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  1. Lots of non survival games out there. I do wish they would add something to the medicine line that lets you make vitamins for people to eat when you are hungry. The system now is way better than it used to be though so maybe some more tweaks but it being there is fine.
  2. This may be something that isn't even possible but wouldn't it be cool... 1. Remove all sotd from all zones except golden age ruins. 2. Add one large island (like the ice cave island) in every zone. This zone would be bases for undead with buildings and all. 3. Have the island patrolled by SOTD that cant be pulled very far from the island. People can raid these islands and kill the boss. Enter the chest area and loot lots of resources. Respawn of several hours minimum. Would encourage more pvp boat battles and spread out the fighting. Would also be an alternative to harvesting resources. (maybe make the loot rare resources.) Would also be more pirate type content.
  3. If shoveler is for digging resources only it isnt worth the points unless you like tons of potatoes.
  4. Ya this is a game breaking bug that should be very high priority. Hell we have nice blueprints turning in to blueprints. getting old fast.
  5. I totally understand the wipe. Not happy about it because of the time investment that mmo's are but the wipe is prolly the right thing to do. Wiping the character progression is un-needed but i and some in the guild we are in will make another run. Many of us wont be coming back if another wipe happens. This is it. I can see myself playing this for years and I can also see myself walking away if it happens again. They need to get the claim system right this time. Too many anticipated games on the horizon to chase off all your loyal players before you even officially feel like calling it a game.
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