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  1. Plain and simple, sharks do too much damage to NPC's. Sink a SoTD Galleon, jump in the water, 2.5 seconds later the shark that spawns on top of you has instantly killed every NPC. Impossible to stop or defend against, especially if the shark repeatedly knocks you off the ladder you probably can't climb up anyway because it's buggy. Extremely frustrating situation I frequently encounter. Just give me more of an opportunity to actually do something about the shark.
  2. I'll take not being able to lower foundations so long as I can stack foundations. Being able to stack foundations eliminates so many problems I had building in Ark. Sinking Foundations also created other problems, and you couldn't sink more than one without it being linked to the pillar needed to sink it. Your best bet is to play around with stacking Thatch foundations until you get the look your after. So long as you still have one placed you can demo and replace all the rest. Also, in case you didn't know, you can place a Square Foundation on top of a Triangle Foundation, and if your familiar with Ark than you know Triangle Foundations are far more forgiving when it comes to clipping.
  3. The Lord stepped in to help? How nice. Do what everyone else does, Die constantly. There is no quicker way to normalize your vitamins. I have many suicide plans to make life easier (how ironic). Otherwise, spend points into the food tree. Your choice.
  4. I figured it was something along those lines. Frequent harbor wipes have made it difficult for me to get back out to the sea and address the problem. Thanks for the solution. Just sucks gotta redo the sextant Buff.
  5. Get a Good Sextant Buff going and max out your Sightseeing. Shipwrecks will appear on you MAP long before they come into Render (assuming of course their location on the map isn't broken which happens far too often). Just keep farming shipwrecks and you'll get one eventually, and it's decent gold especially on 2x. I recommend doing a circuit around your home Grid looking for shipwrecks before leaving your zone. For whatever reason my home grid almost always has perfect shipwreck markers on my map, but the moment I move to another grid the accuracy of these markers plummet. Good Luck!
  6. Now that Thanksgiving is over and so too my extended weekend, Boosted Rates... Thanks a lot GrapeCard
  7. Does anybody know if there will be a Thanksgiving Event? I've heard nothing. I've got a rare 3 days off and was hoping to capitalize on boosted rates.
  8. Atlas really isn't a game tailored to the Solo Player. There is no way that a solo player will be capable of holding even the smallest Island unless they No-Life the game, and in that case it will probably be taken over eventually by a larger group of players seeking out a new home. If you choose to play solo, than you better learn to expect these things to happen. People play according to "their" schedule, not yours, so getting hit while "you" are offline is inevitable. This is where a Company comes in handy, to handle these kinds of things while you are offline. As for preventing damage while offline, people would exploit this mechanic. Imagine coordinating a large scale raid on an Island only to have the inhabitants log off to prevent the raid from happening. Laaaame. Be greatful there even is a peace timer to begin with. Lastly, this is a Pirate game, based off the concept of Piracy (aka stealing other people's stuff). Stealing anybodys anything makes sense if implemented properly. Also, if you could respond with another rage induced profanity rant that would be ideal... We are all having a pretty good laugh.
  9. You can always over-encumber yourself and do the long slow walk back. At least if it's up high you can quickly fall most of the way back down. As for other Metals, it's very likely claimed Islands have built on top of the Metal spawns to prevent people like you from showing up and farming "their" metal. Your best bet is to explore Lawless Islands for rss since it's highly unlikely anyone would build on top of those.
  10. Yeah, it was one of those moments your just like... Really? I accept the whole pre-release concept so it's not a huge deal to me. Unfortunately, we got raided the next day and were down a good offensive ship. Timing was just horrible, lol
  11. I've seen a lot of comments about sailing taking too long. Most of the time I don't find it terrible, but I've spent the last HOUR trying to cross ONE grid. I'm just trying to end my voyage of resource gathering, but I can't reach my harbor due to poor wind direction and very poor wind. I'm literally going 3 knots top speed. I'm just waiting for a level 30 Galleon to spawn in front of me that's impossible to out sail. What we need to combat this sheer unproductive boredom is the option for your crew to get off the cannons and get on the oars and ROW. Turn it into a mini game or something. Have special Planks with Oar Holes and Oars, or mounts on the railing of the deck. Give me SOMETHING TO GO FASTER!
  12. I lost a Brig as well, equally unfair. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ak6zPg5X6P35ij7Lvy9NqPcwGOfD?e=KcXOXy
  13. I spent about 3 days grinding out my Brig and leveling up crew count for some ship battles, and this happened... https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ak6zPg5X6P35ij7Lvy9NqPcwGOfD?e=X7lTHY Granted, it was shallow, but I had no real problem parking. Raising Ancor to have your ship destroyed is kinda heart breaking. Hopefully some refinement with ship to ground collision will be made in the future. Plenty of places where there is clearance yet can't move, and apparently others where you can move just beware the Ancor if you do.
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