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    Free-port not working/ Selling

    hi Since the up-date i have Been to G7 free port 3 times, to purchase respect / Crew / Clothing; and nothing lights up as available for me... I assumed i was doing something wrong , currently on my 4 visit, 3000 gold, just leveled up, and nothing works, i cant purchase anything.... The time / right now ; Location G7 free ports, (all of them) EU / PVE / Ghost Buccaneer (level 57) / playing on Xbox/x Please fix... thank you for your time
  2. mishkazz

    The Drummer

    Hi While Minor... The "Drummer" playing on land didn't actually work or do anything, until two weeks ago ( before the up-date) Now Day 1 of the update he plays but there is"No sound" and the "green Circle" is continues .... I am not 100% sure how many players noticed "The Drummer" actually come to life, or if takes him a few months to warm up to the idea... EU / PVE / G8 / Top Right Island / Lower south corner (Near Blue Lighthouse) Base Name "Port Royal" Company "Sea Wolves" / Ghost Buccaneer... The Drummer plays at the "Tiger Paw Tavern" for a few months now... It was cool when it worked.... Thanks
  3. mishkazz

    Shipwrecks (Sunken Treasure) Indicators with no Wrecks

    Both are referring to the same bug.... For most players the Sextant works from one square to another... However, like me the Sextant only works in the Square that was taken in... It Will not show any actual wreck sites in any other Square.... Only fix... take only 4/5 Stars at a time... reduce the timer & redo any square your hunting in
  4. mishkazz

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    Sorry this update is dated "December 24th 2018"... ? While i assume a mix up... How is long is the game off line for ?? thanks