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  1. It's ok, here, have a barrel in the face
  2. Have you ever had a gally and/or been in a decent company? Not much difference for you? What are you, simple or something? big and fast and *fun* is WRONG?? lol ok mate edit: read this and try to reply:
  3. Hilarious. Paying gold for a ship forces the game to be a mmorpg? Same as the minigames to reload your gun, huh? Hahaha. There is so much wrong here, that er logic to stop the barrels, just stop the ships, is great. If you met me on a ship, someone would be throwing their ship away. Or it would just be run. What has changed there except less fighting and more grinding for gold? No skeleton ship with all your points in one basket and build them to actually last, then you can beat masterwork if you have people who are cool enough to play in your company and most important part is the PROPER equipment. Right, that makes sense too, and don't need any further details obviously. Wtf is a skeleton ship with all your points in one basket that is actually built to last
  4. Doing green maps with a shit bear, wow no wonder you bought a bear with gold. Having 50k for being a newb shitter is not bad.
  5. yay, how long did that take you and are you sure? That is something to celebrate for sure, not having barrels deal damage in freeports wow big news thankss devs you guis ar the best at coding n making games
  6. East coast of what? Why are you always so late to getting screwed?
  7. 10k more reasonable how? Please show the working for your math, lol? If you are on pve, what are you spending your gold on anyway? From your post, it appears that you probably don't have much experience in playing this game. Thanks for your input though, even if it is difficult to get any value from it. edit: this muppet says buff barrel bombs, what a surprise
  8. You get a barrel in the face. Give them all you gold, and you might get another barrel in the face. If you have enough gold, you might not get a barrel in your face. You do not have enough gold though. You have no protections, lol, lawless?
  9. Yeah, funny, what did they "hear" concerning many other things? Not even a bunch of noise probably...
  10. What about any type of players? There used to be many of us, but now not so many. You probably should turn cheats on, who are the devs to tell you how much gold you should pay for a barrel in the face?
  11. What's left for 2020? What's right for 2020?
  12. This is like when ark nerfed generators, everybody just kept saying wtf are you doing, except this time all you get is this bullshit "announcement" with the Ahoy pathfinders nonsense... sigh
  13. Why? What communication, seems like a one way street to newb town to me. Aahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Haha. Ok. Again, thanks for the laugh.
  14. Haha, here, have a barrel bomb to your face!!! :)
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kerUbfOQTW0
  16. Corroboration would be nice, evidence of what has happend there. You will never get it though.
  17. It would have been cool to have cool things, such as a trade system that worked and for the cool things in the game to not be removed. What i think is missing from this quote here, is that the devs have never actually played the game, and that leads to these problems. Pvp gets laggy also, but please understand that PVE is simply PVP without the PVP. The devs have never really had the time to create a PVE game along with the PVP game.
  18. Yeah i uninstalled.... 4k hours or something. Whatever.
  19. Some bps are too difficult to get, but some bps need to be difficult to get. Many people like the scope of the game, and is the main hardcore factor or reason that they play. Nerfing shit is just lame. You need to think of the blueprinted stuff as something that is cool, and that you worked for, and is different than having vanilla ships battling vanilla ships so all the newbies can have fun....
  20. There's no sloop meta, shooting barrels from it, there used to be, but not anymore. They used to be cheap and quaint and fun. Indeed. In pvp some people still like to use them, but I think they suck. If those stats on the brig aren't increased, the turn should be increased at the least. The only thing a brig is good for is turning.
  21. PVE can be silly like that. Then again, it can also be good, it makes the pvp game better. Historically, the devs would make an update to nerf pvp things, and pve people would cry. Fun
  22. I was going to make a point about bps, because they are not worthless spam and are an achievement, but then you said barrels at the end there.
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