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  1. Cap'n Scootch McGootch


    Sounds good! Wish I would have seen this msg earlier... I went two Islands over last night to grab another buddy who zoned in there, if it was the same place I could have brought you over with him (or went by wherever you are and picked you up on the way back). Well, no worries, take your time, we'll be there when you get there. I've added you on XB for easier meetup. Our post is on the NW'ish corner of the NW-most Island of M8. (Lourita Pennisula) We've got signs and buoys with company name on them, so it's pretty easy to spot the place. Either myself or CD (CitoDaddy) are usually on at various points during the day. If no one is home when you get there, some one should be along shortly. Hope to meet up soon. Cheers
  2. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    you cant drink and play in this game

    The best skills points you'll ever spend will be maxing the "Vitamin" tree! Just do that and for added funsies, max the "Overeating Tolerance" tree... And you'll not have any issues keeping your cores balanced. Or as Doc says.... You can just eat poop and die! That's always an option!
  3. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    Taming Elephants

    Try feeding it from the area near the bola around its front feet. Come from that angle and aim at the mouth, the prompt should take from there. It is glitchy but seems to work more then not. We tamed one last night using that angle. GL
  4. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    fishing bug Fishing Rod (Xbox)

    That's why I just fish with a pike while swimming in the water. Fast, easy, non-bugged!
  5. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    feeding tamed bears

    Bears like Honey and Honey doesn't spoil. Load the bears up with honey and as long as they are parked (and not being ridden or active), they'll slowly consume the honey. Should have plenty of time. Note: If you've already sorted this and are back from Vacation. This info may be useful for the next reader!
  6. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    We're Growing...

    We've established a post, some ships and have a nice little corner of Atlas to call our own. The more the merrier... If anyone is looking for a company to join, look us up!
  7. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    Just Bought Atlas for Xbox

    If you end up going the PvE route... Check out our company... Got a sweet little setup and a group of friendlies definitely makes it easier to jump into Atlas! Cheers
  8. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    Unstuck Button?

    Devs... Are there any plans on putting a "get me unstuck" button in the game?? Every time I get "stuck" in the wood dock stairs, deck of my ship or any number of other places, I have to just wait there stuck unmoving (or sometimes I can spin in place.. yay), until I starve to death. Which unfortunately seems to take forever (unlike when I'm not stuck to crap where I seem to lose health much faster). I've been lucky and the last two times its happened, there has been a crewmate somewhere close to come by and end my misery with a sword or whatnot, but there have also been times where I was playing solo, and nothing I could do would get me playing again other then just waiting there for 20-30 mins until I starved to death! PLEASE.... Add a "get me unstuck" button that ports me to the closest bed! Just let it kill me and port me, so I can return to the body, recover my things and continue "playing" your game!!!! Many Thanks! Cap. McGootch
  9. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    I like that list. I would add that they remove (or make much smaller) the ship "disruption area" (at least in PvE), so that zip lines can be used around them to assist in the offloading of goods, etc. from our ships. Would be a godsend when trying to get an overburdened pirate from the ship to the base quarters nearby, by not having to "slow walk" for what seems an eternity!
  10. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    What's your GamerTag, Region, Times you're usually on, etc.

    Love it! haha Sounds good. We've setup a pretty sweet beachfront encampment on the NW'ish coast of "Laurita Pennisula" (the upper NW island in M8). Got a full workshop with all the extras (larders, barrels, etc.), crew quarters, animal pen for tames, and putting down a shipyard soon to start the schooner. We would have had the shipyard bit done already and been a little further, but that crazy server rollback wiped a bunch of progress out and we had to re-group. Anywho... Welcome aboard and hope to get to meet up with ya soon! Sent you a friend request on XB to make grouping easier when we're all playing. Skol
  11. Cap'n Scootch McGootch


    Ahoy! And Greetings to Boo Lickity! See the above info for ZAEN as to our whereabouts and such. All applies. Welcome Aboard!
  12. Cap'n Scootch McGootch

    NA PVE Grid M8

    Totally Agree! We lost almost our entire base and a number of tames! As well as as thousands of mats. total BS!
  13. They must have reverted to a previous server save. Had built a wall in front of my camp, tamed a monkey and chicken and added a bunch of other items to my basecamp. Logged in yesterday and everything was as it was three days ago. Everything done (and tamed) was gone! Walls, chests and other modifications were all reverted back. I was even wearing gear I had previously destroyed! I know the game is in EA, but do they usually just revert servers back without any notification? Would have been nice to know this happens before making all those revisions to my camp and taming animals.
  14. Cap'n Scootch McGootch


    Welcome to the Company ZAEN! We're in the process of setting up shop in grid M8. ("Gorgon's Gaze" server, Lourlita Peninsula.) We've got all the equipment and a pretty decent little post going. Feel free to stop by and check it out. If we can find a time when we;re all out there together, I can invite you to the company proper, so you can use the facility. Cheers!
  15. I'll start... GT: ZenZuki Currently working in China (so Asia Region) Play Times: Weeknights 6 pm to 10-11'ish pm local time. Weekends can play pretty much all day.