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  1. We are company of 3 want to leave lawless for player owned islands, looks like there are no free island left free on map, are there any company who accept settlers or maybe some abandoned / not used island where we can settle? Don't think we can handle open conflict VS any active tribe atm as we are grown ass bearded guys with own families work and kids. But we can manage small island or part of big one build defence and so on.
  2. I am new player in atlas (just bought it last week) but have experience in survival and online hardcore pvp mmo games ( rust, heat, darkfall, mortal). So maybe my question a bit noob and naive. What I found on PvP server there is a lot of black skinned midgets with little arms legs and heads, they are almost impossible to spot in grass and practicality invisible at night time, also their animation glitching while mounted so it's pretty impossible to shoot the rider without killing mount first. It gives superb advantage using this kind of characters versus regular (non baby midget sized) or even big one. So are there any drawbacks using those? Or this game all about Polynesian aborigines by design? Also are there any advantage to use "normal" character (I mean non hobbit) but esthetics? And idk if Devs reading forums, but if they do: will you do something regarding it or it is actually by design so by height and skin colour of character you meant difficulty level of the game ( like in South Park game)?
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