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  1. Thank you for implementing this! Thank you thank you thank you, I just read the patch notes last week! Wonderful news!
  2. Victory Coins This idea sounds wonderful! maybe these could be integrated into the Player Shop, with Blueprints in the Player shop for exchanging said coins for, per say, Resource Bundles, Varying Equipment Blueprints, or even Tames! The Ship Capture System could be integrated into the Claim System, and along with future improvements to said claim system, the results would be fun indeed! Rants I understand that you dislike the Pre-Built ships Idea that the Devs are working on. I assure you, this does disappoint alot of players. However, their plan was to make the Player-Built Ships the apex ships, while providing viable alternatives for quick and easy Ships with varying purposes. Consequently, they have to go with a faster approach in order to actually finish the game, hence the Prefabs. That is not to say that future prefabs rolling out won't have customization options, and the devs have promised us they will, but Complete Customization comes with way too much time in development, and puts way more strain on servers, singleplayer, and the like than the average player thinks, and this fixes that. So it isn't that the devs can't code these in, it's that it would take too long, it would take too much time off of bugfixing and the like working on other projects and optimizations in the game, and every Customizable Ship puts far more strain on the system than a prefab one does, even a customizable prefab. This is the direction that ATLAS is heading in, so that they can finish up the development and achieve a full release. I'm just telling you these things so that you understand, so please don't shoot the messenger.
  3. On behalf of the Devs, this issue is a bug. Please post it in the Bug Reports: [Bug Reports] Be very specific, include all the info you can. This is the best way to let the devs know when something is wrong. I understand your frustration, and I can tell you that by the next update, the Devs will have addressed this. Early Access can be frustrating, but the Team is back, and I can assure you that they are working on it.
  4. Preset Market Trades for Single Player! Ever since Markets were released, I've incorporated them into every town and city build I've made. However, in Single Player, there just sitting there, part of the background, collecting dust. I want to use them to make gold, just like they do on servers! And so, may I present: Preset Trades! Procedurally Generated Trades that automagically show up in the Market UI on any and all Single Player grids! Generated on placement, these Trades generate Resource Demands that vary depending on which biome the Market was placed! Here's an example: Step 1: Select A Resource From Current Biome to Offer a Trade, as Usual Step 2: Click Submit. There's no typing in Price Demands or anything, Trades will take 5-10 Minutes to be Automagically accepted for a Predetermined amount of Resources and Earned Gold Income. This also ties into my Other Idea: Single Player Wild Pirate Sea Fort Claiming! Not defeating Wild Pirate Ships at the Sea Fort in grids that contain Markets will cost you in Taxes! Put those Ramming Ships to good use, me mateys! - OR - Step 3: Accept a Procedurally-Generated Offer that appears in the Market UI every 15-30 Minutes, for Resources that are NOT found in your Current Biome. Amounts and Taxes are also Procedurally Generated. This option takes longer because it offers the advantage of getting non-indigenous resources without leaving the grid, so more time = balance. Note: All of these trade routes will be virtual. They will never physically appear in the world, as this is Single Player and that part is reserved specifically for Server Play, and rate of success depends on Difficulty Setting of both Server Settings and Grid Difficulty, and perhaps whether or not your grid's Sea Fort has been Claimed from Wild Pirate Ships. Wild Pirate Controlled Sea Forts generate Ships just like Islands do, with the type and amount also depending on the grid's Difficulty (3.0 will be easier then, say, 5.0), and they will spawn in a 360 degree circle around said Sea Fort, staying oh-so-close so as not to wander too far into your "Set-it-and-leave-it" Ship navigation path if crossing grids brings you close to a Sea Fort while venturing. I wanted to bring up this idea because, currently, there is no Official Server for PvE for North America, so I, like many other players, am stuck with Single Player. I enjoy having my own server, but it's not as fantastic as the HUGE map you get with Single Player, so there's more sense of adventure there (the equivalent server rental would cost way too much). Hence, this idea. Since Grapeshot announced that they are currently listening to their player base and actively working on the game, I'm back and ready for some Pirate Adventure! One can only hope that this game continues to grow, as it is entirely fun both with company, and without! Have fun out there, - BranTuna
  5. Aquatic Tames Follow Ships Home! Currently, Dolphins & Sea Horses do not follow your ships in order to take them home. I like to go diving with the Diving Suit, because my Dolphin always gets killed down in the Trench for one reason or another. And so, please Dev's, I'm begging you, let us Take 'Em Home!
  6. See the thing is, it has run pretty good once before. Recent updates soiled it. My laptop is a decent $1,200 machine, but it's not a beast like it was 5 years ago. It used to play well on the Unreal Engine, but as of last year it's just - kapoof! Nope. And even though it runs DirectX12 perfectly, for some reason only wants to play ark in DirectX10 mode. I'm just asking for the OPTION, not for this to be a thing for people with beefier computers than mine. I'm kinda just asking for a microwavable pizza at this point because I can't afford an oven.
  7. I have an OK computer myself, and the same thing is happening to me. Try these launch options, see if it helps: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -high -lowmemory -sm4 -d3d10 -nomansky -fullscreen -novsync After that, take a look at this article and try these options out: How to Increase Game Performance in ATLAS If nothing works, then nothing is going to work until the devs actually implement a low-end graphics mode that's compatible with lower- and middle- end computers. Which will be never. Im so sorry if this doesn't work for you. It sadly didn't work for me.
  8. I've looked all over for a laptop PC that can match the minimum specs for this game. At this point, I'm about to just say **** it and buy an Xbox. I won't have access to mods for ATLAS or ARK, but at least I'll be able to play the damn game. Since posting this, ARK even stopped working for me as well after the recent patch. SO LAGGY IT'S UNBEARABLE. Takes FOREVER to load. I'm willing to bet none of the devs have even taken a look at this, and according to their road map as of recent; optimizations are NOT on the menu, at least from what I've read. So Great. A wonderful game that people with normal PC's can't play. I've taken all the steps to update my drives, turn my laptop onto performance mode, and a bunch of other stuff to make these games run. It's frustrating and it's sad. I've spent 3 weeks trying to figure this out and it just turns out I need to buy a super computer, and that I do not have the finances for. I'd hate to switch to console, but the way the devs are putting it: I have no other option at this point. These games are amazing all I want to do is play the damn games I bought. Like, how could they not optimize this for lower performance mode like they did with ARK? Why?
  9. Please, please, please, Dev's - Make optimizations for Drect-X 10 Low-End Graphics so that I can finally play the game I bought.
  10. As of right now, no. After re-installing windows and updating my graphics definitions to their latest and re-launching the game after a fresh install; no luck. The Dev's still haven't implemented Low-End Graphics Direct-X 10 mode like they did with ARK. I'm hoping they do, but a voice deep inside tells me they won't; at least, not for awhile. I need a whole new laptop at this point, and that's not coming for quite awhile.
  11. Bug Report Description Upon buying and installing the game, I immediately noticed that I had to change it to LOW graphics settings to avoid the impervious lag, and it worked - mostly. I'm used to playing ARK on DirectX 10 - Low-End Graphics Settings, but I noticed that ATLAS doesn't have this as a launch option. When spawning into the world on Single Player, I noticed that there were creatures swimming in mid-air, and that there wasn't any water (until I fell in) . I continued to wait for another 10 minutes to see if it would eventually spawn in. I switched to Medium Graphics Settings, to no avail. Finally I relaunched the game with Low Memory launch settings. The same thing happened, and unfortunately, until there's a fix - I cannot play this game. Screenshots Ye invisible water - it be there, alright. Once ye go fer a swim, ye see the wildlife flyin through the air! Whence ye swim down, ye can briefly see the ocean blue.
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