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    I'm returning as a hopeful yet disgruntled player after the barrel bombs from cannons - I was happy once this was reverted, but further aggravated by the gold for ships. I've grown to accept this system to an extent - but certainly think it needs tweaking. (Schooners in particular should be more around the 1500 range). But what I'm posting for today, is the plethora of bugs. I'd like to keep pushing these off to the bug report form, but it's simply out of control. This makes me think there's a systemic issue with the QA / unit testing that goes into these patches. Sextant HUD Compass disappears on zoning, while there is still plenty of time remaining on the Sextant buff. The other info from the enhanced HUD is there, just not the compass. Crew members are asking for 23 ish gold every two to three real-time hours (at the 'at-sea' rate), this is with the second level of the skill that slows the crew's request frequency. Sunken Treasure chests which appear on the map after acquiring the Sextant buff, are only valid 50% of the time. I do not believe this is due to other players reaching the sunken treasure first. One assumes that these refresh upon acquiring the buff, or upon zoning with the buff active. Rope ladders 'demolish' on cliff platforms, when manipulating structural elements elsewhere on the platform (elements that the rope ladders do not rely on). This occurs if demolishing, or if picking up before a placement timer expires. Sloop turn radius seems broken. Perhaps other ships as well, haven't tested yet. It seems that I now need to almost come to a complete stop and pivot the ship, if I want to turn even more than 3 degrees on a trajectory. Gather rate on sugar cane is abysmal. There is virtually no difference in the rate whether using hand, scythe, or having max points into hand gathering skill. Owning a sea tower / control point in peace phase, makes a company's ships in grid invincible. (Forgot this one earlier as I haven't experienced it. Others in company and grid are aware of the bug) Y'all are in an 'ok' place as far as the newer mechanics. I know some of the community is hopeful here. Please now prioritize fixing issues, before breaking new ones. Thanks.
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    I too have this issue. I also had NPCs manning sails being removed from their positions when I crossed a grid, though it only seemed to happen on the large ships (brigs and galleons). As you point out, it's easy enough getting the NPC to man a sail near them, but any sails away from the centre of the ship (where they seem to concentrate their following on), it's very difficult. The only way I was able to do it was to jump into the sea, with the NPCs following me (they do follow you off the ship). Then I would swim along the ship until I was under the sail and assign the NPC from there. If I allowed an NPC to follow me back onto the ship, they'd climb aboard and immediately run past me to the centre of the ship. This really is an urgent issue that needs sorting. I experienced this on XBox.
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    Hi Nacona Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am currently on a schooner, and though the NPCs do not appear to fall off the masts when I cross a grid on this ship, they still seem to want to follow the centre of the ship rather than me when I whistle for them to follow me, even on lowest follow range. Oddly enough the NPCs manning cannons on my brig and galleons remain on their cannons when I cross a grid.
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    @George Catcher had mentioned the same issue already. But i think he is playing on PC(not sure). I myself have only a Sloop yet and there is no issue with NPCs like you describe it. Maybe it's only appearing on Brigantine and Galleon. Quite weird that they drop of the sails. Does this happen to cannons/balisatas as well? Sometimes NPC disappear very rare but they are still manning the cannon for example. This fixes itself most often after some time and grid change.
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    The changes of farmhouse are not nice from Player view. We got something that made our lifes much easier, especially for solo players. But now they have taken this away from us. Of course we are upset. The question remains why did they do it? 1. They did not like that players did only use farmhouse -> why they put that effort in new buildings that nearly nobody did use -> make players have to use them 2. They figure out the "main gold income" was way too much to reduce ship amount and especially PvP Players bought way to much Dragon Tokens to make PvP land/air fight to counter enemy safe basses on high mountains. -> it was suggested to change the islands mountain height but you just manage to change building height restriction... lame new map we were exited about. 3. The Devs had a big problem with the "buffer overflow server outage" caused by the insane ammount of trades the Players created to gain as much gold as possible from the (passive)system. Consequence: They needed to lower the resource income from farms(nerfed farm house income 75%) and removed option to gather coal, oil and saps. But if Players farm resoures by Hand they also needed to lower the amount of possible trades. The maybe increased capacity of the trade ships does not count very much as you only earn gold by trading. So it's simple everybody trading 1:1 like before. While on PvE lawless you have lots of different resources arount and you trade metal for metal on PvP you set trades between your own markets and build circles of trading. For my market that means in PVE last Season i had always about 400-500 trades running with 2 farms. Now i have 2-5 trades running at the same time which give me 12-24 gold each.(I am currently solo playing and don't have second warehouse to trade with myself so i trade to random strangers on PvP which is much worse than on PVE). But good news for Devs: We build lumberjard, mine and querry now and there is no large wind mills on the islands left. And also no need to investigate the buffer overflow at the moment. Mission Passed. Respect+ If the Devs would just communicate this to the Players that we understand why you do the change the feedback would maybe be better. I mean there are lots of Players out there that like the change because now we actually need farming tames again. Breeders have more targets than just horses and crows. Make Farmhouse at least gather coal, oil and saps. Or put fiber to the lumberjard and remove the farm at all. Biggest concern for gold cost is 5k for Shooners... f*ck i hate traveling sloops with 3-5knots. That is ok if you start from freeport but a Shooner should be lower gold costs. Maybe change it to 1000 gold if you don't want 0. I just had to travel 2,5 grids to freeport to get some NPCs for my Balistas to make the whale quests... the journey took me from 19:00 to 22:45 with a medium handling sail and half weight sloop. I had to drive north but you know around prime time EU 20:00 the wind is blowing from west with lowest speed...everyday....always same time.... always same wind... PRIME TIME.... GG So now i have sloop, Balista and NPC and settled in Thundra i only need to travel west 4 grids to reach polar grids... again prime time low wind speed, wind is blowing straight in my face... journey time without hunting whale = 8 hours.
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