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    Have you thought about fixing "stuff" that is already broken instead of adding more dumb stuff?
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    This is Horrible, wake up you are killing what is left of the game. Really 5K gold to build a small ship?
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    You want to remove; Armored Docks BPs SoTD Peace time Freeports Stuns Feats for most melee weps level bonuses aging Ship customization Structures (or at least any remaining usefulness of them) Ownership of structures Rewarding players who prosper bar shots All gold sinks handcuffs Reload timers Player announcement for entering or leaving a server Ship weight penalty company size caps Did I miss anything? You want to have; Ships be equal in stats Players be equal in stats All gear and weps be equal in stats Ships be free No bases (proved by your wanting to tear them down so fast no one would bother building them) Very little PvE and a heavy focus on PvP @chukiki Dude, honestly, you are wanting to play "Sea of Thieves". You take ALL of this out and get what you want, you basically have a shitty version of Sea of Thieves.
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    Can you guys just ask the few hundred players that still play this game what they would like to see changed or added? Some of us want to keep playing but theses changes are awful..really taking the fun out of the game.
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    Ah yes, the quarterly Atlas update sandwich. Top slice of 'Hey guys this is really hard but we have some great ideas and we're going to be doing a better job communicating and listening to you... and this time we really mean it!'. Bottom slice of 'Just remember guys it's still early access, so please don't hold us accountable for anything regardless of how poorly thought out or executed it may be'. So what's the filling this time? Ah, of course. An extremely complex multi-grid trade route system adding new island types with automatically generated defenses, npc trade ships, and a boat designed to ram other boats. What could possibly go wrong? I mean last update you said you were just adding warehouses, and we got an unannounced game-destroying barrel 'balance' change and you broke a number of critical core game functions and disappeared for a month without a word. I hope you don't expect much confidence from anyone that you are even remotely capable of successfully implementing something of the magnitude that you're describing. Stop dangling stuff that nobody cares about or asked for and 'teasing' all these cool new ideas you have when there are so many existing mechanics that are completely broken, useless, or imbalanced. Fix them. Get your game running smoothly and add some polish to what you already have before you go introducing a bunch of new stuff that you aren't capable of doing anyway. You also mentioned more frequent wipes. How frequent? Do you really think that's a sustainable model for a game that has a ridiculously complex breeding and 6 resource type grindy upgrade mechanic? Is that the purpose of the trade routes? Having to get a bunch of different resources sucks, so rather than simplify the core system lets implement a complicated, difficult to implement alternative to make it suck a little less. You guys have no direction, no accountability, no credibility, and nobody buys your 'new ideas, more communication, we're going to do a better job and btw look at this amazing idea we have' PR nonsense that we've seen over and over and have been let down every time. Nobody cares that it's early access. Early access doesn't give you carte blanche to make strings of idiotic decisions and expect players to stick around. The last thing in this update you said is that you'll be paying extra attention to suggestions and feedback, so here's some from a 5,000 hour player. Put this trade system, ships for gold, and whatever other half baked band-aid ideas you have on the shelf. Fix what you have, give regular updates on what you're working on, and stop saying over and over that you're going to be listening to players and start actually doing it. Focus your energies on resolving those issues and building on those ideas first. Thinking for yourselves and deciding what you think is best for the game is why there are 92 players on NA PVP as I write this. Get your shit together or just shut it down.
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    Hi, With all this gold for ships, gold for structures system in place, I just wanted to give my opinion and suggestion. Gold for full ships, it's a good idea (as long as the price is reasonable, right now it isn't) Gold for materials, it's fine as well. Having to farm gold and materiales it's just an unnecesary wall for content, this game needs a lot of (UX Design on it btw). I'll give a couple ideas to make Gold actually worth: - Go back to the old ship building with no gold cost attached, and add the option to buy the ship with nothing but gold on the freeports. - Remove the crafting of ship improvements such as cargo racks, diving equipment, hell, maybe even large cannons. - Make better grade items (legendary and such) available via purchase on the freeports, don't remove the option to craft them. - Make more ship improvements to allow for ship specialization, for example, allow ships to have mortars, but at the expense of cannons, you get 1 mortar for a brig. This should be something you buy at the freeport and then attach to the ship, like in the way the sail skin system works right now. Ideas for this system are: - cargo racks (the current ones) - submarine (the current one, but just put a gold cost) - torpedoes (the current one, just put a gold cost) - cargo compartments (this should use space in the ship, basically block a whole floor of the ship for nothing but cargo, for example in a schooner with this, you can only move on the deck now, the whole bottom of the ship is cargo area and that should reduce weight of the transported items, imagine it as a huge box we place inside the ship) - diving equipment (the current ones) - animal cages (for better and more animal transport, reduce crew cost for tames while they are on the cage). - colony compartment: basically, don't allow to place crafting tables in the ship, but sell this component, which is a prebuilt section for the ship with a smithy, forge, tannery and mortars, and a tiny weight reduction. Also should have extra beds to allow for more respawns. - Siege ship: adds the ability to add up to 4 mortars (depends on ship size) but removes about 90% of the ship cannons. (a schooner should allow for 2 cannons for example) - Ramming attachment: could be a worse version than the ship, extra weight, blocks some cannons on the front. - Speed attachment: allow to add extra side sails to the ship (Google studding sails), more sails = more speed. - Steam engine improvement: Adds the engine that the trading ship uses to move, so we can move witouth wind. - Rocket battery: like the artilley improvement, but this fires more shots that make more damage to characters and way less damage to structures. Enough about ships, we could have similar things for base building, automated farming structures, automated maintenance structures, NPCs, character building, event for tames, basically allow us to use gold to buy usefull things, instead of using gold as a means of blocking content that will prevent us from enjoying the game. That should be all, I know this will get a lot of mixed opinions and I know you can farm gold with a sloop, but, should we? why Farming doesn't make the game more entretaining, it just takes time away from the fun.
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    How about a standing ovation to the world's most incompetent Dev team R.I.P small companys
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    Who asked for all this shit? This isn't listening to your community.. and are you fucking kidding me with the ship prices??? Noone wanted to pay for them in the first place, let alone that bullshit. You talk about launch but at this rate you wont make it there with no player base left...
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    Adding a gold cost to ships made in shipyards is really going to hurt the solos/small groups especially the ones that live in lawless.
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Attention: Devs. The latest Q & A is completely terrible for PVE players, which should be a considerable amount of your very loyal player base.. Your latest Q & A stating your intentions to not make any more PVE "content" at all (bosses / quests ). All the while, there have been plenty of complaints from players that you should focus on more interesting content, cause of us PVE players always running out of things to do.. ( in case a player doesn't like breeding). Please take note of this, if you want to retain your tons of really loyal, long term PVE players. Aswell as keep new ones from leaving, after a short while. I want to add that, in my company during these 2 years, when we gather up to do things like powerstones, Kraken, or Ice Cave, everyone in the crew "wakes up", and comes online again, after being passive and not gaming for a while, etc. Even old players that have been offline for quite a while, often come back, at those more special occasions. So, a few more side quests/smaller and easier bosses to do, would add tremendous ways to "lure in" new and old players into the game. Just my 2 cents. Regards from a day 1 (PVE) player.
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    #1 Spreading the leveling over a ENTIRE SEASON IS THE DEFINITION OF GRINDING. You cant have one with out the latter. Just make it easy to hit cap. any spreading is LITERALLY A GRIND. #2 You can increase the CAP on structures with out effecting (drastically) base defenses. IF YOU INCREASE DURABILITY to 10x-100X (jm -mythical, respectively) We could live w a 1 layer wall if the durability of structure bps was drastically reworked in the multiplicative. No need for honey combine walls w 1 mythic wall is worth 100 regular walls. AND it would finally make making them worthwhile because of a new structure cap. Of course you would need to also implement new islands and ability to close harbors viable BEFORE that can be done as that is the MAIN are that eats the most structures.... Also you would need a value per island adjustable in json so devs could adjust values on the fly. but imagine a choke point where you only need 1 wall. not 20 layers deep. 1 layer deep. cause 1 is worth 100. It would also make people go out and HUNT FOR THOSE BPS!!!! (more on this point latter) #3 Adjusting Company and alliance sizes ONLY HURT NEW PLAYERS. STOP ASKING FOR IT Here what would happen, we would come in w 5 company's capped we would have us all in the same discrod, we would still operate and work and resource BP's as one company. So while all 200 of us roll you, you would be stuck w your 35 man company crying..... No option for you to absorb new company's, no way to expand your social interactions. What the DEV's NEED to do is FIX PERMISSIONS!!!!!!! Literally NEVER going invite new players able to come in and scuttle all the boats in the harbor. The permission tree is one HORRID area that is never addressed, probably cause most of us larger company's are tiered of Giving the solutions written out and being ignored and seeing DUMB QUESTIONS like this get a breath in the room. Your problem is you are being rolled by big company's right? The solution isn't your problem (make big company smaller), your solution is to LOWER the barrier to you being a BIGGER COMPANY. What holds you back? what is the #1 issue holding you back to being a larger company? THATS THE SOLUTION. 1 Boxes being able to place INTO but not remove items 1 REWORKING permission to ship's on individual basis, and Company permissions. Take a look at star base, Duel universe, Star citizen. THOSE permission tables while complex are there because THEY ARE NEEDED and serve a purpose. ATLAS doesnt have them and HAS A INCLUSION PROBLEM. Large company don't invite and teach new people, Because they have TO MUCH CONTROL AND ABILITY TO REEK HAVOC. If we could limit there ability to place structures offensive weapons (cannons, barrle bombs the works) on owned islands, SCUTTLE SHIPS!? Why is this even a option for the lowest ranks still!!!! been crying for that fix since Season 1. If we could also set permission on certain ships to add company members ability to repair/replace/drive/scuttle on a ship by ship basis, we could invite new people train/teach them. With out those controls its easier to leave the bobs on the shore and sink them. #1 issue is inclusion and barrier to invite new players. its not the company size is to big, its the ability to invite is to risky. Fix that and you have a WHOLE NEW BREADTH of ability to make the game better. (maybe increase ship counts to 75 or 100. every one in the company wants a boat... YOUR GOAL IS SHIP COMBAT?! why limit a companys ability to have ships then!!!!!!!! no one like that.) #4 For the love of gods make sails more abundant, that shadow patch server side was NOT needed. you should have kept it that way, making sails abundant means its eaiser for smaller company's to get them and more likely to fight with endgame stuff. IF Higher tiers have a RELIABLE way to be farmed (why are schooner packs even in GA still more lvl 60 gallys please). The idea of being able to combine and increase quality is beautiful and i love it (if it is INCREASING and never making a new avg). Bring back INT gear. It was taken out of the game cause small company's LACK OF ABILITY TO GET GOLD. Thats no longer a issue. This will ALSO increase company's ability to get end game sails and USE THEM MORE! the number one issue is lack of good handling sails due to the rarity YOU place on them (schooner packs in ga = waste of space, do a poll) also did you know the kraken has the same crap drops hard mode and easy mode. that needs to be fixed with a set value (EXTREMELY HIGH) for its flotsam. REMOVE medium sails or make their caps HIGHER then larges... They are never used (for good reason) they are a waste of DB space (i know the irony here and i mean it its not worth the 2kb it takes up) #5 Add something to make farming BP's easier or make BPs more abundant. LIMITING them just make people HORDE THEM MORE. I dont know ANY ONE who plays/played in a mega who will say limiting bps is the solution. Its not. youre just making people park their boats in the harbor because farming becomes so tedious they wont farm (avg players) And they wont bring out the good boats cause it would take WEEKS to replace.... yeah thats what we want... less people farming, less people out in the water, less chance to run into some one w boat willing to fight.... THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION To increase naval combat, STOP DECREASING BP's There has to be INCENTIVE to go out! There has to be LESS determent to losing great sails. Add more lvl 60 galleons remove schooner packs in GA. Add some visual or abilty that reveals the general direction of a boats regardless of render distance, Darkside RP's Place holder boat image (for all types) sits on the horizon line, when you get in render distance you find out of that image you were chasing is a galleon brig enemy or SotD, cause all it is a lil boat image, you cant tell till you get close what it is though. Increase to mast health may be warranted in the light of barrel bombs effectiveness, or some ability to armor a mast (not canvas though) I have stated all this over the years in emails and dm's (excluding #4) REMOVE BARRIERS add CHOICES this allows better player interaction.... Stop increasing the grind.
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    - You do not care about the people who play this game. - Scrap the gold for ships - First fix all the bugs fix the lagging - Give Xbox their own server - Listen to the people who play this game and did play this game - Fix the invisible warehouse and farmhous on non dedicated servers (i only play this sometimes to keep track) - Every time you send out a fix or update people have more problems first test what you make on a test server, it normel to have some problem but not this much. happy christmas for the people who play Atlas, and i hope Santa keeps the devs at the north pole To continued
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    Are devs actually planning to make Atlas a dead game? 5000 for schooner? schooner is the simplest useful ship to start enjoying and experiencing the game. its not even that easy to build! you need to still put time for it. if it was 5000 to buying a schooner all made, it was good. but paying 5k and then building it by ourselves? How does that even make sense? we should farm 5k with sloop? one person even cant manage to carry that much of gold. Who even we are paying that gold to? its really ridiculous idea. its a pirate game. C'mon devs do something about it! you guys cant see the game is already losing players...
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We have set up the Sea Forts for route control, the Markets for Trade configurations, and now Trade functionality is on the way with the next patch! As a reminder, it is currently scheduled for Tuesday 11/10 at 7:00 PM PT and includes a Wipe. The first iteration of Trade functionality will introduce virtual shipments only, meaning no tangible NPC Trade Ship will be created and all Trades that are started will reach its destination Market after a certain time. Players can still blockade Trades via control of Sea Forts, in which case a Trade will not start if there are no routes it can take to reach its final destination. The automatically generated Trade Ships that players will be able to impede and attack are still undergoing testing will be implemented later. We are also introducing Random Events to Trading, and these will appear in the Trade log when they occur. It’s wild out in the Seas, and you never know what can happen. Perhaps your ship sailed into a group of NPC pirates who took some of your stock. Or maybe you got lucky and ran into a treasure chest, gaining you extra gold! Maybe the amateur cook on board accidentally set your ship on fire so you lost some of your cargo - but inadvertently gained coal! Random events can be negative, neutral, or good, so be sure to keep an eye on your Trading Log or you’ll be caught by surprise! Multiple Random Events may trigger, and all Random Events are virtual and do not get resolved until the end of the shipment. The weights of several resources have been adjusted in relation to the Trade System as well. Economy The Trade system will be the main way for players to generate gold. We will be starting with very conservative numbers with the gold generation rate from Trades, and will adjust the numbers accordingly. With Trade Functionality now in play, we have increased the cost of building Ships. Players will need to Trade consistently and/or control Sea Forts to build income for Ships. Acquiring top-tier Ships is going to take some work and we are expecting to see a lot of Sloops at the beginning. The first Schooner, and subsequent Ships should feel like a big deal and a job well done! Whales, Ships of the Damned, Shipwrecks, Flotsam, and Treasure Maps are other avenues for gold as well. Re: Upcoming Wipe As noted, the next Patch will include a Wipe with the introduction of Trade Functionality. The Wipe will also resolve some previous issues such as interference from the old Sea Fort structures and problems with claiming Sea Forts on Lawless. We also received some questions about whether the Wipe would change the map or multipliers for the new “season.” We would like to start off by clarifying that with our recent change to our direction in development, we are shying away from defining official “seasons” while we are still in Early Access. In the Summer, we announced that we were renewing and essentially resetting the ATLAS development journey. Since then, we have come to realize that we cannot expect to have “seasons” while we are still shaping out the core gameplay mechanics. At this stage, we will be rolling out changes continuously and wiping whenever it becomes necessary. Meanwhile, we will consider how we may want to run seasons when it makes sense. The upcoming Wipe will not introduce any map or resource distribution changes, at least not right away. We are still looking at how we want to change and balance the distribution of resources. We like the idea of having Hot Spots/contested locations and want to bring more of that into the gameplay. Once the NPC Trade Ships are in, it will also create opportunities to attack the Trade Ships that are carrying rarer goods. The changes to resource distribution will be happening later in this cycle. This means that the value of certain locations can and will change until we strike the right balance, and it will mix up whatever the current circumstances at the time may be. Base multipliers/rates will also remain the same. There are no planned changes at this time, although we will likely look into readjusting them later down the line. Private Servers A wipe is not necessary for Private Servers, but it is recommended as there may be outstanding issues that a wipe would resolve if you had already added the original Sea Fort structures to your map. Be wary that adding Sea Forts now may cause unintended changes as well. Sea Forts are also not necessary to enable Trading on your server. Trading is set up so that if there are no Sea Forts in the server, it is considered an open route and there is no tax when passing through. If the origin or destination market is on a server with no Sea Forts, the trip will be virtual. In other words, Trading is allowed for everyone if there are no Sea Forts on a server. Unless you desire to add the gameplay surrounding Sea Forts, it is not a requirement for the Trade System. Tentative Changelog *** Please note that this is only a preview of the next patch and may be incomplete. Final Patch Notes for the Live build may differ and will be reposted once it goes live. Crafting Reduced the output of crafting Gunpowder from 2 to 1 Reduced the output of crafting Blasting Powder from 2 to 1 Market Updated the Structure Settings on the Market to be Reinforced Stone This results in increased damage resistance Bug Fix: Added back the ability to connect Markets to Warehouses via interaction wheel (they should still auto connect if placed near each other) Resources Adjusted weight of many resources Reduced the weight of Gold Coins by 50% Reduced the weight of Gems by 75% Reduced the weight of Wood by 40% Reduced the weight of Sap by 60% Reduced the weight of Crystals by 60% Reduced the weight of Metal by 33% Increased the weight of Oil by 2x Increased the weight of Fiber by 8x Increased the weight of Flint by 2.4x Increased the weight of Keratinoid by 5x Increased the weight of Gunpowder by 1.5x Increased the weight of Organic Paste by 2x Increased the weight of Fire Gel by 2.5x Increased the weight of Blasting Powder by 2.5x Sea Forts Reduced the radius inside Sea Forts for claiming from 2.5 to 1.5 meters Increased Max Tax rate for Sea Forts from 30% to 50% Ships Increased Gold cost for crafting ships Schooner: 50 → 5,000 Gold Brigantine: 250 → 25,000 Gold Galleon: 500 → 50,000 Gold Warehouse Reduced Placement Prevention Radius of Warehouse from 800m to 600m This increases amount of warehouses that can fit in an area by about 75% We're looking at how to best allow multiple companies to have warehouses nearby in the future Reduced Transport Radius of Warehouse from 500m to 450m Misc Increased the max stack size of Cannon Balls from 50 to 100 Bug Fix: Explosive Barrels can no longer deal damage in Freeports Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    how much to but the rights off GS and find some who fucking cares?
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    And here I thought nothing could kill the game faster than barrel bombs (once again) as projectiles. I was wrong! It's making a medium sized boat cost 25k gold to build. I hope all small companies had fun playing the game, because they'll be stuck using shit-tier sloops for the whole season.
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    congrates, on killing the game Devs, give your self a pat on the back for that one
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Well, you not coming back is a definite reason to keep pve servers running for eternity! Bravo!
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    Do you devs hear yourselves when you speak? You say one thing then in the next statement contradict yourself. You say you appreciate the suggestions and comments from your community but obviously don't pay any attention to it or just don't care. Focusing on PVP is fine and understandable that you want to go that direction but to turn your backs on the PVE players is going to be a huge mistake. It saddens me to walk away from this game but I just can't do it anymore. My animals can wear hats but you won't fix the stuff broken in the game since launch and are now openly admitting that you are releasing broken content to us players.
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! There have been reported sightings of a strange and mysterious creature, often alluded to but frequently brushed off as nothing more than a sailor’s tale! It appears these majestic Seahorses have found their way to the seas of Atlas! From what we’ve observed, it appears these creatures are quite fond of Seaweed and Sea Grapes! Once a Pathfinder has gained its loyalty, the Seahorse may allow them to travel the waters on their back. With its natural poison, the Seahorse is a powerful ally. Just be sure to have an antidote ready in case of any mishaps! Not to be outdone by Seahorses and their poisons, Dolphins have learned how to harvest Coral and Seaweed for their masters! Do we sense a Dolphin vs Seahorse rivalry in the makings? Various changes were made to the Glider to make it more fun and useful while trying to address some previous exploits. It will likely undergo more changes as we hear feedback and discover abuse cases. Please see the full patch notes below for additional details and other exciting changes - including the Flame Ballista Bolt buff, new blueprints for farmhouse variants, resource and loot drop changes, among various bug fixes as well! Community Surveys We will be publishing a series of surveys on different topics in an effort to better gauge and quantify Community Feedback. Surveys may range from balancing, to design, to community/social initiatives, and more! Some surveys may be more geared towards specific audiences than others, but we will try to hit a variety of different topics and niches - so don't worry if your concerns are not addressed in the current survey. We understand how diverse our player base is and we want ATLAS to be accessible and fun for everyone! However, we are a small team, so we cannot roll everything out at once. While this first survey is focused on PVP Balance, please rest assured that we are working on many different things at the same time in the background. We aren't forgetting PVE, or Private Servers! A lot of things that you may not see being discussed are either already being worked on or already on our radar/to-do. These surveys do NOT mean that we are only taking feedback in this way. We are continuing to take feedback from all sources. These surveys are only meant to help us pinpoint and gather further details from community data. Please find the Survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeTCwgHFfxeOLpgTlRjeTRDUaOY5r7CbY7V_EOPDWVvi5RcJQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Although we cannot promise to commit any specific change, we would want to be able to quantify which issues players care about most by using this survey to reach as broad an audience as possible. We appreciate your support! Thank you! Released Patch Notes v521.6 New Creature: Seahorse Found in the depths of the Trenches, Seahorses are a new creature that can be tamed and bred after unlocking the Underwater Taming skill in the Beastmastery tree. Favorite Foods: Seaweed and Sea Grapes Taming Style: Passive Saddle: None Primary Attack: Venomous Bite Gives the target the Poisoned debuff which deals 20 damage over 15 seconds The Poisoned debuff can be negated by using an Antidote Secondary Attack: Acid Spit Fires an arcing projectile that deals extra damage to Submarines and increased durability damage to armor New Medicine: Antidote The Antidote can be crafted at the Mortar and Pestle after learning the Basic Medical Studies skill in the Medicine tree. Grants the user a buff that removes the effects of Seahorse poison and prevents them from being poisoned again for 20 seconds Crafting Resources: 5 Medicinal Herbs, 2 Organic Paste New Tool: Crude Tool Players now start with a simple recipe to make a tool they can use to collect wood. No more bloody fingers! About 1/4 as effective as a Hatchet Loses Durability very fast Crafting Resources: 1 Stone, 10 Fiber Dolphin Dolphins can now harvest Coral and Seaweed Bug Fix: Water Temperature Fortitude bonuses from the skill tree are no longer removed when riding creatures underwater Bug Fix: Resolved issue where Dolphins would occasionally die when near the surface Flame Ballista Bolt Deals increasing damage to Sails every 2 seconds Example: 20/40/60/80 damage at 2/4/6/8 seconds Hitting a Sail with a second Flame Ballista Bolt adds 100 to the current amount of damage Example: A Sail is hit with a second Bolt after it has already been on fire for 2 seconds. The amount of damage received by the Sail increases from 20 to 120 Fires can be extinguished by closing the Sail, using an Olfend's water spray, or by dumping a Water Bucket on the Mast Glider Suit Various changes were made to the Glider to make it more fun and useful while trying to address some previous exploits. It will likely undergo more changes as we hear feedback and discover abuse cases. Restored the ability to control pitch so you can now glide up and down Increased the max height to activate from 100m to 400m Slowed the base glider speed down by around 40% Added a drag component to the speed updates The faster you are going, the more drag will slow you down Prevents maintaining high speed for a long time after a dive Reduced the minimum speed you can glide at before you stall to about 2m per second Changed the dive angle and required dive time Glider Known Issues: You can still gain height but it's slow You can still glide across half a server if you jump off a 400m spot It's hard to tell when you are about to stall Sometimes at super slow speed you inexplicably corkscrew Pressing the 'Dive' button (Shift by default on PC) results in a weird sideways dive Loot Drops Blueprints for Lumberyard, Quarry, and Mine now drop. They have two new stats on them: Capacity (how much weight and stacks they can hold) and Gather Rate Coffee and Coffee Seeds may be found in place of other food drops Resources Fish Oil drops from some fish which previously did not drop it Stone Harvesting nodes in the Copper Region (Northwest) have been rebalanced and a set of changes are being tested Iron is the most common metal now, and may be found in rocks in place of whatever metal may have been used before. Copper is the less common metal found primarily in this region Geodes may now drop from rock. Using a Geode will destroy it and may give some limestone, rock salt, and/or a small amount of different gems and crystals. Geodes may only be gathered by hand or with Tames, not with the Quarry or Farmhouse These changes will be moved to all regions after a period of testing Ships Bug Fix: Third person view can no longer be obstructed by structures built near the ship's wheel Bug Fix: Ship levels 46-50 are no longer purchasable on ships with a level cap of 50 Bug Fix: Cannons on the Ramming Galley now have wheels Tames & Creatures Carried Rabbits now give a 20% speed boost while the player's stamina is at or above 90% Creatures' torpor bars are now displayed after receiving torpidity damage Seaweed can now be placed in the Trough Misc The Seed Vendor's inventory now rotates every 12 hours Decay Times on Market, Warehouse, and Kiln have been set to the standard 10 days Fixed some instances where Markets get out of sync Bug Fix: Structures can now be built next to the sides of Armored Docks NOTE: There is still an area near the entrance and exit where structures cannot be placed Bug Fix: Resolved issue where Markets, Farmhouses, and Warehouses become invisible in Single Player Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    We could really use more decor. Obviously it can easily be added in. As this event has all kinds of stuff. Could use some benches, shelves, candles lamps, better more realistic beds. Things you would actually see on ships and in homes back when would be nice. Some end tables, thrones, carpets wall hangings maybe. Stuff you don't have to add oil/materials too to would be nice.
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    I don't understand the glider suit nerf...? Sometimes, that's the only way to do maps. Why change this? What is the reason for this? I just do not understand why you would change something like this.
  30. 5 points
    I just read the upcoming "Patch Preview" notes and wanted to comment on the following notes: "Removed Gold drops from Kraken, Squids, Army of the Damned Soldiers, fishing, and digging. The trade system will become the way to earn gold " I believe there is a current balance flaw in the early game where Pathfinders do not have easy access to earning their first bits of gold. And I think this patch note will only make it worse. Right now, there's only two ways (that I know of) that a new player can get their first gold on a Freeport island without having to leave the grid. Those two ways are digging with a shovel for gold, or fishing with a fishing rod for fish. Both activities require a lot of other actions to take place. First you to need to level up to be able to craft a smithy and a fishing rod plus chair or shovel. Then you need to place the smithy, but you cannot place structures on freeports, so you have to collect resources to give to the harbormaster to buy a ship to be able to even place the smithy in the first place. Most people will opt for the ramshackle sloop, and right from the beginning you are wanting 10g to even begin to properly man your sloop not including gold for keeping your crew. If you chose the shovel route, you will break your shovel multiple times trying to scrap together enough gold to hire a crew. If you chose the fishing route, after you have placed your chair on your ship because you cannot place it anywhere else to fish on freeports, you then will need to find bait to put on the fishing rod. In which case, you will have to hope you were smart enough to land on a freeport with sugars, or have to go and craft a shovel anyways, just to dig up some worms to go fish with. And during this whole time while you are trying to get 10g to hire a crew, your ship is decaying in the harbor. Of course you could always sail your sloop without a crew outside the freeport to grab some flotsam and then come back and buy your crew, and I suspect most veteran players do this. But I want to highlight the point that the current game flow to earning your first gold is not intuitive, and most definitely not new player friendly. Removing gold from digging and fishing only makes it worse in my opinion. I ask that you reconsider removing gold from these activities, or better yet, come up with a better and more logical flow for new players to start making money in their first hours of play. Finally, I am concerned about the last sentence in the patch preview note, "The trade system will become the way to earn gold." With the development team increasing the importance of gold to gameplay (which I very much support), I wonder how players who do not wish to, or cannot participate in the trade system are supposed to earn gold? I completely understand if you're looking for ways to prevent gold farming, however, there still needs to exist multiple alternative avenues to getting some gold when you have no one to trade with, or all trade routes are blocked.
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    How about taking the gold cost off ships we build? If we were buying ships from players or NPCs (Like the ramming ship) the gold cost makes sense, not when we build the ship from scratch.
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    I haven't really played since season one, and the lack of a core theme is one of the primary reasons I haven't come back. I remember one time looking in on the game's progress. I saw a crab jump hundreds of feet into the air with a rider on its back; I NOPE'd right out of there. "I'll check back in another six months." For myself, I hope you settle on a theme that puts realistic-seeming boats (not architectural monstrosities) at its core. Focus on the boat in the same way Star Trek focuses on the Enterprise. There's space and all it contains. There are planets and their inhabitants. Adventure found with both. But everything comes back to the ship. Any feature/mechanic that diminishes the focus or supremacy of the boat should raise a red flag. As for an element of fantasy, I can certainly envision ways it could work. Again... augmenting what matters most rather than becoming what matters most. Have any of you read Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series? The main character, of course, is blown to fantastical heights. But, rather than dominating the experience of the commoners, the fantasy element simply makes it a richer, more interesting experience. I'm not familiar with the proposed Tradewinds feature, so perhaps my concerns have already been addressed. But, in my gaming experience, allowing easy travel commonly leads to some very undesirable outcomes. Dominant factions can project their power over greater distances, and those who choose to harass others are more able to do it without repercussion because they aren't a known quantity to those they harass. I.e., they can easily travel far afield and harass people who don't know who they are or where they come from. Similarly, just as more than traders can take advantage of tradewinds, large companies can take advantage of mechanics intended for small companies unless they are, by design, prohibited or disincentivized from doing so. I wouldn't mind seeing Freeports extended into full-fledged NPC-controlled territory. Companies could lease designated plots of land with strict construction budgets (assets) in exchange for tribute and/or service (e.g. coastal defense). If you live there, you live by their rules (e.g., no piracy). In turn, the government provides some defensive advantages in terms of infrastructure (e.g., protected harbors with "parking spaces" assigned to leases) and automated coastal reconnaissance. Through short-term leases, this territory could provide refuge for those recently displaced as well as long-term leases and a livelihood for those too small or who simply don't care to constantly scrap over territory. These NPC-controlled territories can also be tools in the toolbox of the devs to affect happenings in the world they feel need to be addressed without resorting to a heavy-handed approach. The actions of the governments can be adapted to fit the circumstances. For example, NPC authorities could issue Letters of Marque against specific targets or impose tariffs on trades between residents and specific non-resident companies. Resources, services, and protected sea lanes within these territories are examples of features with the built-in large/small company bias I mention with the previous quotation. These territories would be the Santo Domingo, Havana, and Santiago of the Spanish Main contrasting with the players' efforts to build their various little Tortugas. The life and livelihoods in these territories aren't the same as elsewhere only with an NPC landlord. It's a different piece of the puzzle built to complement and balance the experiences of those who choose to fight for land of their own. I hope you'll take a moment to read my end-of-Season 1 post on creating beachhead mechanics. I elaborate on an idea with what you propose here at its core.
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    I have been submitting tickets and not getting answers. Am I using the right system, under support? The forum moderator just told me that is how I contest in game actions - yet weeks and months go by but nothing happens. Am I doing it wrong? I play(ed) on pvp.
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    As previously mentioned in my Feedback for Fishing/Digging for Gold Changes thread, you removed any means a new player has to earn any gold starting out on a Freeport and I have yet to see the dev team address or even acknowledge this glaring mistake. Additionally with the new vision for gold, economics, ship construction, and trade, I have to ask some serious questions about future gameplay. 1. Again, how do you expect a new player, especially one who has never played Atlas before, to make their starting gold on day 1? 2. How do you expect most companies to even participate in this new economy when you have restrictions like, "Markets must be connected to a nearby Warehouse to function," and "the Warehouse must be connected to a Farmhouse for full functionality," and "Warehouses must be placed within 30m of the shore," and then the warehouse exclusion of 600m and the farmhouse exclusion of 200m? I can't speak for PVP official, but for PVE official most companies (like 9 out of 10 in my opinion) weren't even able to place a single farmhouse or warehouse where they settled. 3. Have you considered how far down the skill point tree someone has to spend in order to even participate in the market system? I think it's 37 skill points to craft a market. You basically have to travel all the way down the Construction & Mercantilism tree to reach it. That is a significant skill point sink to even begin to play in. I know free respecs come easy in the early game, but that's quite annoying to have to skill point hop between taming, building, ships, captaining, etc just to do stuff.
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    Not gonna lie, I'm literally going to go out of my way every single opportunity I get to prevent people from paying for a game killed by shitty devs
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    Go back to the old map this map sucks
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    The Tradewinds Update will go live tonight, 4/29 at 7:00 PM PT. We will bring the old servers down around 5:30 PM PT. PC will be able to download the patch at that time. Please note that the client update was pushed early for XBOX. Due to the mismatch, Xbox is unable to access until the servers actually go live again at 7:00 PM PT. The updated wipe Servers will be live for everyone at 7:00 PM PT. Ahoy Pathfinders! Well, ladies and gentle pirates, it’s finally here. With the new update and wipe of our servers, players will find the winds of adventure have shifted dramatically and the world of Atlas forever changed. The most significant differences can be seen on the map in the form of Tradewinds. Tradewinds are predictable sailing routes throughout the new map, providing ships with a wind boost when traveling along the wind’s trajectory. Even the most veteran of captains will need to learn a few new techniques to master these new travel corridors and fully utilize their strategic potential. Maps have been altered to accommodate these new Tradewinds, as well as provide new strategic zones and opportunities for satisfying engagement. These changes are further detailed in the notes below. Along with these macro changes that will significantly change up the current state of play, we have also included several fun additions on a micro level (tames, structures, items) to spice up your next chapter of adventures. - Is that an earthquake or the impending sound of doom? Platform saddles for the Elephant, Crab, and Grand Tortugar have been added, allowing your giant tames to load up with cannons, torpedos and other armaments to wreak maximum havoc on your foes. - A new set of troublesome creatures are now roaming Atlas for you to battle and tame. The crocodile, yeti, and spider, each with their own unique set of useful characteristics, will be available on update but engage at your own risk. - The first set of modular railing customizations will be available for pathfinders to pick and choose the best loadout before each voyage. Need extra firepower? Slap on a few cannons. Going to do some salvaging? Add the diving board or cargo railing. Want to mess around? Grab a few friends, add some dinghies on the rails and watch hilarity ensue. These are just a few of the exciting additions coming with the patch with the rest in the notes below. All this and we still haven’t mentioned the large number of balance changes and bug fixes, to streamline the game. As you can see, the Atlas team has put in a lot of effort into making this patch the start of something new and exciting, for both newer and older players alike. We hope you enjoy this fresh start and once settled in, feel free to let us know how you feel. As always, we, the Atlas team, appreciate your support and ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam. Although originally scheduled for later today at 7PM PDT, we will be postponing the Trade Winds patch to verify the quality of the update. Meanwhile, we will provide the Patch Notes later today along with an updated release time. Thank you for your patience. While we await the patch, we will be temporarily opening up the PTR on Steam for general playtesting. To access the beta, please follow the steps below: 1. In your Steam library, right-click on Atlas and select Properties 2. Select the Betas tab on the left 3. Enter the password EdwardTeachBlackbeard 4. Select the "test2021 - recruit testers" realm 5. Atlas will now launch into the PTR 6. To join, be sure to select New ATLAS and join the PVP server Polly's Cracker To switch back to the main build, follow the steps 1 & 2, and then select "None" to return to the main build. We are also re-opening the PTR Channel on our Official Discord. Please join us in those channels for discussions and bug-reporting regarding related to the PTR! Released Patch Notes v524.10 New Saddle Type: Platform Saddles for Elephant, Crab, and Grand Tortugar Platform Saddles can be constructed at the Tannery after learning to Riding Tier 3 skill in the Beastmastery tree. Creatures with a Platform Saddle equipped move 20% slower NPCs may be moved onto the platform and can man weapons Elephant Platform Saddle Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Puckles, Ammo Containers, and Wooden Chairs may be placed on the platform Up to 8 structures may be placed on the platform Crafting Resources: 50 Alloy, 200 Fiber, 320 Hide, 50 Organic Paste, 200 Wood Crab Platform Saddle Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Ballistas, Ammo Containers, and Wooden Chairs may be placed on the platform Harpoons may be launched from Ballistas placed on the platform Up to 12 structures may be placed on the platform Crafting Resources: 70 Alloy, 200 Fiber, 320 Hide, 50 Organic Paste, 250 Wood Grand Tortugar Platform Saddle Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Torpedo Launchers, Ammo Containers, and Wooden Chairs may be placed on the platform Up to 12 structures may be placed on the platform Crafting Resources: 80 Alloy, 200 Fiber, 320 Hide, 50 Organic Paste, 300 Wood New Tame: Crocodile A new mount that can be used for navigating both land and sea, the Crocodile can be tamed after learning the Taming Tier 3 skill in the Beastmastery tree. Favorite Food: Prime Shark Meat Taming Style: Bola Saddle: None Primary Attack: Bite New Tame: Yeti The Yeti is a fearsome beast that can be tamed after learning the Taming Tier 3 skill in the Beastmastery tree. Yetis may equip hats Favorite Food: Ice Taming Style: Bola Saddle: None Primary Attack: Punch Secondary Attack: Ground Pound The Yeti pounds the ground, dealing a low amount of damage and applying the Chilled debuff which slows nearby enemies New Tame: Spider Spiders can be tamed after learning the Taming Tier 3 skill in the Beastmastery tree. Favorite Food: Insect Meat Taming Style: Bola Saddle: Tier 3 Primary Attack: Bite Secondary Attack: Web Shooter Will produce silk if fed favorite food New Meat: Prime Shark Meat Prime Shark Meat can be harvested from a Shark's corpse Cooking the meat creates Cooked Prime Fish Meat New Meat: Insect Meat Insect Meat can be harvested from Giant Ants, Giant Bees, and Scorpions corpses Cooking the meat creates cooked Animal Meat New Defensive Weapon: Puckle Tower The Puckle Tower is an automated weapon that can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the Gatling Studies skill in the Artillery tree. Requires Puckle Bullets and fuel (Oil or Coal) to function 20,000 Health Deals 400 damage per shot Approximately 4m (4 Walls) tall Crafting Resources: 200 Alloy, 300 FIber, 300 Hide, 400 Wood New Container: Munitions Storage Munitions Storage can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the Ammunition Storage skill in the Artillery tree. Moving ammunition out of storage must be done manually. Any ammo stored in Munitions Storage has its weight reduced by 88% Cannon Balls, Large Cannon Balls, Grapeshot, Bar Shot, Canister Shot, Spike Shot, Greek Fire, Ballista Bolts, Flame Ballista Bolts, Harpoons, Torpedoes, Boulders, Puckle Bullets, Mortar Shot, Stone Arrows, Flame Arrows, Tranq Arrows, Zip-Line Anchors, Crossbow Bolts, Simple Bullets, Minni Balls, and Simple Shot can be placed in Munitions Storage Crafting Resources: 250 Wood, 100 Thatch, 120 Fiber, 40 Metal New Structure: Large Stone Foundation Large Stone Foundations can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the Esotery of Building skill in the Construction & Mercantilism tree. Large building pieces that are 4m wide and 3m tall The height of the bottom Stone Foundation may be modified with the scroll wheel Crafting Resources: 150 Alloy, 350 Fiber, 950 Stone, 350 Thatch, 500 Wood New System: Tradewinds Tradewinds are predictable sailing routes throughout the new map. Ships gain a wind boost when traveling within a Tradewind in the direction it is going. Sailors will be alerted via HUD to Tradewind effects Wind boost will be constant and predictable along Tradewind path An overlay of Tradewind locations can be seen on map when zoomed out New System: Modular Ship Railing Customization The first step of the Modular Ship Customization system allows pathfinders to swap Railing Modules on the Ramming Galley and Majestic Kraken. All Railing Modules can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the required skill. Each type of Railing Module costs a certain number of Module Points to place. Placing a Railing Module will consume points from the ship's Module Point Pool. If a less expensive Railing Module replaces a more costly one, the unused points are made available for use in the ship's Module Point Pool. In future patches, higher quality railing blueprints may be found. A ship must be anchored in order to swap modules Total Module Points Ramming Galley: 43 Majestic Kraken: 40 Railing Modules Ship Railing and Ship Railing (Kraken) Standard Railing Module with no additional functionality Health: Undamageable Module Point Cost: 0 Required Skill: Intermediate Shipwright Crafting Resources: 100 Wood, 85 Thatch, 50 Fiber Ship Cannon Railing and Ship Cannon Railing (Kraken) Railing Module armed with two standard Cannons Health: 5,000 Module Point Cost: 3 Required Skill: Gunports Crafting Resources: 150 Wood, 100 Thatch, 70 Fiber, 60 Alloy, 50 Hide Ship Large Cannon Railing and Ship Large Cannon Railing (Kraken) Railing Module armed with one Large Cannon Health: 5,000 Module Point Cost: 3 Required Skill: Bigger Cannon Studies Crafting Resources: 180 Wood, 85 Thatch, 75 Fiber, 48 Alloy, 35 Hide Ship Ballista Railing and Ship Ballista Railing (Kraken) Railing Module armed with two Ballistas Health: 5,000 Module Point Cost: 3 Required Skill: Siege Studies Crafting Resources: 550 Wood, 225 Thatch, 250 Fiber, 98 Alloy, 180 Stone Ship Catapult Railing and Ship Catapult Railing (Kraken) Railing Module armed with one Catapult Health: 5,000 Module Point Cost: 3 Required Skill: Siege Studies Crafting Resources: 500 Wood, 180 Thatch, 50 Fiber, 140 Alloy, 340 Stone, 70 Hide Cargo Rack Ship Railing and Cargo Rack Ship Railing (Kraken) Health: 16,000 Module Point Cost: 2 Required Skill: Secrets of Building Crafting Resources: 450 Wood, 85 Thatch, 350 Fiber, 68 Metal, 72 Hide Diving Platform Ship Railing and Diving Platform Ship Railing (Kraken) Health: 12,000 Module Point Cost: 1 Required Skill: Secrets of Piracy Crafting Resources: 360 Wood, 85 Thatch, 190 Fiber, 62 Metal, 46 Hide Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing and Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing (Kraken) Health: 12,000 Module Point Cost: 1 Required Skill: Dinghy Dock Crafting Resources: 310 Wood, 85 Thatch, 130 Fiber, 14 Metal, 28 Hide NOTE: Currently, Kraken Railing Modules are only compatible with the Majestic Kraken and Standard Railing Modules are only compatible with the Ramming Galley Armored Docks Fully constructed Armored Docks will no longer be found in loot drops Armored Docks may no longer be placed near Sea Forts Bug Fix: Gold cost now properly scales with Blueprint quality Bug Fix: Ships anchored outside of Armored Docks are no longer protected NOTE: Ships may now need to be anchored closer to the center of an Armored Dock to receive protection. (Protection indicators accurately show whether a ship is protected) Trade Warehouses have placement restriction radius has been reduced by 1/3 Markets and warehouses are limited to 1 per company per island Max Sea Fort Tax is reduced from 50% to 40% Trade Shipment Cooldown doubled (Trade Ships launch half as frequently) Trade Shipment Weight Doubled (shipments carry twice as much) Trade value per grid reduced by 20% Net reduction of Trade gold generation based on these changes is 60% Lawless Claim System Claim Tower icons viewed through the Spyglass are now only visible for towers within 100m Other pathfinder claims can only be seen within 200m on the map Your company's claim towers in other grids may now be seen on the map Bug Fix: Server reboots should no longer cause parts of ships to be claimed Bug Fix: Ships may no longer be claimed with Land Claim Towers Bug Fix: Weapons on Cargo Saddles can no longer be claimed Bug Fix: Buoys can now be claimed Bug Fix: Claim Towers may no longer be placed on Shipyards Bug Fix: Fixed some instances of ships exploding on release from shipyard Bug Fix: Resolved issue where remaining island points could get out of sync between different servers NPCs on armored dock can no longer contest island claims New Map Layout Island Positions have been moved to account for Tradewinds. Harvesting Resources have been overhauled Most Resource nodes now have a chance to give some type of common base resource Examples include Straw from plants, resin from trees, stone from crystal and gem nodes Freeport islands no longer provide metal Grid Specific Settings have been redistributed Freeports are only in the south. Lawless areas now surround Freeports and give common resources Golden Age and Kraken have moved north 2 grids Claim Islands only exist around the edges of the map. "Lawless" Area Claim take up the remaining maps. Weather Conditions and Ship of the Damned have been made more harsh in the north. Server Grid Editor - Data Driven tools for adding Resource Templates and applying them to islands have been added to the Server Grid Editor for use on unofficial servers. Visit the Git project for more information. Patch Kits Repair Bonus skills from the Construction & Mercantilism tree now apply to Patch Kit healing The Repair Fiend ability now applies to Patch Kit healing Ships The Ramming Galley and Majestic Kraken can now be painted Removed blue tint from Majestic Kraken to support pathfinder painting Ships now take less damage from land sources A new War Drum song is available to increase the resistance from land damage Hold Fast, Ye Dogs! Easy: decrease damage from land sources a further 30% for one vessel Normal: decrease damage from land sources a further 30% for all vessels within 300m Hard: decrease damage from land sources a further 30% for all vessels within 300m and apply Repair Speed buff. Bug Fix: Puckles may no longer be placed on ships Tames and Creatures Sea tames will now follow a ship if they are following one of the pathfinders on the ship Seagulls can now equip hats Treasure Maps Treasure Map spawns may no longer be blocked with structures Bug Fix: Fixed some occurrences of blank Treasure Maps in Single Player Misc Farmhouse collects Vegetables, Fiber, Cooking Herbs and berries. No metal, stone or wood is intended. Blackjacks may now be crafted at the Smithy Upon special request, beans now give a small amount of vitamin B when eaten, recipes in later patches will be coming to incorporate these changes Wall Hooks, Canvases, Preserving Bags, and Mortar and Pestles may now be placed on Wooden Tables possible issue: placing objects on top of one another Bug Fix: Resolved issue where beds couldn't be placed in PvE Lawless servers if a non-allied pathfinder was nearby Bug Fix: Stats are visible on placed structures and weapons Bug Fix: Resolved issue where some variables in Game.ini couldn't be modified in private servers Bug Fix: Beds may now be placed on lawless PvE servers when non-allied pathfinders are nearby Bug Fix: Quality Farmhouses no longer lose stats after restarting in Single Player Bug Fix: Certain blueprints had an incorrect crafting count Bug Fix: Fixed some instances of unintended ladder interactions There is now a max building height - This affects claims, beds, or weapon structures Bug Fix: Geodes can be gathered once again Increased Geode Stack size from 5 to 25 Removed Manned Puckles (the other manned structures remain) Ships now pause for a limited amount of time when transitioning between servers to allow the occupants to load in. Server Redeploy Changes .10 --> .11 Prevent spawning near control points Land to ship damage modification Increased puckle building prevention radius Fixed decay for land claim towers Reduced the size of tradewinds map images to workaround streaming problems (which also caused client crashes) Fixed tradewinds not working on some servers Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    In the patch dropping early next week, we’ll be introducing a new claim system to the lawless regions of Atlas. Moving forward, Pathfinders will now be able to claim land in these areas using a claim tower that will claim everything within its radius after it reaches full health. This takes about 45 minutes and may be sped up with gold. These changes will take effect immediately with the release of the new update and will make your structures be vulnerable to being claimed by others. Armored Docks may be claimed in this manner, and that includes the ships docked there! Previously we mentioned that there may be a wipe with the new claim system if it becomes necessary. However, we are able to implement this without requiring it, so please note that there is NO WIPE at this time is this also for PVE ? as it dosent say anything about that? IF its also for PVE then how is that gonna work without a wipe?? you have us EU/ NA together on same server and when you release the patches most people in EU are sleeping coz they got work /school etc the days after or a family you can just ignore so you cant just stay awake all night and have the game be more important than real life, if this is on PVE as well many EU players are gonna loose everything have a think about that
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    To the Atlas Development Team 1.People have spent HOURS HERE on YOUR COMPANIES OFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARDS providing feedback. If anyone appreciated it you'd be saying "Hey Jimbob McGee thank you for your feedback". Its cleanly typed with points, subpoints and rebuttals. Stop redirecting and obfuscating by telling us to use discord or any other 3rd party product. 2. The new Dev Team has owned this since June of last year, throwing the old Dev Team under the bus is scapegoating and speaks volumes about the competence and honesty of the leadership . I don't even code but I KNOW an SotD loot table or blueprint quality range adjustments can be made for the ENTIRE game in less than a few hours. 3. THIS SITE IS AVAILABLE TO ALL YOUR USERS, DISCORD ISN'T. "Forward thinking lists" belong HERE. Period. Your clearly giving forum members the brush off. MMOs BEGAN ON MESSAGE BOARDS YOU BUNCH OF ASS CLOWNS. YOUR IGNORANCE AND INSINCERITY IS BEYOND COMPARE. Tough choices need to be made. Your either scared or incapable of making them. Jesus Christ, maybe if you would have said Covid was slowing progress I would have believed you, but blaming YOUR random, selfish and inconsistent progress on development of this game on people not around to defend themselves. Grow the fuck up. Your clearly running blind and trying to hide it
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    As supportive as some of the community tries to be, the sheer lack of balance in these updates is demoralizing. From the beginning of barrels in cannons, to ships costing unsustainable amounts of gold, and now gliders being practically useless. It seems it’s a teeter totter from one extreme to the other. I will thank you for the removal of barrels from cannons on behalf of the majority of the player base, and that you continue to put effort and time into optimizing the gameplay. However, perhaps consulting players on how to solve problems would offer more popular solutions. it seems like the glider nerf is your solution for lighthouses being used on barrel bombing towers. This is ridiculous, for several reasons with realism being the first. Then you have mountains on islands that are well above 2 lighthouses high and it’s the most efficient way to get around. And third, it is an incredibly enjoyable experience in the game that actually can draw in players. Instead of nerfing an enjoyable tool and experience in the game, you instead limit the placing of lighthouses to below 100m? Balance. Another hot topic is the gold cost of ships. Small to medium sized company’s can not sustain the gold costs of the ships. With large companies being able to put out larger upgraded ships, smaller companies can only splurge on their ships and likely only have common ship parts which are often the prey of larger companies. If you truly want all to be on the sea more, you NEED to make ships cost significantly less. And I will say this before it becomes an idea you all pass around. DO NOT remove customization of ships. You will lose me as a player as well as every other captain out there.
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    Not the glider My favourite part of the game will be gone
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    EDIT 2: We issued a fix earlier this morning for the armored dock crashing issues. If you are still experiencing any further issues or bugs, please report them to us in the bug report form here: http://bit.ly/36zPZmJ We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you! EDIT 1: The team is currently investigating the crashing issues with armored docks and the potential data loss from the related crashing. We will update again when we have more info. Please send further bug reports or details of any issues here: https://bit.ly/36zPZmJ Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ahoy Pathfinders! We hope you’ve all enjoyed the 2x event over the Thanksgiving Weekend! This week, we have a bit of a smaller maintenance patch, with the Small Armored Dock now available! Small Armored Docks, for Schooners and Sloops, will have 20,000,000 health. We are also beefing up the Large Armored Dock to 30,000,000 health. Gold upkeep has been lowered to 150 a day, while Small Armored Docks will have an upkeep of 50 a day. We have also made a number of changes and bug fixes to balance and improve the Armored Docks. Rest easy knowing yer furry companions are safe onboard your protected Ships! Development and optimization work for the Trade System continues! We have made improvements to the Market UI for Market Searching. Most importantly, we have addressed several server issues to improve performance and latency. Thank you for your feedback and bug reporting as the Trade System continues to undergo development. Again, not all features of the Trade System, including the NPC Ships, are out yet. Subsequent patches will continue to see more and more improvements and fixes. Missing resources and new items are now available for Trade as well! Anyone got any Ale or Grog? We’re stockin’ up fer a new adventure as the Ramming Ship is getting closer to making its debut on the ATLAS seas! Look out for it in the nearby future Released Patch Notes V516.2 New Structure: Small Armored Dock The Small Armored Dock is suitable for protecting Schooners and Sloops. It can be crafted at a Smithy after learning the Intermediate Shipwright Skill in the Seamanship tree. Health: 20,000,000 Upkeep Cost: 50 Gold every 24 hours Crafting resources required: 700 Alloy 900 Fiber 4,000 Stone 1,000 Thatch 1,250 Wood 10,000 Gold Large Armored Dock Increased health from 300,000 to 30,000,000 Decreased upkeep cost from 500 to 150 Gold every 24 hours Added 50,000 Gold cost for crafting Armored Dock NPCs and Tames on protected ships can no longer be damaged Added a new protected icon that replaces the anchor icon above protected ships Ships can now anchor inside an Armored Dock even if the Dock is placed in deep water Ships must not have received or dealt damage for at least five minutes before receiving protection from an Armored Dock Bug Fix: Armored Docks can now only protect one ship at a time Bug Fix: Ships are no longer protected after an Armored Dock is destroyed Bug Fix: Protected ships will no longer decay. This prevents an issue where protected ships instantly sink when raising their anchor after a long period of time Ships Brigantine price decreased from 25,000 to 18,000 Gold Increased max level of common ships from 42 to 50 NOTE: This change only applies to ships built after the patch Trade Markets Searching now returns a paged list instead of all Markets. This should clear up the performance hit on the server when someone opens a Market Added new resource types for Trading: Rushes (missing from Thatch) Oil Category and variants Salt Category and variants Consumables: Wheat Maize Ale Grog Others Cannon Balls Large Cannon Balls Gunpowder Fire Gel Blasting Powder Organic Paste Fertilizer Bug Fix: Addressed several server issues that led to increased latency Bug Fix: Trade Routes are now correctly calculating distance when the shortest path wraps around the map border Bug Fix: Disconnected Markets are no longer shown as candidates in the Market List Misc Warehouses and Farmhouses can now only be enabled or disabled by players within the same company Restored XP reward to standard Golden Age Army of the Damned Soldiers NOTE: Golden Age Army of the Damned Soldiers in caves still don't reward XP Bug Fix: Treasure will no longer spawn on Sea Forts Known Issues Not all available Markets are showing up from every other Market during search Upkeep Cost on Armored Docks does not properly show the next time. Upkeep is still taken on skill Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    Frankly, building my own ships was the best thing about Atlas. Now that's gradually disappearing it makes me glad I quit.
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    How to destroy your game the first step is not to listen to the community They have not even thought about small groups
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    Finally the patch I was waiting for! I have been asking and asking for months to make it nearly impossible for me to build ships in a SAILING GAME. I can’t wait to have so much fun trading sheep for wood. Hurray for Settlers Of Atlas. This makes me ill after 2 years of EA. NO DEV IS LISTENING
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    BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS Do something about BARRELS. You obviously see the barrel problem by the 90% damage reduction you made against your new towers damage. Now how about everything else.
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    I really wish you had listened to your community. Gold at the shipyard is an incredibly stupid decision and is a major turn off. No one wanted this. There were no positive comments about this. Yet you did it anyway. You kept in burning barrels and you then added another hurdle to create ships.. in a game that is suppose to be all about getting people out on the water. It is as if you have no idea how people play your game. My company is disbanding and moving on to other games. We are done with this bull shit.
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