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  1. i have tried wolves in polar (A1) with 4 furnaces and fires etc.... does not work
  2. I agree there should be more content like snowman where you have to go with armor, weapons, food etc kill a boss or waves of AoD and then claim loot from a treasure chest and get the heck out
  3. An upgraded feeding trough would be nice as long as it preserves meat for longer than the current trough that at least would be an improvement *** EDIT I just got a comment from a friend that suggested Raw Meat stacks should just be increased from 20 to 50 or higher in order to allow more meat to be placed in the troughs and this would actually allow the meat to last longer since the timers only count down from the top of stacks
  4. Can we please be able to place ICE in troughs to preserve raw meat for longer? As of now when breeding wolves, it is hard to keep the babies alive unless you log in every 5-6 hours to restock meat However, people have to work... and sleep.... Even with 3 troughs full of meat my baby wolves starved to death because the spoil timers are all the same Please Mods it would really help with breeding exclusive carnivores specifically Thanks for reading Gypsy
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