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    Hey Pathfinders! Just wanted to come in and give you a quick status update for ATLAS 1.5 before the weekend. We are planning on launching the Public Test Realm next Wednesday, the 3rd of April, and by then there will be an in-depth Captain’s Log which will do a deep dive on the entire patch so you know what to expect. Full patch notes can be found here: Going forward, we expect subsequent major updates to come on a monthly basis, which will include more content such as new items, weapons, creatures and new areas for players to check out! We know that this update has taken quite some time and we really appreciate everyone’s patience as we dug down to the core of the claiming system and reworked it. We expect that we’ll have this ready to ship onto the main network by the week of the 8th of April. Following ATLAS 1.5, there will be a lot more to come in terms of design changes and content. This announcement post contains a sneak peek of some upcoming new creatures, can you guess what abilities they’ll have?
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    Renamed the thread in the interest of fairness due to the fact that both Jat and Dollie have popped into the thread. 3/4 -The vast majority of the people DESPISE the land claim changes on PvE. Being unable to protect the resources from griefers, being unable to protect yourself from griefers deciding that they don't want anyone building within a half islands worth of distance, ugly pillars and foundations everywhere, people griefing the hell out of ships and blocking harbors, plus blocking you from ever expanding your base by builkding as close as possible on either side of you - hell, they already did that with the claim overlaps as it was, and now EVERYWHERE is going to be like that? - A portion of the people hate the idea of the wipe, yeah, I know it's necessary due to land changes and because of the rampant dupeing going on, as well as to re-test the new settings. However, right now, a large portion of the apprehensions isn't just losing what they've worked for, its also fear that this means wipes on a semi-regular basis, so why bother doing everything, again - especially with the land system being so completely against what 95% of the players want, they are going to expect another wipe in a couple months to try again. -Playershops in settlements on PVP, but PVE just gets freeport vendors. Seriously? WTF? This idea has been floated multiple times on both here and reddit, and the general consensus was that PvE players liked it, but PvP players responses were 'Cool, but pointless, we don't trade and would just blow each others shops up anyway." -Abandoned ships still not getting mentioned as any solution found for them. Again, seriously? Yay! The wipe will take care of them, but what about all the ships from the people week 1 after the wipe, who decide to try it again, and realize that the new system is just Ark griefing all over again and quit after a week? (Yeah, the last two are somewhat minor compared to the first one, but, it is something that has time to be changed) I know that the devs enjoy the PvP side of things, and are in contact with a few of the megas over there, but there is another 50% (give or take) of people playing your game on PvE. Let me introduce you to them. (Say Hi, guys). We are the PvErs, we're generally the ones who prefer a low-key playstyle, without being griefed, and without being forced to worry about play schedules. That doesn't mean that we don't play the hell out of games that hold our interest, for 300, 500, 700, 1000 hours+ in 2 months...and recruit our friends/significant others to play those games with us. We build - you guys must love seeing our buildings, you post them on the community spotlight, but these changes, and the upkeep decay, are going to prevent that, because some douchecanoe can just block us from building that last wing of our 12th century japanese fishing port recreation, or our dock and pirate village, complete with shops that have signs, counters, everything but actual traders. We trade - Some of us joined the game to be pirates, and fight SotD all day (Thanks for the new types, btw). Some of us joined the game to be traders, wanting to travel the world for rare and exotic resources and tames, and bringing them back to our base that was designed and built to be a trading port, land to sell at a profit to our neighbors, or to be the one stop shop that sells high end goods to people from the surrounding areas...but we don't even get player shops on our lands, and with no claims, anyone can build a base anywhere, to get any resource, or just go to the closest freeport. We explore - Unfortunately, if you choose to be a builder, the upkeep costs are going to make you a farmer instead of an explorer. We socialize - We're on official because yes, we want the full map, but also because thats where the population is, or at least should be. But, if no one is coming by to trade, and if the overall population drops even lower due to the claim changes and people who get fed up with griefing, then there will be no one to socialize with. Grapeshot, the uproar on these boards isn't because we hate the game, we love it. We're also the ones who spend 300, 500, 1000+ hours playing on PvE. You guys have a dedicated, passionate playerbase that a lot of other devs would kill for. A player base that has been telling their friends about the game, but telling them to wait to get it, because it is so close to being so badass. A player base who wants you to listen to them, and what they've seen and wished for over their literally millions of hours of playtime over the last 2 months. You said a month or so ago, that you guys heard us. With all due respect, you may have heard, but you didn't listen. You HEARD the complaints over land claim, and decided to exercise the nuclear option and got rid of claims entirely, instead of actually LISTENING to people and finding a reasonable way to limit those claims. (even 10 per company with <25 members, 25 for companies of 25-100 members and 50 for companies with 100+ people would have more than enough land for people, and left a huge amount of open areas for new players - especially with the extra 200+ islands coming)
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    1. Ship-Rear Cosmetics/Skins So we have figureheads, steering wheel skins and soon, sail skins. This might be a large suggestion, but the Brig and Galleons have cosmetic "cabin" styling on the backs of them. I propose new skins be made for the Ship itself that adds cosmetic changes to the back of ships. Maybe dragon heads from the back, working up the side? A skull? Hydra head? Cyclops hands? 2. PvE Servers, Allow Ship Claiming After Inactivity Currently, there is no ship claiming on the PvE servers. I feel like ships should be claimable if the player and/or company has not been online or entered the area within maybe 2 weeks? 1 week? Or simply cause the ship to be "Unclaimed" after 1 or 2 weeks of inactivity. 3. Repair All Structures It would be a tremendous Q.O.L. improvement to allow NPC crew to repair all structures including ceilings, cannons, walls, chairs, e.t.c. when the ship is anchored and the NPCs are unseated. Optionally, create a new structure to be placed on a ship in which you assign an npc crewmate to be in charge of repairing all other misc. structures on the ship. 4. Unseat All Crew I don't know about other players, but when I get off my ship, I unseat at least 4 crew members to ensure my ship's essentials are repaired before the next time I set off. This would be another amazing Q.O.L. improvement for the ship to have an implemented option to unseat all crew. 5. Man Your Stations Add an option to NPC crew on ships that assigns them a specific position on-board. Then add an additional option on-board the ship for assigned crew to "Man Stations." 6. Handling Sail; Reverse Allow Handling Sails to provide faster Reverse speeds. As it stands, ships can currently back up no matter what. If the Ship layout includes a Handling Sail, this ship should reverse slightly faster. 7. Captain's Deck Currently, the Galleon is the only ship that comes with a snap-able slot for a receded Deck to be placed higher up at the back of the ship. I propose another optional Deck slot be added to the back end of Brigantines and Schooners, like the Galleons, for cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing ship designs. (The Brigantine is especially difficult to make the ceilings and walls line up with the back end of the ship.) 8. Careening @mKHammerBro Introduce a new mechanic to ground Ships to scrape and clean the underside of the hull. In the past, this process was called Careening, or Heaving Down. Barnacles and other sea life clings to the underside and rots away at the wood. This could also introduce a new way to repair your ship's planks or add a temporary repair and/or speed buff to your ship. 9. Mooring @ikarirain Introduce a new item to be crafted at Smithy's from the Seamanship tree, Bollard. There are instances where a ship is too large to reach an anchor-able point, so it's been proposed to allow ships the ability to be moored in by ropes to Bollards, which can be placed on piers or shipyards, to safely "anchor" the ship in your territory, given anchoring isn't possible. Additionally, increase the amount of Bollards needed to moor a ship depending on the ship's size and/or weight. 10. Select All or Individual Sail Controls @Shakarian Ability to control all sails from the wheel, or select which individual sails to give certain commands to. For instance, all sails selected by default. But press keys similar to the cannon crews to deselect certain sails. 11. Look-Out / Telescope @Aristocrates It is known that being at the top of a mast gives the player a slightly larger render-distance so they can see ships and such ahead of time, but it would be nicer if there was a Telescope sort of attachment to build on the Smithy that could be attached to the top of the mast, further improving this render distance for preparation or avoidance purposes. 12. Collidable Figureheads @Grodgen Collidable Figureheads: Currently they have no collision. You can't stand on them and it also limits their functionality as actual figureheads. 13. Rotatable Weight & Handling Sails @Kaitlynn Allen Add an option to rotate Weight Sails and Handling Sails 180 degrees when placed, depending on your desired placement at the front or back of the ship. 14. Rigging That Connects The Front Sail To The Figurehead @Kaitlynn Allen Add an option to connect sails via rigging placed at the front of the to the bow sprite/figurehead. 15. Catch Net @RebelMarmoset Add a structure for the front or sides of ships that catches flotsam and/or fish. Consequently, the longer the net is lowered, or the more items it catches, the more it slows the ship down. If you like any of these options, please reply to this thread with your comments and feel free to suggest some more ideas pertaining to ships! And a special thank you to @Jatheish for taking the time to read this! Loving the game.
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    The claim system is a joke, just make it all lawless one flag per company and a set area radius to build in with a one week decay timer. Simple as that.
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    I’ve thought a fair bit about this, and this is what I’ve come up with: I want a place for us to be able to play and build as we want. With what they’re currently talking about, it sounds like that means we’ll need to claim a whole island. This one claim per island may be a good or bad idea. It will depend on the players to take it in the direction thy want. I tend to view the PvE servers as cooperative, instead of competitive, so that’s how I see us playing. To that end, we’ll be looking for a small island to claim. We’ll have our own section for ourselves, a public harbour with open crafting tables, and probably a community garden. Anybody will be welcome to build on our island, with the only rules being to not build on resource spawns, and don’t grief your neighbours. I’m picturing it being like a moderated lawless island. I don’t want to rule over anybody else, but I also don’t want anybody else to rule over us. I think most players would agree.
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    I'm wondering how many of you that are whining about the wipe have even watched the live stream, read the patch notes, or will even partake in the public testing on the designated servers when they go live? Yeah I guess by todays standards on video games-im considered old. I've gamed for the last 20+ years. I can just imagine how you guys woulda handled the earlier MMO's when it took you 8-10 hours of camping a solitary mob to get one update. You died repeatedly. Had to run back to areas that took some time to get to. I'm honestly looking forward to the changes. Yeah no claim flags on PVE. But before I start bitching about that i'm gonna give it a chance to see how it plays out. You guys are assuming the worst without even seeing it in the game context. For all you know the repair structure might be the size of a claim flag that will give a no build radius without the ugly red circles that cover the map. Sorry but there was a shit ton of problems that needed to be fixed- Grandfathered in flags that weren't claimable at all. Abandoned Ships that probably wouldn't be able to take any new decay settings since the flags didn't go through with all the changes. Claim timers to long or to short. People losing bases due to claim flag screw ups/overlapping. Ocean flags taxing sotd kills. Balancing Multivitamins-easier to die then eat food. Fountain of Youth issues Treasure maps going to tax banks Not enough sea area to build a shipyard. Not enough land due to people needing to have 100's of flags. No one wanted to pay rent to live on other peoples land-they chose to live on lawless instead. People hated the tax rates. Lag from 100's of abandoned ships/shipyards Crewmembers contesting claims so they were essentially uncontestable since things go into stasis if you don't log in. You can't tell me that after 4 days of trying to take a flag that the crewmembers on a ship still have food-when no one has logged into that area for over 24 days. That's just a few of the things I can think of offhand at the moment. Wah fucking Wah that your big base will get wiped. {Hey I farmed 30k organic paste, the stone and the metal to make my base) Cry me another fucking river. Or the wall of behemoth gates will be gone. I honestly hope they up the cost on the behemoth gates. Yeah i'm sure some Asians will foundation bomb areas. But hey they wanna take the time to upkeep each and every foundation they drop. More power to them. Eventually they'll get bored or the new latest and greatest game will come out. I have better things to do with my time and other grids to sail to. The majority of you people whining that you'll quit with a wipe. Please do just that. But I'm guessing you'll be back as soon as the patch goes live. The attention seeking behavior is getting kinda old. If you don't like official changes. Go to a private server. Hell they are bringing out a small map for you to play on. You can run your own personal Atlas map on your own comp and set it so its so freaking easy you'll burn the game out in a few days. Honestly i'm looking forward to the population increase. Most grids I sail to only have 1-2 active people on them anymore with the exception of lawless servers. I've had land, lost land, had ships, lost ships, had tames, watched tames die. Put over 900 hours in this game to date. I've been through the good, the bad and the ugly. Welcome to the real world. Shit Happens. I don't like my real life neighbors. I have a choice. Move or suck it up and deal with it. Sometimes my bank account gets overdrawn, my car breaks down, the weather is bad and I can't drive. You don't see me slashing my wrists every time shit goes sour. Aww you paid $30 for a game that wipes the map. Grow up and put your big girl panties on or move along. Plenty of other games you can play. So you spent a whole 300-400 hours building your base with the real world crap going on. If your microwave breaks after the warranty expires-you go buy a new one. Same shit applies here. No matter what changes they make. A portion of the population will never be happy with them. /end rant
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    Ahoy Pathfinders, Thank you for tuning in to our Dev Livestream this week. In this pre-recorded announcement, we’ll be summarizing the new roadmap we discussed in the Livestream as well as clarifying a few things raised by the Community. First of all, for those who didn’t catch the Dev Livestream, it can be viewed here The primary purpose of this stream was to bring you up to speed on our new direction and let you know what areas of the game we’re going to address moving forward. We opted to answer many of your questions from our Livestream Q&A forum thread by working them into the conversation in the stream (rather than reading them out verbatim and answering each one) for the sake of flow and clarity. We recognize that this format didn’t translate as well as we’d hoped for, so we’ll be improving on the structure of our streams in the future. The Mega Update and Xbox Launch Let’s get straight to reiterating and clarifying details in regards to the next Mega Update/Xbox launch which is coming very soon. The Xbox launch will include: Crossplay support between PC Steam and Xbox players for ATLAS. Parity between both platforms. Xbox players won't have to wait for updates as they will happen simultaneously with PC We’ll be working on bringing day one Keyboard and Mouse support for the game, otherwise, it’ll arrive shortly thereafter. The Mega Update includes content and changes currently on the PTR, as well as some additional content we’ve discussed, and this will go live on our Official Network at the time of the Xbox Launch. We’re incredibly excited to launch crossplay; we designed the ATLAS engine for crossplay across all platforms from the outset and ATLAS will be one of the very few games with full crossplay between Steam and console. There have been many questions about whether this update will be bringing a wipe. To be frank, this is not something we’ve decided on yet. We’re currently exploring ways in which we can handle this release without wiping and there are quite a few technical considerations which may make this a possibility, but we’ll share more info with you as soon as we’re able to. Livestream Recap ATLAS’ DNA The first point we covered on stream was revealing where we think players spend most of their time in ATLAS, and where we wanted it to be at a 1.0 launch (post-Early Access). This is the conclusion we came to: Essentially, we feel like players are currently spending too much time in certain areas of the game, and not enough time in the areas we think should be the most fun, such as Sea and Combat. Players can expect to experience more fun and engaging content out on the sea, and a cut back on the time spent on land or with creatures. This doesn’t specifically mean we’ll be removing certain areas completely, but instead reworking existing systems and adding new gameplay/content for the areas we want to increase. Now you’re probably wondering, how do we plan to get from A to B? Well, here’s our roadmap: Some important factors to keep in mind: This roadmap will begin after the release of Xbox We’ll be looking primarily at making tweaks towards the Official Network and Multiplayer modes, but of course, those will still benefit our other game modes and unofficial networks. However, the main official networks are our priority Tackling bugs and major performance issues will always be an ongoing effort. This isn’t everything. We’ll be able to reveal more details as we go along, plans can change, and there are going to be more phases but for now, we want to discuss our immediate plans for developing ATLAS. Phase 1: Quality of Life Improvements, Bug Fixes, & Performance Increases Arguably our shortest phase and has already commenced in part with performance fixes and some bug fixes, with some work on the Xbox, and some you’ve experienced on the PTR. Our plan: There will be no new content with this initial phase. This is because we’re going to be spending time fixing and adjusting already existing systems in the game. This means tackling pain points that you (and we) are already aware of, ranging from quality of life changes, balance, and polish on existing parts of the game. Reducing the tedium and streamlining getting to the fun. We know that there are aspects of the game which are frustrating and the solutions we can take to fix them (such as the Silo we implemented in a previous update to help with feeding crew). We’re making some meaningful changes here that will impact the player’s experience in the game, some larger than others, but all with the same goal in mind to improve the overall game loop. Just a few of the changes and fixes (both small and big) we’re planning to make: Fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed effectiveness. Adjustments to blueprint stat rolls and crafting requirements. Making improvements to logs for companies. Increasing max stack sizes for certain items. Removing the negative effects of status effects, including vitamins. Giving players the option to choose which Kraken to fight. Reducing the frequency of surface attacks by sharks. Increasing the treasure map spoil time. Cargo Container adjustments. Replacing the text in the game with a universal font style. Hiding more text behind the “Extended UI” function Making ladders easier to climb. Keep in mind that some of these items are things we want to address quickly, even if we consider them to just be temporary fixes for now. The changes in this phase will provide a much better experience in the present; however, we’ll be circling back to these areas in later phases to make much more extensive changes to these systems. One example of this would be “sailing.” We’ll make some early improvements to sailing during Phase 1 (such as fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed) and then we’ll loop back to sailing during Phase 2 for a more thorough pass on sailing functionality. Some more examples like this include: Tames and breeding will get a general balance pass, then we’ll do a larger update on tames and creatures in Phase 4. Blueprint scaling will get some early adjustments in Phase 1, then we’ll address it some more in Phases 2 and 3. Temporary fixes for certain combat meta pain points (until they can be further ironed out in Phase 3) such as: stat scaling, torpor, NPC swivels, harpoons gliders. Phase 2: Seas, Ships, and Sailing Phase 2 is when we’ll start to reintroduce new content to the game. The general philosophy of this update will be: Ensuring that you all are spending more time having fun on ships and out at sea. Making the ocean feel less repetitive, more inviting, and more rewarding. We want ships to feel like homes! If players want to spend all their time at the sea, they should be able to play that way successfully. There are quite a few ways we’ll be doing this, but you can expect changes along these lines: Improvements to existing sailing and ship systems. Introducing more NPC encounters on the ocean (and different types too). Introducing more activities you can do on your ship. Exploring ways for players to store ships safely when going offline and taking a deeper look at overall travel times and ship functionality (such as sails/wind/cargo containers). These are just a few examples of what we’ll be tackling in Phase 2 and we expect that players will feel a welcome and marked difference in their experience out at the sea once these changes are made. Next, we’ll be covering Phases 3 and 4. Please keep in mind that a lot of the details in these phases are very early and we’re still figuring out our exact priorities, but there are a few things we’re relatively certain of and are exploring right now: Phase 3: Skills & Combat Here are some things we’re pretty confident we’ll be doing in some form: A skill tree rework. We’re interested in something more akin to specializations and roles to give more depth to the skill choices you make. Improvements to make combat feel more fluid and impactful. We want it to feel even more fun when you’re fighting! Changing the ship combat meta to embrace stronger piracy gameplay: A shift to a “boarding” combat meta. New incentives for choosing between sinking, pillaging, or outright stealing ships. Potentially adjusting the ship stealing process/claim time. Changes to encourage more fighting on ship decks. Phase 4: World, Claiming, and Tames/Creatures This phase is perhaps the largest section of our new roadmap. As the furthest phase out from right now, it is definitely the most subject to change over time, but we’d still like to share an overview of our current thoughts on these areas of the game. In this phase, we’ll be exploring various subjects such as: The world layout and network. Some of the points we’re currently exploring are a possible combined PvPvE network and different continental world layouts. Factions, which are very early in design right now, but are something that we’re very interested in from both a gameplay and a narrative perspective as a means of giving players across multiple companies shared goals. Adding more MMO-esque elements to the game such as more populated ports/towns, deeper in-game economies, additional storage options, etc. We’ll also be making some significant changes to the claiming system, adjusting how much of a role it has on the world and addressing some of its biggest problems such as “pillar spamming” and "honeycombing". Reducing the importance and role of tames and creatures in the game, as well as polishing other PvE content in the game such as Golden Age locations, boss fights, the Fountain of Youth, etc. We wanted to acknowledge the issues that we’ve identified in the game and outline our plans to address them. It’s important to note that this roadmap is not fully inclusive: we have a lot of other plans, content, and surprises in store for you all. We’ll be sharing more details with you as we go along and you can expect to see a more active presence from our team in regards to acknowledging the current issues with the game and discussing how we plan to address them. We hope that sharing our new roadmap and details on what’s coming soon for ATLAS (and also further down the road) offers a further “glimpse behind the dev curtain” so to speak. Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    The more I read this release and rewatch the stream more I understand the dev team simply has no clue what they are doing. Please do the following steps... #1 Hire a real PR department. #2 Hire in content creators. Do not in any way suggest anything, just build that is your only job. #3 Do not ever listen to your own advice, it has a 99% chance of not working like you want it to. Your track record is proof. This game can be something amazing. Please stop killing it because you are blind.
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    I really wish you would allow claim flags for PVE. This sounds like basically all of our servers will be like lawless. That means that people can come in and kill out spawns or prevent you from building by blocking and then there is the fact on lawless rocks and trees will spawn through the foundations. I really do hope you rethink PVE version of this. I feel we are getting crapped on.
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    PVE players don't want to live on someone else's land, we don't care about settlements, owning whole islands, taxes, managing tenants, cleaning our island daily of 'bad' builds or trolls - the only people who find this interesting are those in large tribes or who intend to no-life the game and make absolutely sure they get their own settlement and keep everyone else off it or enjoy the power trip of having lowly slaves. Casual, solo's, small tribes or even those in large tribes who just want to play together and ignore / coexist happily with everyone else won't prosper under these new rules. The more I think about these new rules, the more insane they get. This is NOT PVE.
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    Background: I bought both the early access game about three weeks after launch, and after playing, a second copy for an alternate account for skill/crafting access. Between the two, I have over 500 hours of playtime on Atlas, and around 3,300 on Ark. Ark and Atlas are games that require a commitment, and a certain level of trust towards the server operators that effort will be relatively persistent. Some servers advertise high gather rates and scheduled wipes, for instance, to cater to that kind of player. It is assumed that official servers are (relatively) persistent by a playerbase. If the changes incorporated in the March update was in any way known at the time of purchase, making the game effectively PVE(VP), I would never have purchased the game, much less a second copy of it, and never burned those hours of my life soldering through all the glitches and bugs that this game so frustratingly offers. I bought what was advertised and sold as a PVP game. Period. I've solo farmed several ships all the way including a mystic galleon, and I've lost most of those ships to griefing, so no, I'm not a "free looter". That is precisely why I play, as I take losses I've progressed, and the risk is what keeps me coming back. That's how mature gamers stay with a PVP mmo, and I bought the game knowing I would take those losses. So did everyone else, only some people think it just "wouldn't happen to them" much like they think they will never die. This update is being forced upon, and at the cost of, the people who (were) committed to playing, in deference to those who never did. The game is radically being redesigned in a way that was never advertised, and to which I would never have purchased. It is becoming two game modes, PVE and PVE(vp). In fairness, you need to make refunds an option so that your existing player-base can freely and peacefully exit on good terms, and you can continue going down whatever radically new development path you choose to satisfy all your non-players. I find this necessary to post on your forums as apparently the game is modeled entirely around complaints made on your forums. I was sold two copies of a game you are no longer developing, and to which you will be wiping all content. Please make this an option to be fair to your existing, dedicated player base. Either way, I'm out effective today, the difference is in the perception your company retains moving forward, hopefully we can depart on good terms. Sincerely, Foxtrot
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    No landlords! We don't want landlords. Short and to the point. We don't want landlords.
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    there have been So Many posted requesting a claim flag limit since day one. Devs still not listening.
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    I've never seen a company as tone deaf as Grapeshot. You literally have hundreds of suggestions on the forums and reddit - some good, some bad, some feasible, some impossible...and this is what you give us? You guys manage to do literally the exact opposite of what the majority of your player base wants, damn near every time. People LIKED the claim system due to it stopping the griefing that was so prevalent in Ark. What they didn't like was that a couple companies could take over the whole map and not leave any room for anyone. Instead of limiting PVE claims to a reasonable number, like you are in PVP, even 10-20 per company, you get rid of the PVE claim system entirely, and leave everyone open to foundation/pillar spam griefing, resource blocking, ship blocking, etc - with the added kick in the teeth that its not Ark - if there are douchebags who pillar/foundation the most desirable areas to stop anyone from having them, you can't just find another server with a lower assclown ration. You're even adding over 200 new islands for people to pillar and spam to unusableness. You have a pissed off playerbase, with a lot of time on their hands. Do you really think that a portion of them aren't going to make life as miserable as possible for anyone who attempts to keep playing? If you would re-think this to something like limit claims to 10 per company, 20 per company with at least 25 members, and 50 per company with 50+ members, as well as opening the 200 new islands, and even open lawless to be claimable, that would open more than enough land for anyone currently playing, and anyone who wants to play in the future. People didn't want to be tenants because they had 0 protections against landlords pulling their build rights, which killed that dead in the water. Instead of fixing it so that people had a reason to be tenants, with basic protections, it turned into 'Nope, burn it all down..." People wanted to be able to trade easily and efficiently, for all kinds of goods, taking all kinds of payments. They wanted reasons to go visit other people's lands, they wanted to give people a reason to visit their land, and reasons to go to far off lands, acquire goods, and easily re-sell them to their neighbors for profit. Nope, you get vendors in freeport, for gold only. People didn't want the wipe, due to discovery points, etc. Bases, resources, blueprints, etc...yeah, they suck to get and rebuild. Instead of just a land and item wipe, Nope, clean slate. - this isn't as bad as the others, but, still going to cost more players than just the land/item wipe would have. This has been a consistent theme, all the way back to the ship weight griefing. People wanted their ships to be safe when they logged off, and suggested that if the ship was at anchor, it wouldn't take overweight damage. Nope, we get magic fly traps. Yeah, I know, these are all PVE concerns, because thats mainly where I play, but I know that the PVP side is just as pissed about having to pencil wars in their date book, among other things. The people who compared the games trajectory to No Mans Sky, or Rust, saying that "Oh, Grapeshot said they're listening to the players now. They're going to turn it around.", aren't doing that so much any more. I'm kinda scared to see what the Steam review are going to look like going forward. When we asked you to listen to the players, we didn't mean to listen to what we were saying, and decide to implement the opposite, or the most half-ass way of what we were asking for.
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    Typically we don't comment on ongoing investigations, whether they're open or closed, though we have made a few exceptions in the past, such as with the Hunter Doyou company, and we'll make one here too. We have been looking into this case for a while based on the reports we received and now that the investigation has come to a close, we have taken action. We understand that it may not come as quickly as you may like and that's a fair criticism, but it has certainly been on the radar whilst we investigate fairly and thoroughly. It is just a process that we are not and will not be transparent about. To reiterate, threads (sometimes with scant evidence) calling for the banning of players in no way expedite our investigative process and we may make moves to moderate witch hunting in the future on our forums. Ultimately, we will take action as we deem it necessary based on our own investigations, and the reports which are submitted to https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/ supplement those investigations. Going to lock this thread now.
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    If the game is to succeed then people need to not be greedy. A person needs only a place to store things and build Not be a landlord, go play civilization if you want a city Its a game people wanna explore and build not work for others
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    Hello everybody! My wife and I play ATLAS since its release in December. It was the first game in years, which we both enjoyed equally. We both like different aspects of the game. I love the exploring with the ship. I really like the mechanic how to steer the ships. Discovering a new island with different flora and fauna is awesome. I remeber the first time I saw Yeties and I just reasently discovered a desert with cactus and stuff. She enjoys a lot the taming and breeding and running around with the animals. I loved creating a home for us (the building part) and providing stables and ressources for her animals. We have a small prt of a small Island, we call our home, which we improve weekly and increase our "zoo". We play on PvE because we are not interested in fighting. We enjoyy the Robinson Crusoe part :-) Normally I am not so much of someone that writes in forums, especially because I am a product manager in a computer gaming company and I know, it mostly doeesn't reach the decision makers. But I would like to mention the 2-3 things I wish they will not happen and one thing I actually would like reversed. It feels like the game is getting easier and easier and you take away so many challenges. It shouldn't be so fast to achieve everything. That takes away the feeling of accomplishment. Please do NOT let everybody spawn on any server or even island. Rather make it more difficult to reach certain region of the world. Don't let everybody get a Ramshakle Sloop from freeports (in 5-10 min). It was sooo much fun sailing of with the raft into the polar reagion and finding an excluded island. The wolves were crazy hard but after 100 attempts haveing a little cottage, that was safe from the wolves felt so great. We had bears on the island but no way of taming them because we had no honey. So we build a ship and I sailed out to find an island with honey to get it back to my wife for taming. I went from island to island. I was searching and asked people if they have seen bees and honey. After days I finally found honey. After some struggle with lions and crocodiles I managed to harvest some and sailed back to the arctic, where my wive tamed our first bear. Now you can tame with anyberry and makes it easy with the 2x taming weekends. Everybody has a bear by now. Where is the challenge? Same thing was for Giraffes: Finding wild beet, getting seeds, growing beet and taming a giraffe felt sooo rewarding. Using any vegetable feels like cheating and not special. By now you can find almost all ressources you need on every island. To encourage trading and exploring the islands should only provide the basic ressources and 1-2 special one. This would get people to interact and wander the whole world. The change, that is supposed to happen, that makes me the most sad is the removal of the clam flags. It felt great to have a place, that is yours. Our little paradise. Having a small piece of land, that you can call "home" is needed in this kind of game. Building a base is a big part of the game. We would like to have a garden and nature surrounding it, too. We want to create something inviting for other players as well. With the new system it will never be home and surrounding nature is impossible. Either people could build right next to you or it is spammed with pillars and/or foundations. Please give every player just 1 area (claim), where they can build their little paradise - their home. The wipe hurts but please let us keep the game, we enjoyed so many hours. Let us have a little home; reinstate challenges! My apologies, if it sounds like whining but I needed to say, what we feel about the upcoming changes. Maybe some who can do something about it (the product manager) hears about it. Kind regards Klaus Störtebeker EU PvE
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    Just wanted to chime in here to let you guys know we are actively reading the threads, our discord servers, tweets, reddit posts, etc. We consume feedback from every where and not one place takes a priority over another. Typically we tend to do our big announcement/changes over our Captain's Log, as we're able to funnel people into one location where they can see what we're planning. As for the PvE specific feedback, we are discussing as a team, based on the feedback and suggestions you've provided about our initial proposal and we're open to making changes. So certainly keep it coming as we do appreciate it Edit: Dollie beat me to the punch . I am hoping that we'll be able to share more info with you guys soon, based on what we decide to do but you have all certainly raised some valid concerns over the past few days.
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    We're certainly reading the threads here and taking notes. I've been predominantly communicating through our Official Discord as we gather feedback from players as it's more of a "live" environment where there's a natural flow of conversation. That's not to imply that feedback via Discord is taking priority over feedback posted here, just that I'm less likely to post conversationally here as I read. Thank you for all of your input, guys.
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    Hi, Devs. I know you're out there. I can hear you breathing. MeatSammich is right, and has been the most right of anybody representing the pve reaction to these changes since the announcement. There is also an excellent post from one of the "top companies", Darksea Dawgs https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/51432-please-re-think-the-flag-system-on-pve/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-286113 It would be really nice if you would listen to your playerbase before making this rotten change and forcing us all to have to do the work to prove to you that it's a mistake. If you consider these changes logically, you should be able to reach the same conclusions we did. We've persisted through the bugs, the network issues, the griefers, and the hackers. I don't think it's too much to ask that you don't make us all waste a lot of time going out to the test server and showing you what a bad decision this would be. There are only so many hoops people are willing to jump through to help you make decisions which would have seemed reasonable and sensible in the first place. If you have information that we don't that indicates these changes are the better way to go, you might do us the favor of explaining that. If not, here's a recap of what you've just told us: You've said you were unhappy with claims, so we are removing them. You don't get to own anything anymore, and everyone can build wherever they want, even if it blocks your resources, your doors, and your ships. We're also adding decay and upkeep so now you have to collect mats and repair everything frequently. Happy yet? But wait, there's more. In order to do this, we're going to wipe the servers. We're also adding a lot of new content, and with our stated goal of helping solos and small companies, we've gated that behind the kraken. But here's a hat. Isn't that great? You're probably not very happy seeing everyone raging on the forums about these changes. But you know what's worse than seeing everyone raging on the forums? Not having anyone on the forums at all.
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    Spot on. It's boiling my piss. I'm quite happy playing solo, but I have a good relationship with the other groups on our island-we all look out for each other. My base is small-fits within 2 flags because I'm not greedy. I've spent +400 hours, despite having a full time job and wife building up my base and adding a harbour to prevent my ships being sunk again through poorly thought out and exploitable mechanics. I've travelled the seas looking for resources to build because of the change to structure costs , but still find myself and my tames standing on the ground because we've fallen through the cliff platform. That or lose pets to aggro that manage to glitch into my base. I've spent hours trying to get past stacked monsters in order to hit the fountain upon reaching level 90+. Twice. I've had to go and replace NPCs that bounced off into the sunset when unseating and had to try to remember where exactly I was 15 mins ago prior to the unannounced rollback following a server crash to find the bear I was sitting on. I've been through alpha spams, SOTD spams, and been camped by packs of wolves. Are they saying that this unannounced and unwanted wipe is going to solve all of the other problems we're experiencing here? Are they fuck.
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    Um no we dont need to chill, Im glad PVP is going to be great for you. Please dont diminish what we want from a game. We want to play PVE not PVP. We want it to work and we are trying to get the devs to understand that the updates they are putting is are not right for PVE. its good to see someone happy, as very few are. So enjoy your play style while we, or I try to see if we will ever enjoy PVE again.
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    Wiping 700 hours of progress and then putting all the new content behind the Kraken? Seriously? I'm gone. Totally, without question. You cannot make more content by just forcing us to repeat the content. Wipes are part of Alpha or Beta testing. You never said this was Alpha testing. EA Alone does not mean wipes. I've been in many EA's that didn't wipe, and all the ones that did said "You are buying access to our Alpha test" Done. I know there will be dozens of these threads and I hate people that make their own thread for things, but just this once I will do it. And I expect there will be a LOT of them.
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    Please re-consider this system wich is planned for march. Lower it per member or something, it is fun to do and nice to have 1 or 2. PATCH NOTES: "There will be a hard limit on the total number of claim flags." So, on PvP it's possible and this has been thought thru. Now give us PvE players also an option OR let admins have a real job by letting them destroy loose pillars/foundations/griefers/hackers/exploits. This is where and why the majority of players take off to other games.
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    I'm absolutely never, likely to ever rever weather feather ever ever ever ever never... EVER going to be someone's tenant in Atlas. 1 reasonable, non griefable, no douche entitled, no ones slave, just plain old simple own plot of claim to call home. That's me sorted right there. Else claimable islands are just a tourist destination for me / us, prefer to live on lawless, and reap whatever penance goes with it