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    There are some white knights on here that can’t wait to berate someone that says anything negative about their beloved devs or “the best game ever made” lmao. It is best just to ignore them.
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    Its not that we are bitching and crying about the game on the forums but we are doing what the forums are made for and that is actively voicing our concerns about the game that we invest our time in and want to see succeed Photek. I am sure that we all understand that there is going to be wipes to which will hopefully make the game better for the whole community but to have a wipe so early is frustrating to most people that have invested their time into the game considering they have a PTR which is suppose to address said bugs, instead most people on the PTR just want to see the pyramids and so forth negating the whole essence of having a test server.
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    that next wipe will be my last time in this forever EA game. All they do they do totally wrong!!! they must go back at day one version of game and just fix bugs and let game stay like this. But making pointless content cause few streamers wanting it is totally stupid and thats why this game is doomed and boring.
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