functional. Atlas was the only game I've ever seen that manages to release seasons in the BETA version. (Amazing), the size of your stupidity and lack of respect for all of us! ... Hugs and my condolences to all players who are still wasting time with this game!
  2. Understand. I stopped playing when they removed PVE NA. I thought they were going to remove all PVEs and maybe they were going to create a server that exists in Conan and Ark. With partial PVP. Pvp example only when you are online, or at certain times. In my mind it didn't make sense to remove an entire PVE server if it weren't to create something better. But from what I'm seeing, they're really just screwing up everything they have. It is a pity. I must continue with ARK. Good luck there friend!
  3. Does the PVE Game still exist? I'm asking because I stopped playing several months ago. I'm just spying. Haven't they included any PVP / PVE servers yet? does it exist in Conan or Ark?
  4. I'm impressed. I stopped playing about 6 months ago. I stopped when they invented farmhouses. In my opinion the game was destroyed when they invented it. Today I'm passing by, just to check if this has been removed and smart updates had been created, but I go in and see more stupid decisions. I have to go. My advice remains to the few who are left. Get out of there soon, enjoy your life in games that understand the game designer, this one is already dead!
  5. Of course that the DEVS don't play their own game. They don't know the shortcomings of the game. When the new team took over, they should have worked to make the game stable, rather than trying to trick the community by offering candy. If they understand the least of what is happening with this game, they would not be talking about new content, but about how to make everything work correctly. Some of your pearls in this new section. 1 - Let's reduce the map to make the servers with more players available: Result: They forgot to check if the servers would support more than 30 players per grid. They forgot to assess whether it would be possible to have many players together building without limits on a single grid. And we currently have 170ping on empty islands and 250 on islands filled with 19 players. (^. ~). 2 - Let's create the farm: Like, what's the farmhouse? This sucks for nothing. When the community asked for a farmhouse, it was internal construction. To take care of the parcels. Nobody wanted this thing that has no real use in the game! It removed the value of natural resources that were once sold to the most needy, over-construction increased even more, each company that found a cool place put its farm there, and now we have the whole island clogged with farms. The reappearance of native animals has drastically decreased. ETC. Among other pearls. Of course, this DEV team is really unable to create a balanced game that works correctly. I don't see a previous study, I only see impulsive people creating things like a child making a mess.
  6. This is ME, trying play today at F8 - Dignigan Island. Im Playing from Brazil at an XBOX ONE S. I Have 250G Optical Fiber of the Internet. 19 Player Connected. This island is very low populated. Try to imagine me playing on grid E8. Unbelievable as a game like this may still be working. Back in the days of Steam's greenlight, the game would have been banned. As I mentioned earlier. The Game doesn't even work and you are creating additional content instead of fixing it. Retur to the NA Servers, playing in the EU is impossible.
  7. Pleaaaaaaaase... PVE EU It is almost inaccessible for players from Brazil. E8 Moonlit Heavens for exemple, PIGN 220+ at XBOX ONE S.
  8. I really don't understand how they say they are listening to the community. We are shouting in the forums, disagreeing and everywhere, saying that the game is not working. But they just ignore it completely. They are keeping the game based on promises, but so far nothing practical. Nobody is asking for new content, we are asking for a game that works. Focus on making the game work. Focus on balancing the things that already exist. I said this in disagreement and I will repeat it here. I am impressed by the level of incompetence of this company. Companies go bankrupt for much less. They still work the way they do is a big mystery to me. They learned nothing from the mistakes made at ARK.
  9. - XBOX ONE AND PVE EU SERVERS: The PVE EU is overloaded. It is impossible to play on XBOX for BRAZIL. Populated islands like those at E8 are inaccessible due to the PING greater than 200. Less populated islands with 20 players, PING reaches 180. This is not the worst. The game automatically closes whenever many structures appear together on the screen.
  10. playing in pve mode is not easy. reduced the map so that there were more players per grid, however, a grid with more than 35 players is impossible to play. ping reaching 250 and 10 second lags. this if you are at sea. if you see an island the game closes on its own due to the excessive amount of construction on the beaches. honestly, put urgent build limit in pve mode, or remove this server. it is currently not supported.
  11. LMAO. Sorry to laugh at your tragedy. But it has happened so many times now that I found it funny to see that other players go through this too. I know that what happened to you is horrible, but I really think it is very good that the game can have this kind of experience. After all, if you look closely, the problem was yours on several issues. 1 - I learned that to navigate safely you need to navigate near the grid lines. There you can escape SODS, storms and fog. Just run to the other grid. 2- Never sail without extra boards and boards. When your ship left for the sea, already put some in your inventory for emergencies. 3 - Never sail with extra weight. 4 - Never approach an island with all sails open and at high speed. It is very likely that you have a lag and when you return you are already taking damage on the sand or on another ship. 5 - Never teleport from your boat to another bed if your boat is in the middle of the ocean. I've lost ships like that. The Game is buggy and your ship's bed no longer appears as an option to return. 6 - Never travel on your ship with all your belongings at once. Make several trips, it will take longer, but it is much safer. 7 - While approaching islands, always keep an eye on your map. I already had problems with shallow places where there were stones out of water and I didn't see them. When I found out it was too late. These are some tips that I learned in the worst way. In all of them I lost my boat. And so I learned several tricks to stay alive. I think this is what matters in a survival game. Learn to survive. I get sad when I lose everything. And literally I have already lost everything several times. But I rest a little, I recapture my patience and when I come back I come back smarter and more motivated.
  12. Hello friends. I made my first puppies and noticed that it doesn't matter how many children I raise, if they are from the same parents. They are always born with the same attributes. I have already made 3 generations of children of the same parents and even children of the children. Nothing changes. Then the doubt. How am I going to make children stronger if they never get better?
  13. For me, one way to do this is as follows: Gates trap and Full metal Armor with metal shield and 170+ HP. -With the gate, you usually leave your head free to feed. Use the ball only when your head is between the pillars. - You're going to get hit in the face. For every 10 attempts it hits in 7 and that is why safety equipment is important. - Never try to feed from the back. The place that works is by the front paw, aiming at the ears and eye.
  14. I fully agree. Brigatine e Galleon is not a dream, it is a nightmare to build on them. Very Very Crashed!
  15. It would be interesting to remove the timmer from manufactured foods and add the option of being able to sell them for coins
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