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  1. Yes & No The other 4 have given up on the game mostly... 2 completely... 1 not on for 9 days... the other only feeds his animals.... Leaving just me.... It is the grieving mostly that is killing interest currently for us in PVE,... Too many PC players, are grieving, using exploits, (cheating)... PC has a game advantage over Xbox, along with the lag mostly caused by PC players Example) As an Xbox player our limit of control is 4 squares on land, the same as PC.... However in water, any other Player control space is increased to 10 squares against an Xbox player... This means we need to be 3 times the distance away to put a shipyard in, build anything... It also means any PC player can easily slip in that gap... Which means we cannot defend any in water space... remove or replace anything.... And are forced to retreat out side the 9 squares again to build.... Added to this PC players know exactly how to exploit the build limit of 8250 units... Pushing it up to 10,000 units on my base alone... killing 1/2 my base unable to build ships anything... Un-player-able for me, Other teams members only crash to even go there.... Pegasus base-size was over 36,000 unit.... currently around 20,000 units... they are not alone in this "Cheat" the list is endless... tickets mean nothing...
  2. hi While interesting and i understand your frustration... There many more true "bugs issue" that need addressing... As per last night for me... I travelled to the D9 Freeport via crossing east shot side....With my new Brig, a bear, and all my gold... Got within anchor range when i was kicked from my own company.... Shock & Horror .... lost it all... This morning picking over the wreck for the gold... while my bear & crew float around.... Hence built a new Ramshackle and headed north... Crossing over the boarder... Shock & horror got kicked from that company and returned to the old one ... Currently i am stuck there given no control of this ship... do i risk another ship for the bear ?.... While you may think this is rare... Our neighbour had this occur to him on land.... given a ticket in... was meaningless to help him... lost all his ships and base... Neighbours helped him reclaim all his animals.... To your "Wreck Remains" i feel they add character to the game, i like them... true they should not last as long... A better balance of decay time including the frames i would be fine with... That being said you can build over the frames and close to... Yes it sucks for shipyards... As for your "Shipwreck gold" yes it sucks when LVl 12 is buried under the sand.... In the old version (last season per-say) yes it was roughly a 24hr re spawn.... However in this version re-spawn can be every 2 to 4hr after you take it... that being said, this has nothing to do if 5% to 50% of the wrecks are buried in the sand... "Squares" have good days & bad one's ... As soon as you get one, Move to another square... Given roughly 20 wrecks in a square... If the first one is buried, then roughly there are 10 more like it.... Don't waste your time... move on.... "Rule of thumbs" Squares with small / less Island are best... I've picked up 2000 to 4,000 gold from these in a play session... Regardless, it is good to chat about bugs per-say ... Does anyone have a work round for the Farm-house bug ??
  3. Oh yes You know it makes perfect sense to combine PVP & PVE as a single game on the world map... Simply by giving all Island a PVE exclusion zone... All open water PVP hunting grounds.... All island owned have the option for PVP by the owner.... To avoid being exploited can only be changed every 10 days or month maybe... This would mean within the game a larger player group, I will let your imagination do the rest given all the options of PVP & PVE what would happen As an Xbox player.... PC players... a few, feel the need to cheat.... No such thing as a fair fight... Only in the above scenario could i survive... PC players can't be trusted to play by the rules... that how life is... cheers
  4. Hi all Sorry.... Tricky to find a straight answer.... Is EU PVE getting wiped or not tomorrow... Yes or No ??? If Yes what does that mean... A total lose of every thing & new Restart... ??? completely ? What is season 4 ??? and why no mention of a "seasons" length, start & finishing time... ??? Sorry my minding readings skill are not good at best... thanks
  5. hi Since the up-date i have Been to G7 free port 3 times, to purchase respect / Crew / Clothing; and nothing lights up as available for me... I assumed i was doing something wrong , currently on my 4 visit, 3000 gold, just leveled up, and nothing works, i cant purchase anything.... The time / right now ; Location G7 free ports, (all of them) EU / PVE / Ghost Buccaneer (level 57) / playing on Xbox/x Please fix... thank you for your time
  6. mishkazz

    The Drummer

    Hi While Minor... The "Drummer" playing on land didn't actually work or do anything, until two weeks ago ( before the up-date) Now Day 1 of the update he plays but there is"No sound" and the "green Circle" is continues .... I am not 100% sure how many players noticed "The Drummer" actually come to life, or if takes him a few months to warm up to the idea... EU / PVE / G8 / Top Right Island / Lower south corner (Near Blue Lighthouse) Base Name "Port Royal" Company "Sea Wolves" / Ghost Buccaneer... The Drummer plays at the "Tiger Paw Tavern" for a few months now... It was cool when it worked.... Thanks
  7. Both are referring to the same bug.... For most players the Sextant works from one square to another... However, like me the Sextant only works in the Square that was taken in... It Will not show any actual wreck sites in any other Square.... Only fix... take only 4/5 Stars at a time... reduce the timer & redo any square your hunting in
  8. Sorry this update is dated "December 24th 2018"... ? While i assume a mix up... How is long is the game off line for ?? thanks
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