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  1. Yeah, she's clearly on the spectrum. All her useless posts are garbage at best at gibberish usually. Devs, I have revised my previous positions a little. I think it of the utmost importance that we maintain a PvE server.
  2. @George Catcher @Nacona This is great work George and Nacona. Its been explained a few times but this is the best put together "How To" yet.
  3. Apologies for the misunderstanding. This is a predominantly English forum. You can tell because the website is entirely in English. Very few people will have any clue what you posted.
  4. Wow, what an arrogant and uneducated statement. Projecting much? I assure you, we have lives, families, jobs, sleep needs, just like PvE players do. We have the same general time available to play each day as you do. We are just more well adjusted people who don't lose sleep at the thought of our make believe base getting raided. Its part of the game. You know that player generated content they always speak of? If I don't make the base you cant raid it. Ever wonder why it sucks dick to play PvE? Ever feel like some of the content is missing? or shouldn't even be there to begin with? The most consistent users of the game? Lol, by what metric, you just pulled that out of your ass. You certainly are not the ones most willing to leave AND the most consistent players at the same time. That's called an oxymoron. If a game ever dictates you life, the problem is not with the game. Its a mental situation that you need to deal with. Rest assured, if ALL of the PvE players left (they wont), the game would not die. 1. The game has not released yet, so it has technically not been "born" therefore it cannot yet "die". (shhh don't attack my metaphor trumpists) 2. The game is a PvP focused game weather or not you want to acknowledge it. Ultimately the PvE crowd as it currently exists does not concern the development, release, or success of this game. If you disagree with me, I invite you to go read over the last several patches and dev notes. TLDR: Worst non-argument ever. Very poor representation form the PvE crowd.
  5. The games I have enjoyed the most did not have PvP and PvE servers, just servers where the game was played on. This option is the creation of a younger generation of player base, I think. Rip the band aid off. I would advocate for and support dropping the PvE server all together. That won't make me many friends with the die hard PvE never PvP crowd. The hate is one-sided for sure though. PvP peeps love PvE peeps. They are so much better at killing bosses and farming maps. If walls were balanced correctly, many of them are way better architects, farmers and tamers. Hell we NEED the PvE guys, and I feel they could use us (PvP) too. To take out the enemy towers and FHs/WHs/Markets. They certainly can't do any of that right now. If It were up to me, I would never have allowed a PvE server to exist to begin with. Not for dickish reasons, its just not what the game was ever designed to do. Much the same as I wouldn't take a Honda Accord to to compete in a NASCAR race. Yeah, it does drive and accelerate and can turn left with the best of them, but it would never feel right or do good because its not what it was designed to do. However they did, so now we are in this Jerusalem/Palestine dynamic. I suppose that makes Grapeshot America, or at least the allies lol. They will not focus on PvE. They just never have, and that's been their position pretty much from the start. Lets stop the toying with the PvE guys. Its not fair to the PvE crowd when shit like the towers gets released into their environment. Its every time too. The solutions do not exist for PvE to contest FHs, WHs, markets, Towers, blockading, structure griefing, ect ect. There is a compromise that I think would work, I did not invent this concept. I can't be sure my exact setup is even original. Although not my first choice, I would have no problems with this setup. 1. So lets bring back the 15x15 map. That was 225 squares. 9 GA, 15 Free ports, 56 lawless and 145 claimable grids. 2. Every grid that is bordered on 2 or more sides by lawless, can have freeport settings with walls, foundations and roofs available for placement. That would be 46 grids. 3. That would make it; Out of 225 grids, 99 claimable grids, 56 lawless, 46 PvE, 15 free ports and 9 GA. 4. This would keep the focus on PvP, maintain some PvE bubbles and pays homage to the 2:1 ratio of PvP to PvE servers we currently have. 5. Remove island claims. 6. Allow the towers to only be used on claimable grids. 7. Leave lawless the fuck alone. It ain't broke, don't try to fix it.
  6. Map changes? This one is super easy. Bring back the original map. It was possibly the most well thought out part of the game to date. Trade winds? Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. Longitude lines, wind blows 2x faster within 100m. North winds on the east side of the line, South winds on the west side. Latitude lines, wind blows 2x faster within 100m. West winds on the north side of the line, East winds on the south side. Island claim to stick around after the wipe? WHAT!? Then WTF is the point in inventing a new claim system? You have secured MEGAS monopolizing islands, but have now fucked solos in the ass. There is no where to go....Just....WTF man?! "Large behemoth companies can't do everything on their own, and they can't protect everything at once." "This creates opportunities for smaller groups to be part of the wheels of progress or engage in acts of piracy" "We also are laying the foundation for Wonders that players can build in the world by creating a general system for giving buffs to your company based on buildings you've built." I want to make sure I am not misunderstanding this. As a solo, I GET to be part of a wheel for the behemoth companies to use? So that they can then build a wonder. That will then in turn give them MORE power? You don't think they can do everything on their own? Devs, are you retarded? Can I buy some drugs from you? Yes, yes the mega company CAN do everything on its own. BECUASE YOU MADE IT THAT WAY! As a solo, the FH, WH and market system is a dream. With just ONE it allows me to have a brig in a week. Gathers the mats so I don't waste time with the god awful tames. Even gets me the gold needed. With 2 Market systems, gold becomes useless. Mats are so abundant that after 1 mil of each I throw it all away, it takes very little time. I can make as many of these as I want. I can only maintain so many by my lonesome self. As a MEGA, I can field as many as I can find crewmates to help maintain. In the words of Palpatine "UNLIMITED POWER MATS & GOLD!!!!! You thought that megas would make exceptions and trade with solos/smalls to generate money and mats in a mutually beneficial way. However you forgot to limit the number of these markets/WHs/FHs per company. Why would any mega allow me to run my market system for half the reward when they can throw down a claim tower, take my shit and get all of the reward. Leave me with nothing. There is no cost or penalty or risk to them by doing this. Pure reward. Its full blown idiocy. WTF IS THE INCENTIVE FOR MEGAS TO COEXIST WITH SOLOS! #LEARNTOMATHS "We are focused on making Atlas one of the best and most unique pvp games out there." "Atlas is a sandbox survival game and we are fully committed to..." "...ultimately we want to focus on player stories rather than PVE content." @PVE peeps How long have I been saying it? Don't be mad. If nothing else, this has been the consistent messaging from day 1. No factions, let that arguement die. Lets merge into one server and call it PvPvE. Anyone who just cannot handle human interaction as the game was intended, will move on eventually anyways. Stop deluding them and stringing them along. They get their hopes up and we all know it aint gunna happen. #TOLDYOUSO -CS
  7. "Did someone scuttle your shitty harbor?" "Nope not me, But i saw it to others" So you are super concerned with something that you have never experienced. The one time you have even heard of it was years ago, on a different map, with a much different game environment. OK. This we have established. I dunno, I felt you were fairly specific about the harbor. I wasn't changing the subject at all. Perhaps you meant the boats in the harbor? I only have the words you use to go on. Except....the person who gets that rank. Who then denies it unilaterally to everyone else. Wait, what was the definition of a dictatorship again? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictatorship They, well, at least YOUR mega IS a dictatorship by your own words in the same post. The use of my base was to never lose shit to other players. Especially argent little slaves of mega companies who think they are better than anyone else because other people did most of the work for them. Now, my base was literally 100% successful for the use I built it for, over the entirety of several seasons. I have in no way described its form, but what would that matter to you if its function is all that concerns you? What did I even say to give you the impression that I was some PvE RP person? I usually take every shot I get at those guys. Just, wow. The arrogance. Please oh please may some mega take pity on me and invite me so I can learn to play this game at last. Perhaps I will even learn to build a square box that is less raidable than..... Wait how many times were you raided this season? I am here for the sake of game design. Simply put, Risk/Reward should be greater, not lesser as you would have it. You advocated for something that would diminish your risk without reducing your reward. Over a thing that has never even been a real threat for you. More specifically, via the nature of this type of game, the group with greater numbers has an exponential advantage over a solo/smaller group. The only single downside that currently exist is the .01% chance of an insider. It is the only advantage of being solo, no one knows all of my locations and 0% chance of an insider. I am not the person who wants to wreck your shit. I am the person that would join if there were more risk and reward. The risk to the mega SHOULD be I can take what I want and leave. The reward to the mega is that it would bring an experienced player like me to your group. The risk for me is I lose all of my crafts to the company should I be kicked. The reward to me is the work of all the other crewmates while retaining my full gaming experience. I do not and will not be a subject of a dictator. I will not be denied any access be it lvl 1 or 10 or 99. I think the very idea of limitations on your crewmates is anathema to the concept of a sandbox. The risk SHOULD be bigger with more people. Because you can achieve so much more so much faster. Its not me defending my right to be a piece of shit. Witch I will gladly defend. This is me defending EVERYONES right to be a piece of shit. I certainly reserve the right to as an American and will happily defend yours too. Oppression is a slippery slope my friend. Lets not throw away our values for our security. “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.” - Benjamin Franklin #ImwithBen
  8. I really don't disagree with anything you said here. Except the PTR. I view us in EA as the PTR. Some will disagree, but it is what EA is for. Even if smaller companies abuse it, it's a good tool for what it does.
  9. You keep going back to this for some reason. Did someone scuttle your shitty harbor? It must be a shitty harbor if they did. Is this a real fear of something that has happened to you or just more speculation to justify your desire to be the online overlord of people who join (serve) you? Also, you continue to insult me. Have I insulted you at some point? Its possible, I just didn't think I had. It would actually be "demolishing" your harbor in any event. I never said I wanted to demo your shitty harbor. I in fact don't want to, please stop the strawman tactics. Do you have any idea how much time that would take? If you are a proper mega you would have thousands of pieces to demolish. Any competent company would kick me out before I did more than a few minutes of dmg. I wouldn't even spend the effort to blow up more of your base than necessary to raid you. You are painting a picture of the most powerful companies in the game being under constant assault of insiders. As to my shitty base. Although I do not think you are qualified to deem a base you have never seen shitty, it may perhaps be shitty compared to yours. You are in a mega after all and have many many more people to "assign" as builders. However I cant say that because I have never seen your base. I have seen several, ok some, megas bases. They all looked pretty shitty to me. Not a single architect among you sadly. This comes back to your god complex. Only YOU should judge who can and cant build a base of worth apparently. Outside of season 1, I have never lost anything in my base apart from decoys. I have lost some tames back in the day, rarely though. No gold was ever taken. No rare mats looted. No BPs lifted. No gear, normal to mythic, was made off with. I also never had a giant island advertising my presence, but I also never invited 99 people into my company and got obsessed with becoming the pirate dictator. Your straw manning me has gotten us off topic. You made no mention of opposition to my point as stated in both of my posts you have responded to. I will take that as a consent that I am correct. Your purposed changes are in fact unjustified. They are a nice request in your eyes, but far from a necessity. Have a nice day...idiot (see now I have insulted you too). -CS
  10. To be fair there are some differences. The main one being there is a hard limit to how many you may have. This alone makes it vastly better that the unlimited claims from season 1. You can argue there is still too many per company, but we are getting closer for sure. Now, they went about this incorrectly. In no way should this ever take over your boat, that mechanic already exists and supplementing it is redundant and a waste of time and effort. This should have been released with a wipe and removal of island claims. Under those circumstances it is likely that the towers would be received in a whole different light. No one would have anything built up yet to be taken over. PvE should not even have these towers. Or land claims or island claims at all for that matter. That's as far as my sympathy will ever go for you all on PvE
  11. So, I said your mega was "likely" abusing things. You say as a solo I "dont" know what it takes. Wasn't there something about absolutes and the sith? You took it personally I see. So I should ASSUME that your mega didn't take over an island or 3, THEN go into lawless areas and pushed out solos and smalls to set up more market systems to then trade back to yourself. Or perhaps that's just not abusing a system to you, with no regard to the solo. I should also ASSUME that no one in your mega went out and started throwing down claim towers on lawless while still holding islands. I will also ASSUME that no one in your mega (witch I also assume is full or near full roster) has ever cheated with third party software. I will assume as well that every member has been vetted and invited over for dinner to ensure their online identity. No your right, I am probably the imbecile here. Hey, if I am wrong here, I am wrong, but your mega would then be the outlier. Lets be honest. I have been in a mega, twice actually. They said "don't build, we have builders". They said "go here for FoB NOW". They said "Don't shoot these people", even though we are not in an alliance. "READ THE DNS LIST" because it only changed 3x a day. They allowed me, ever so graciously, to access the second from lowest set of doors and shit. There is a lot of DOs and DONTs in a mega. The people "asking" are usually the ones who have no restrictions I found. There is a reason I play as a solo. I don't have horrible ideas about megas, just some RL experience. Giving me the "OPTION TO JOIN" is not restricting me, and I never said it was. I am only restricted AFTER I join. When I can no longer use doors I built. When I can no longer demo things I built to even get myself out of a structure. When, if you had your way, I would be restricted to only sail the boat you allow me too. This is a pretty straight forward concept that should be easy to grasp and not questionable as weather or not you are (or are wanting to be) imposing restrictions on other players. It's not about me wanting to sink your ships. Its about wanting the respect you would give any sensible adult. We are playing a game and I would be happy to play with you. So long as I can do everything in the game that you can and you don't think of yourself as above me in any way. I think that is very reasonable. My post was a response to yours, and it was not incorrect. My point was; "When you say "Literally NEVER going invite new players able to come in and scuttle all the boats in the harbor." You are "Literally" wrong" This was then proved by the fact that you ARE a mega. Meaning you DO have a full or nearly full roster. So you DO invite new players, and they COULD scuttle some boats. So your supposition is incorrect. -CS
  12. Yeah, cramped my style for sure lol. I spent maybe an hour just staring at the announcement like...wtf guys. All of my fakes are gone, I am at this point done for the season. Was a good season to be sure. I look forward to the challenge of next season. **PLEASE DISREGAURD ALL MY PREVIOUS POSTS ON HOW TO SURVIVE IN LAWLESS. THEY NO LONGER APPLY**
  13. UR5 (Unreal 5 engine)looks amazing and has a new feature that we have not seen done before that I know of. Witch might not be saying that much. Regardless, UR5 gives creators of earlier titles the ability to upgrade form UR4 to UR5. This alone gives any game created in UR4 a economical life span through the life of the next engine. So, technically this could not be an issue. But something else is going to be an issue, a far bigger issue. Its called "Valheim". With a concept as good and new as this, it is only a matter of time until someone makes a legit sandbox game. Now clearly it wont be Valheim (there are only 5 dudes making that game), but more will come and eventually someone will put some money into the project. Now Atlas is in year 3 of development and on its, what are we at now? 3rd or 4th set of people working on it. It is really starting to look like they wont get this one off of the ground. That is a big shame. They seem to still be searching for a theme, insane. ITS FUCKING PIRATES! Geniuses, one and all. I don't know if you have noticed, but Atlas is already mainly PvP. If you need proof, exhibit A is the fact that no one even bothered to make sure that the new PvP towers didn't make it into the PvE version. Lol there is exactly nothing that they can provide on those servers except mayhem with zero recourse. Exhibit B, Just about every problem you have on PvE is solved in PvP. Its not a separate version, its just PvP with dmg to self and structures toggled off for other players.
  14. Pirate is a stretch for offline raiding people with the newest and most powerful offline raiding tool yet. Id say a thief in the dark at best.
  15. Dude you gotta let this go. It aint gunna happen. This game is not released, its in EA. Everything you are doing is testing for enjoyment. No one is checking these tickets, and frankly you shouldn't expect them too as that would likely take away from development. To be more concise, they don't know how to fix your problem at this time, so it wouldn't do them any good to try. Your problem stems from the product being unfinished and in a state of construction. Nobody calls the elevator repair man to come before the installation crew is done installing it.
  16. Well your welcome, its a great movie. In addition to not wanting anyone to ever have that much control over MY gameplay, I also think it is appropriate for there to be an escalating amount of risk in having a bigger company. The whole pesky risk/reward thing. This is my opinion and you can side against it certainly. However the fact is that this is not at all currently an issue for megas, as many of them have full rosters with no issues picking up members to stay full. Just a wish for some people to have more control over others. If you don't trust me with full access, then don't invite me. I wouldn't join in any event.
  17. There is not a limit to alt companies. There are plenty of places in lawless where gold is stored by megas. I have lived on lawless for 90% of my Atlas life. I have managed to never loose any gold or materials that I did not want to loose. It is, er sorry, WAS actually pretty easy to keep your stuff secure. These are all facts. Now that anyone can claim it all before I even finish driving to work in the morning, I am not so sure.
  18. Megas do care about lawless. Perhaps not in the way you think. I refer to it as an exploit, but it might not fit that definition. What's better than having a few markets on your island for trade? Going to the adjacent lawless tiles and taking over some islands to setup more markets and WH to trade with yourself. Ever wonder why the megas have millions of gold? Its sheer volume. 50+ people cant generate that much gold on an island, but by dominating several lawless they basically farm gold in unlimited amounts. This is the problem, this is what us solos and smalls are complaining about when we say its hard to get gold and keep markets up. The ever brilliant devs stated that the markets were to help the solos and smalls and that there would be incentives for megas to let them exist and earn their keep. They were obviously wrong as the incentive ended up being to dominate the land of solos and smalls (lawless) and take it over for their own trade rather than trade with the markets we set up. This is overlooked and not discussed enough. When it comes to gold, its clearly an incentive to take 20 guys to wipe out 1 solos area to earn another 10-50k a day.
  19. Yeah people keep talking about all these alts and spy accounts. I think 75% is an exaggeration. I have met lots of people. Many that play so much more than me, I would call them hardcore. Only one guy ever had an alt and that was for crafting back when INT was broken.
  20. Grats to the FI, I will take the time today to report all of your post for offensive and useless spam. I bet others do too.
  21. I am a solo and you are clearly in a mega company. Likely abusing several thing as megas are wont to do. Since you seem to be speaking for me, let me help you out on some details. For starters you are wrong. I can prove it very easily. Most megas are currently full roster. Meaning there is no issue inviting people currently. Certainly not to the point where you have trouble maxing out membership. When you say "Literally NEVER going invite new players able to come in and scuttle all the boats in the harbor." You are "Literally" wrong. The main #1 reason we do not want to be in a mega is because of what you are advocating for more of here. WE DO NOT WANT A FUCKING DICTATOR WHEN WE PLAY A GAME. You want to lock me out of more things after you invite me to your company? Oh YOU can say what boat I sail. YOU can say when and where I can build. You can say what doors I can and cant use. YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF IS WHAT YOU CAN DO! At least with that I must own you view. Your idea would make people leave your precious mega more than it would attract anyone of use to your cause. You want the solo players to join bigger companies? Take away the threat of restricting our in game access. All doors, boxes, buildings, boats should be unlocked to every company member 110%. Basically, everything I can do as a solo I should still be able to do as a member of a company. Else why would I join people and lose content? Do I look like a slave? Do you want to be a slave? I'm not trying to be a dick. Would you join my company if I told you everything you could and couldn't do? If I had 200 people and said hey, "this is your schooner, there are many like it but this one is yours." I believe you would tell me to go fuck myself. I'm just saying, please don't be so attached to your fake shit I game that you want to oppress people to get your jollys off. Knowing full well you were all 100+ against 50s-80s, you took 200 people to fight 35? Well, I guess I hope it was a rewarding experience. Megas sure sound like a blast.
  22. Devs You left in islands that megas can own in multiples. You possibly fucked every solo on lawless. I mean PROPER FUCKED! Can these be destroyed while I am at work? Can people put down multiples of these or just 1 per person or company? Can my tower be overrode by another adjacent tower? Can Megas still own several islands and then still go out into lawless and span claim areas for free to exploit market trades? No wipe? Guys, I give you the benefit of a doubt at every opportunity. How about you flesh out some details. As it is, it appears you fucked solos and smalls into oblivion right now.
  23. If you do not respond to our feed back and update your posts again like no one responded, we are all going to report you and ban you from the forums for just being an obnoxious asshole who is unwilling to engage in his own topics. A lot of big words there for you I know. Feel free to use google translate.
  24. You want to remove; Armored Docks BPs SoTD Peace time Freeports Stuns Feats for most melee weps level bonuses aging Ship customization Structures (or at least any remaining usefulness of them) Ownership of structures Rewarding players who prosper bar shots All gold sinks handcuffs Reload timers Player announcement for entering or leaving a server Ship weight penalty company size caps Did I miss anything? You want to have; Ships be equal in stats Players be equal in stats All gear and weps be equal in stats Ships be free No bases (proved by your wanting to tear them down so fast no one would bother building them) Very little PvE and a heavy focus on PvP @chukiki Dude, honestly, you are wanting to play "Sea of Thieves". You take ALL of this out and get what you want, you basically have a shitty version of Sea of Thieves.
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