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    You have banned half of the community unfairly, the damage from the mortars has killed the pvp land, you put me a cow pulling a cart and you say that a new season on a reduced map you are laughing at the community and as they have said there are only players left crybabies hugging a mortar and cheaters playing with secondary accounts. You only have to listen to the people who have played the 10 season and they can advise you, most of them are unfairly banned, start to solve that, for example.
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    On both singleplayer and official servers I am forced to play on the lowest graphic settings despite the series x having hardware well above the recommended system requirements. I can't even read my own compass it's so low poly. However when I first got the game on my Xbox one, the graphics were perfectly fine, better than what we have to deal with on modern consoles. So I have no idea why this is happening, I'd love to be able to play this game but the playdough makes it unbearable.
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    You already killed your game why do you keep going at this..
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    you must have F'd something up really bad......wtg Grapeshot!
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    The problem is not the spawn rate. It's the rendering range. You can be on top of them before you know it. It's worse if moving fast. There is a setting for this but even at max it's way too low. I understand rending these SOD at greater range would have a cost but something should be done about this. I suggest a glow seen at greater range, without rending the whole ship/s. This would help both those looking for them and looking to avoid them. And secondly, SOD being on the grid borders where you can spawn after passing through and can be in the middle of them. I recently passed through a grid in my brig to find myself spawning on the other side at a full stop T-boned into a SOD gally, taking damage as I spawned. Resulting in my sinking before I could get untangled from it. But I been here since release and have learned to just deal with it. Fixes like these just don't ever come.
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    I am on Xbox one S and the graphics since the new development team took over have been honestly pitiful in detail and it feels like 2001 early game graphics. I hope to god this is fixed because the game just isn’t as enjoyable when your graphics are dog water.
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    Nice work on the big squashing guys keeping pushing you are doing amazing work the whole team is I understand I must not be easy but you got this let's make Atlas the pirate game we all deserve!
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    Are you realy want to kill the game DEV's? 10 different servers 3x3 that stand alone so can's travel to other regions? i think you gonna lose lot off players out of your player base. sad to see this happen
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    put down a few docks just in time to do it all over again. they clearly dont ready any of these comments lol, no wonder no one knows what this game is, who wants to talk about shitty games lol
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    RIP Atlas If U want to kill the game just shut it down, what are you doing devs?
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    By the time Atlas comes out of early access, humans will be living on the moon!
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    Really funny how this is still a early access game even though it seems like you killed your whole player base already... Came back to try it again and now I'm seeing you won't be able to do the quests on PvP? what the heck is that about.
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    I could play the game if I wasn't banned for no reason. And so your ARK reskin doesn't bother me anymore.
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    It's nice that tickets are no longer marked as "solved" when opened, but will they actually be addressed with valid responses that are not pre-scripted? Why do you have an appeal option if you are "unable to reverse any bans in game at this time”?
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    It's nice that tickets are no longer marked as "solved" when opened, but will they actually be addressed with valid responses that are not pre-scripted?
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    I confirm the words of NAL0. I play on PC in low memory mode. After the update, all models and textures of animals, characters and objects were broken. They look angular and plasticine.
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    I am also on an Xbox Series X and playing on single player. Before the patch my graphics looks top notch and had me thinking of getting a 4K tv. After the patch, my compass is unreadable, weapons are like stick figures, and the game itself very blurry. Plays fine so far other than that. I hope y’all get it figured it and I love this game and believe in it and y’all! I’m gonna keep playing regardless to lend my support. :)
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    Ahoy there! You'll be happy to hear tickets are no longer auto-solved after submitting!
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    LOL NE01011 You have some good suggestions but honestly, I truly doubt the Devs will read your post. They have never shown a genuine interest in anything players have to say.
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    No, the new devs are not focused on what has to be done. We do not need Zombie towers, statues and another 200 minibosses exclusive for super guilds. We need removal of all bugs, every Atlas player can very easily tell all of them to the devs. We need change of the modular ships, you ahould be able to build everything on them, just to bring them in line with the old legacy ships. By now the difference is rediculous : A broadsider is superfast, superstrong and certainly the strongest ship in Atlas. Especially the ship speeds needs severe adjustment. And stop the stupid perma-tornadoes, perma heat wave and perma frostwave. QOL is the word.
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    I would say it's a survival game and you have to learn the fears of the seas... at least in the first 1-2x trials you start from freeport with a raft or sloop. These ships will soon be no issue for you at all and you don't even mind ramming them or simply ignore them. To loose A Brigantine after border crossing is most likely only hapening to Xbox Players because the grid change last 2-3 minutes instead of seconds. Yes the SotD could be forced to stay away from the border by Devs to avoid this issue if Xbox Players lower sails before crossing. If you hunt those SotD in Golden Age later you will not find them or not the high level once... but on a raft they will be every where. Enjoy your survival expirience as long as possible I agree to make something to increase their render range or at least a hint that makes you aware of them more early. With the new modular ships turning rates it's quite difficult for new players that start with a Cog or Tramp freighter now... a shooner was much more beginner friendly in it's handling. Well until you loose your first plank and notice you do not have some spare planks to replace them. But most likely a new player with a Cog will not have repair kits as well^^
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    They spawn a little too much until you sail away to hunt them down. Then, you won't see any for a long time!
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    I wouldn't call it new content! More like just reskin and colours of old. quite lazy really.
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    everything that cost me to build my galleon and brigantine alone and now they delete servers. how awful
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    After last update unavailable to play on official pve the whales solitude server. Ping staying around 255 no matter where I log in . I've tried everything on my end and still no luck.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! As we continue to develop ATLAS, we are taking the opportunity to test out new server configurations before we return to a larger world map. This season, our PvP servers have been designed with shorter and more focused sessions of PvP gameplay in mind. We are now introducing a new server with a much more limited company size setting. This will allow players to enjoy the thrill of PvP with smaller groups without the pressure of larger companies opposing them. We recognize that Xbox players sometimes feel disadvantaged compared to PC players, and we are therefore launching a new server that is exclusive to Xbox users. For those who prefer to play with their PC-using friends, all other servers will remain cross-play enabled. To incorporate these new ruleset servers, we will be repurposing three of our PvP servers with lower population counts: [NA][PvP] Ivory Shores [NA][PvP] Seagull’s Beak [NA][PvP] Stingray Bay Ivory Shores, Seagull’s Beak, and Stingray Bay servers will be taken offline to wipe on Monday, January 30th around 9:00 AM PST. The new servers will be available on Wednesday, February 1st around 12:00 PM PST with the New Year Patch mentioned previously in this post. New Servers Three freshly wiped 3x3 Official PvP servers will be opening with a brand new map layout. Variant 5 Information: Mixture of Tropical, Desert, Temperate, Polar and Equatorial biomes. One home server which includes a lawless Freeport island. One grid containing a Golden Age Ruin island and a Trench (lawless!). List of New Servers: [NA][PvP] Emerald Shores Xbox only [NA][PvP] Seagull’s Beak Company size limit: 10 No alliances [NA][PvP] Stingray Bay Standard PvP Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame View full article
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    Xbox series x - Atlas: patch 555.3 samsung 2022 65” tv singleplayer/host this game launches, but graphics are horrible. PS2 quality. Dedicated xbox servers would be nice, i got 8 friends ready to play but these graphics are hard to look at. cross play is not fun.
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    imagen.png.url la mitad de la comunidad es ban y son inocentes, solucionen esto
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    There are so many bugs in this game its often hard to know if what your doing is a feature or a bug that that could get your account banned. The total lack of published detailed information on the game features both aggravates this and puts new players wanting to learn to play Atlas at a huge disadvantage.
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    build your character and get some docks down just so it can be wiped and do it all over again lol. maybe fix the bugs before you release it so we dont have to wipe over and over. this season was just sad. loads of bugs in this game. i love atlas but this is bs. stop making it easy for people too cheat so you dont have to kick half the players lmao
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    It's crazy this still hasn't been addressed. I've looked everywhere and these comments are all I can find on the subject. Wtf? This needs fixed. Unless I am missing something. Everything on my game looks like bad origami.
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    Very nice. sea fobs, factions, physicalized trade ships and trade system update looking like a great path farward guys. very nice. cant wait to see it
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    Is there no repair plan for single player mode?
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    https://atlas.antihax.net/ use this comunity created map to find resources and tames on every island. But yes, you have to get out of south america to get some resources.
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    Hello fellow pirates, After almost 200 hours playing this "game" my schooner sunk alongside with my patience. I was saying to everyone "the game sucks in terms of development but it is fun to play you should get it" but after spending this much time in the game and looking back this game is nothing more than frustration after frustration. Let's start from the beginning, first off all it took ages to find a place to set up base and by base I mean, 1 Flag radius. After that we started our galleon which took ages to build but that's besides the point, took it to the sea and lost it because we died at the same time and couldn't spawn inside the ship while we were being attacked by a SoD ship. My question is, how the hell the most basic stuff is not working properly, THE SPAWN! Moving forward, we sucked it up and decided not to waste time on a galleon and get a schooner for each member. We built 2 schooners initially, one of them lasted 2 days, until we tried to get a purple chest, lowered the anchor the ship glitched out and sunk. Once again, we were kinda "fuck it, its a schooner, we can build another one relatively fast". In the meantime we built 3 more schooners, today one of them sunk again. Why? Well, was doing the farming run, was about to drop the wood inside the chest and got stuck in between to planks, super frustrated accidentally removed a plank from the ship, guess what, because I was stuck couldn't repair it and another schooner sunk. And this is just the adventure regarding ships, there is plenty more in those 200 hours, like being stuck in pretty much every single asset in this game, stuck on doors, stuck on gates, stuck inside animals, stuck on ladders, stuck on ships, stuck between trees, being attacked for alphas because (horses, rabbits for example) walk against you, get upset, and kill you, animals stuck on ships, like yesterday took us almost 15 minutes to get rid of our elephant stuck on one of our schooners the list goes on and on. Please don't be a fan boy and don't come here saying "Oh its in alpha/beta, blah blah blah" that's shit, the game is broken, the most fundamental stuff doesn't work. I bought this game because it has potential, IT DOES, but not the way the dev team does stuff. Instead of fixing the game's core, and by that I mean for example collisions, they are worried about stone walls, krakens and shit when 70% of the player base can't even do the first power stone due the ridiculous amount of animals on the islands. I am not one to criticise without trying to help so there is a list of things you should consider fixing before changing "Stone Walls" - Make the power stone islands hard but challenging a) Reduce the amount of creatures | b) Lower their levels c) get rid of that BS (creatures) all together and incorporate the treasure hunting into that. Like find a set of keys to open the door for hydra and the hydra will give you the power stone itself. - Sort out the cluster fuck the FoY / Power Stone island is a) fast decay on anchored ships for example would prevent people from leaving the ships there, causing a massive lag and frame drops to others who are trying to reach the FoY / PS - Sort out the claiming situation, because it is absolutely atrocious. a 15*15 grid = 255 Sectors * 4 Islands each sector = 900 Islands to claim (I know this number isn't real because you have free ports, lawless zones, PS islands and sectors with less than 4 islands) How are you going to have space even for 5K players? - Food / Drinks / Vitamins Mechanics a) get rid of it because everyone rather die than care about the broken mechanics. b) find a way to make it worthwhile to care about, for example giving small boosts of speed, damage or whatever when you have the vitamins at certain levels or whatever. - Alphas, completely useless. The game does not need alphas period. Last but not least, make your devs play the game, because most of this stuff would be fixed already if you guys played your own game for a couple hours. I would like to say it was a good experience and I/we (my company) will be back, but it wasn't and not sure if we will come back, things need to change a lot and the dev team needs to start working on meaningful stuff alongside balancing whats already in game. Best Regards NesquickPT
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    It sails you to the next square as if it were a “globe”. So if I sail North in A1 I will come up into A4.
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    islands that were broken/removed in the last few updates were present on the server
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    It appears what ever fixes that were discovered are no longer working. I have been able to host a server that others over the internet can join with no issues pretty much out of the box. Now if I want to play on it it gets tricky unless you have a router that supports NAT loopback. There is a work around so that I was able to join my own server how ever No one else on my same network can join. The point of running my own private world is to escape from the toxic griefer ridden community whom this company care nothing about stopping. I want to play the game with my friends and family and not have to deal with anyone else. I have a system capable of hosting no problems. Why am I being forced to pay company to host so we can achieve this goal? Why at every turn are they "fixing" our ability to host our own servers? This was all something that used to work with this game. I have hosted in the past to family on my own private lan and friends across the internet. Now it seems no longer possible. We will not be forced to play on public servers. We will not be forced to pay a company to host for us. Unfortunately we will be forced to play another game that will accommodate our needs. This is all this company is forcing people to do. it is a shame to see such a promising game die while still in its creation.
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    As the title says, i think that there is a maximum of trade routes that a market can have (8?), if i delete a request or an established route the market still gives the message „maximum trade routes reached for that market“ ? Destroying the market and placing a new one will certainly work, but are there cheaper solutions ? Thanks in advance.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! After lots of internal discussion we have decided to start cranking out more frequent, smaller content drops rather than larger, expansive features that take months to prepare. This ultimately does not change our current feature course, but rather than wait for more content we are simply going to drop what we’re working on now - the first iteration of the Trade System next week! How does this affect your everyday pirate life? More dev news - you are going to hear from us more often on new features we are developing. Faster content drops means more new features, but also more map wipes. Good and bad, right?! In the true spirit of early access (which ATLAS certainly is still in!), we are going to tell our awesome community what we are working on, ask the community for gameplay feature ideas and see if some of them work….not every feature we test out will ultimately make it into the final game. We might change our mind! Now without further ado, let’s talk about where we are at with some of the things we’re working on! Trade System Since we first started on this renewed ATLAS journey, we have introduced Farmhouses and Warehouses into the mix. We have hinted that these were more than just a standard QoL improvement. We are building upon these features to develop a Trade System! We will be introducing a new structure, Markets, that are used to set up trades. Markets will need to be connected to a Warehouse, which in turn should be connected to a Farmhouse. Farmhouses are used to fill the Warehouse that the Market will use to look things up to trade. Markets will need to be placed next to a Warehouse and each Warehouse may only have one Market. Players will need to control both land for resources and Markets, and sea for Trade Routes. In the actual Market itself, players will have a menu that will allow them to set up their resources for trade and the exchange rate at which they will trade for. Players can then request trading routes with other Markets. Once the trade route with another Market has been established, the connected Markets will automatically set up the trades as long as both parties have the required resources within their Warehouses. A log is also available in the Market menu to keep track of trades, requests, attacks on your shipment. A new island type, Control Points, will be integral to the Trading System. Each grid on the server may have anywhere between 1-3 Control Points that companies can capture for an advantage. When trade conditions are met, Markets will create a shipment of the goods. This Trade ship will automatically sail to its target destination, going through any Control Points on the grids that are a part of its route. These shipments will also generate gold for each party - the longer the trade route, the more gold is generated. Companies that own a Control Point can set a tax on any shipment moving through it. If there is more than one Control Point on a grid, the shipment will automatically choose the lower tax if available. If a company owns a Control Point on the grid, it will prioritize the company’s to avoid tax. Companies that own a Control Point can also choose to blockade specific companies from using its Control Point, making it possible for companies to stop trades between others. Players will also be able to directly attack any shipments en route as well. The trade will only happen if both ships successfully reach their end destinations. Control Point islands will have a unique icon on the map. These islands will contain a central structure surrounded by canon towers. Players will have to destroy all canon towers and the middle structure where they will have to plant a flag in order to gain control. The structures will then rebuild themselves and players will be able to place the canon towers at specific defensive points and build other defensive structures around them. Control points will automatically start defending itself once attacked. Next to the towers will be the Tax Bank where the taxed gold is collected. Unowned Control Points can still defend themselves and will collect taxes into its Tax Bank. Tax Banks can be destroyed and stolen from. On PVE, no one can take ownership of the Control Points, so trades will always be open to anyone, however, the Control Points will always collect taxes at a set rate and PVE will also be able to steal from the Tax Bank. TeaseR: Ramming Ship A couple months back, we wanted to add an early version of a new Ships for Gold system. Upon reviewing Community feedback and further ideation, we took the feature back to the drawing board to further develop. With the next update, you may see a new NPC on an island. Although he has no functionality yet, we are sure that Pathfinders will be paying him plenty of visits in the future. The Ships for Gold system will be slowly rolled out after we launch the Trade System. While we are still in development, we wanted to tease the first ship that will be available for players to buy with gold - The Ramming Ship! ***The render above is still a work in progress and is subject to change. The Ramming Ship has a unique front end that is specialized for the purpose of - you guessed it - ramming straight into other ships! It features built in cannon ports and a lower deck with holes for oar boards that can be extended for a speed boost, even when there is no wind. Players can tactically use their oar boards for a temporary speed boost to increase their damage multiplier when ramming into an enemy ship! The Ramming Ship will likely not be customizable upon release, however, we are working on a modular customization mechanic for these new ships that can be bought for gold. The design goal here is to provide an “Interceptor” option that can be used to catch fleeing ships or shorten a chase. The current ship system will exist alongside this new ship system when it launches. However, apart from the Sloop, previous ships will additionally cost gold to build. Generating gold with trade routes will be integral to earning enough gold for upkeep. Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! We will be paying extra attention to your thoughts on the upcoming Trade System and Ships for Gold, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary. Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    Is there a way I could add the ferryman to my singleplayer game? I find it weird not being able to teleport between islands in freeports.
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    I didn't really see OP whining about being raided, he was asking for help. Also not sure what the point of that video is in a post about crabs. To start, the thumbnail says official pvp but it's obviously a private server, which is the only place you would possibly fly around wasting that many stone pieces on meaningless armor. One cannon bear shooting the bottom of those towers for 2 minutes at the right angle would take them out and not take any damage from them. It's a very nice, symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing design that in actual pvp would be almost useless. Back to the crab topic, they are stupid. Nobody asked for them, there were already enough issues with tames and just about everything else in this game without introducing something that was obviously broken on arrival. The fact that the 'counter' discussions in this thread include stacking multiple tiger bleeds while flaming them should be proof enough. It should not take a coordinated effort of multiple people to counter one person on a ridiculous tame.
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    Apparently Darkblade Army is using hacks to quickly generate pin codes at the door. Investigate and ban! SCUM! https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/acpi40/darkblade_brute_forcing_doors/
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    They even admit they've been hacking. Like the Chinese live stream duping. Will Atlas do anything about Darkblade Army or the Chinese?
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    There have been reports of this sort of thing here on the forums. Not tons, but you're not the first, so it is most likely a thing, and definately a thing that needs looking at. Logging of storage access and then banning of players who engage in unauthorized entry is likely the most effective approach vs trying to make the hack not work/prevented. But I'm not a programmer so who knows. Sorry you lost your stuff. Next time it could be me, so hope this gets fixed.
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