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  1. i beg of you atlas gods creators of the seas i enjoy to sail please when you mean a larger world size please be referring to a world size similar if not larger than the 11x11 size i miss the epic voyages of the 15x15 but i understand thats unrealistic but please hear my plea o great ones a suggestion for more EPIC PIRATE BOARDING COMBAT i would like to add here at the end is: make it so npc's cant man swivel guns that are pointed inward on ships (same with puckles if you do that) and please make it so we can shoot/stab npcs that man cannons/swivelguns/puckles and such it would make people think twice about just throwing manned guns everywhere and expecting to be safe so you know you have to an EPIC PIRATE HIDEOUT with gun battlements but the reason all this stuff is down here is because it is a lot less important in my eyes so I BEG OF YOU ATLAS CREATORS yadyadayada read the one at the top again
  2. atlas developers everyone including me hates you but unlike many of these people who are your fans but at the same time hate you and i do see an effort being put in to atlas that was not being put in to it before and its quite easy to see that speaking the changes you have made although many in the wrong direction the few things i can suggest to redirect your path matey is: make it so you have to reveal the map because it adds a great sense of exploration i remember first couple weeks of atlas i was shitting myself going in to any new area because i didn't know what to expect and look at another game with pre-revealed maps sea of thieves all exploration is gone within a month because just look at the map to see where to go what to do everything, the portals seem iffy to have as the only way of transportation between the zones maybe make the tradewinds have paths going between as well or just having it so you can well sail from zone to zone like you used to and of course none of these things i have typed may have mattered but this is the one thing that does listen to the non-schizo people in your community 90% of the comments are out of a horror movie starring a psycho but a few are great
  3. people have been complete assholes to the devs since the start and if you didnt know yelling at devs doesnt make them want to listen it just makes em go "eh just some cunt" and cod is fuckin terrible compared to atlas what r you 12 r some shit
  4. this man scares me he isnt just a mega virgin screaming about how "THEY ARENT DOING IT RIGHT" and if anyone is reading this maybe if you left some calmer comments the devs would listen a bit more
  5. okay im really positive when it comes to this game BUT I CANT EVEN SEE MOST OF THE SERVERS IN THE CLUSTERS
  6. must say love addition of tranq arrows will give another way to knock out enemies without nearly killing them would like to see the price of small armored docks go way down like 500-1000 down (unless it has already been lowered) and also would enjoy seeing the lumberyard be one of many variations (stone cutter, mineshaft etc) but ill say at the end of the day although i havent been playing recently im just happy to see this game getting updates again just hope ark II doesnt do what genisis did to atlas....... again
  7. um did you just say your own review is spot on? thats not how it works not many people will listen to someone who says "im 100% correct"
  8. im gonna say i like the addition of armored docks but the small armored dock needs its cost to create decreased the upkeep is perfect imo but 10k is way too much compared to the cost of upkeep 200 would be a far better cost imo just because its still a good bit to get like you couldnt protect a full fleet if you wanted to on a whim but it wouldnt be a large company exclusive
  9. eh one thing you can say at the very least is they are trying unlike the dark times of genisis (and no i dont like ark at all you cant say it was for a good cause or somethin)
  10. they need to remove all dmg from shield bash and make it a stun imo i know i know nobody likes stun mechanics but erm maybe with that make it so the better armor you have the less stun it gives? idk i just know that stun makes sense for shield bash instead of dmg to make it apart of your arsenal instead OF your arsenal
  11. the ONLY reasons to make a normal char is if you dont want to look like a freak and if you want to be able to see over shit but somethin i will say i think they should do is pull a sea of thieves and make everyones hitbox the same no matter size so you can be fat or slim tall or short nothin changes besides headshot hitbox think that should be moved along with height
  12. i havent been playing for a bit but if your still searchin i suggest just taking a raft or a sloop to random islands and ask if they are accepting settlers or a different island they own are accepting settlers just try to stay away from large companies id say they can be abusive or if you want you could make a freeport base only problem is ships
  13. please keep supporting this game and adding to it a lot of people here are just going to complain about every little thing in fact i bet you could show the same thing happening in ark and they wouldnt see anything wrong with it
  14. they havent fixed everything but proof the devs arent dog shit for brains with a little bit of donkey piss thrown on there for flavor aka good on ya devs you did a good
  15. 5k for schooner way too much simple at most make em 100 gold at most 25 gold atleast
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