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  1. I read somewhere that a company can have up to 40 anchored ships. So what happens with your 41st member who wants to own a ship? What do large company's of 50-100 people do about those that came later and want to own a ship of their own. Asking for a friend
  2. I feel it necessary to place a limit on how far the NPC's can venture to the outside of the grid. There are too many cases of people crossing to a new grid to find whales and SotD on top of them with no chance or way to defend against it destroying everything in an instant. It makes a big part of the game pretty pointless as it is currently.
  3. While I sympathize with suggestions like this for pvp, what affects pvp'ers always comes to affect people who play pve since the developers never want to separate the two(i.e. ark flyer nerf). Though it wouldn't be a horrible change in pve (it obviously affects pvp more), pve'rs lose the ability to make kid like characters for their rp and such.
  4. If you're friends with your neighbors could they keep an eye on it for you?
  5. Thanks for the like @Gomez Addams. Feel free to join the fb group if only just to follow the conversation and progress.
  6. Hello everyone, In the first few hours of playing Atlas I realized that this game has massive RP potential. It's slowly growing, but a handful of us have started the beginnings of constructing an RP Community. No struct rules; follow the law, play in character, etc. Looking to build a lax progressive environment that everyone can immerse into and experience a dynamic narrative that plays out all on its own. I guess you'd say it's a light/medium RP, but RP in a sense that you're living in a town, possibly have a home, you make friends, perhaps you have a job or you're an adventurer who goes out to sea looking for spoils to bring back to the community. But to do that you, you had to pay the captain of that ship to take you out, but he had to pay a crew to ensure a safe voyage... you see where I'm going A few steps for the journey ahead Acquire a small group of sane folk to construct a foundation for the future townsman/women. They will be known as "The Founders" Founders Phase: This phase we will do our best to solidify our way of life and to develop a name for our company. If we acquire a full square we will adopt a new name and declare ourselves a sovereign nation. Settlers Phase: This is where we try to find the best possible land of our own. Ideally there will always be settlers looking out for new lands. Builders Phase: Once a land is founded our builders will start to construct the towns infrastructure. (One of our founders has come up with "Elshire" for the capitol island) Law of the land: For example, theft, building without a permit or "no build" zones" may come with a fine. Those represent some of the plans I've come up with for starting the community. I'd love to run the town as a democracy and allow the outcome to play dynamically to see what stories unfold. If you're interested in founding this community please join the (very empty) facebook group Atlas RP and/or the XBOX club Atlas RP (Both names subject to change). Looking for open, creative, flexible thinkers who tend to get along with others and work well in groups for founders, but everyone interested may join the FB group. This is a work in progress and doesn't cost anything to join. Thank you for suffering through my slightly insane proposal and for anyone who didn't want to read it all, here comes the TL;DR. TL;DR: Building a light/medium RP community on the Gorgons Gaze server (PVE). This idea is currently in development and we need a few people for the initial set up. Join the FB Group Atlas RP if interested.
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