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    I always expect to lose a few it's why you build extras and up that ways to slow the rate that you lose them. because if you lose them that fast? Maybe you shouldn't be captaining a ship sailing the high seas.....
  2. GeneralReshiram


    well, as from what I heard the beds on ships can randomly bug out and you can't select them and if you do they seem to go on a infinite cool down. noticed it on the galleon I built sailed to a powerstone area and slapped down a small shack with a bed. scouted the place and died to a element and noticed I could not spawn or pick my ship bed. Not sure it it's bug or a way of keeping players from respawning on a ship that's being raided or attacked, but if not for the shack my galleon would be half way across the map from me. So yeah, it's easy to lose a ship in the game current unfinished state. best to have layered preventions to make losing your ship as low as you can. because it hits you when you least expecting it.
  3. GeneralReshiram


    Then you must have you game on easy or rarely sailing into a hard zone... because it's easy to lose a boat if you caught unprepared. That seems to have happened to a lot of players or this thread wouldn't exist. It's just a thread asking for tips on how to counter them.
  4. GeneralReshiram


    True on the laying down on pc but it's tougher to do fast if you play console for now. Im sure they going to find a way to patch the emote to dodge mermaids. Just throwing a easy way of going about if they patch the ways we use to get by them. The problem with railing or walling a ship is if it's too high you are forced into first person wheel view. I tend to just kill them. Would be cool to get a item called mermaid tear that give you temp waterbreathing.
  5. GeneralReshiram


    it'll only stop if you fell off with no one on the wheel. tested it a few times and seems having a npc at the wheel sometimes cause the ship to keep sailing without you. I even know the lvl cap of animal is 79 that gains, 80 or above gain no xp. They lvl above this just can't be tamed at or above lvl 80 or the game xp locks them. im hoping this just a temp thing until the game is more flushed out and ready or animals that are tame are screwed in placed that are hard. Only way for them to live right now if pumping health,stam,and damage with little carry weight.
  6. GeneralReshiram


    yeah it's a pain.... grapple do work but you still run the risk of missing your shot and the ship sailing off without you. the animals will block you from moving or jumping more then long enough to sail out the circle or if you have a strong animal use it to kill the mermaid. I use a giraffe do to it's AoE. it's raised for sea travel so point are mostly in health,damage,and stam. to deal with sharks and other sea life that seem to gather up when you take down ships of the damned. This way you save ammo and avoid the risk of losing a ship completely.
  7. GeneralReshiram


    have easy avoid mermaids by keeping a mount close as soon as im dismounted off the wheel I jump on my animal and let the ship sail out the circle with no trouble. they are pest tho…. being I found this out by luck do to running into my first one wondering why I dismounted and stuck on my giraffe feet mounted and saw the yellow ring and debuff I had. so I never sail without animal or two next to the wheel now