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  1. i havent been playing for a bit but if your still searchin i suggest just taking a raft or a sloop to random islands and ask if they are accepting settlers or a different island they own are accepting settlers just try to stay away from large companies id say they can be abusive or if you want you could make a freeport base only problem is ships
  2. please keep supporting this game and adding to it a lot of people here are just going to complain about every little thing in fact i bet you could show the same thing happening in ark and they wouldnt see anything wrong with it
  3. they havent fixed everything but proof the devs arent dog shit for brains with a little bit of donkey piss thrown on there for flavor aka good on ya devs you did a good
  4. 5k for schooner way too much simple at most make em 100 gold at most 25 gold atleast
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