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    Tomorrow at 6 PM eastern l will be hosting a prayer vigil on L7 lawless east most island NA PVP. We will be commemorating the 8 months of barely any content while the dev's had promised many times that they were working on content just to shaft their community and instead worked on the xbox money grab. When it turns dark, we will walk each of us carrying torches, in single file to the clearing in the valley where I built a hangman's tree. We will surround the tree, share our Hope's and dreams for atlas with each other, chant the songs of our ancestors.. and one by one...hang our selves in the tree. With our sacrifice, may the gods of atlas save this games future and bring us all real content this January. May automated shipping, NPC controlled sailing routes, boss loot tables and a functioning economy bless us all. Amen.
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    In the absolute off-chance that a dev sees this, I want to express my utmost frustration towards your weather system, which is, at best, tedious. Let me say this again, te-di-ous. I'm not going to talk about the excessive amount of absurd bugs (losing tames while traveling, or not agroing whales even when you hit them 100 times etc), but the rather simple fact that: - In 1 hour of gametime, I have encountered 3 fogs, 2 (completely disgracefully designed) storms and at least 1 freezing event (almost like thick fog). What on earth are you thinking? No, it is not a challenge. It has nothing to do with being "gud". It is just about throwing broken and badly implemented things in the game. Also, I've played since day 1. Took a big brake after the 1st wipe, only to see the game in a worse state. Congrats I guess.
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    Hello everyone, In the first few hours of playing Atlas I realized that this game has massive RP potential. It's slowly growing, but a handful of us have started the beginnings of constructing an RP Community. No struct rules; follow the law, play in character, etc. Looking to build a lax progressive environment that everyone can immerse into and experience a dynamic narrative that plays out all on its own. I guess you'd say it's a light/medium RP, but RP in a sense that you're living in a town, possibly have a home, you make friends, perhaps you have a job or you're an adventurer who goes out to sea looking for spoils to bring back to the community. But to do that you, you had to pay the captain of that ship to take you out, but he had to pay a crew to ensure a safe voyage... you see where I'm going A few steps for the journey ahead Acquire a small group of sane folk to construct a foundation for the future townsman/women. They will be known as "The Founders" Founders Phase: This phase we will do our best to solidify our way of life and to develop a name for our company. If we acquire a full square we will adopt a new name and declare ourselves a sovereign nation. Settlers Phase: This is where we try to find the best possible land of our own. Ideally there will always be settlers looking out for new lands. Builders Phase: Once a land is founded our builders will start to construct the towns infrastructure. (One of our founders has come up with "Elshire" for the capitol island) Law of the land: For example, theft, building without a permit or "no build" zones" may come with a fine. Those represent some of the plans I've come up with for starting the community. I'd love to run the town as a democracy and allow the outcome to play dynamically to see what stories unfold. If you're interested in founding this community please join the (very empty) facebook group Atlas RP and/or the XBOX club Atlas RP (Both names subject to change). Looking for open, creative, flexible thinkers who tend to get along with others and work well in groups for founders, but everyone interested may join the FB group. This is a work in progress and doesn't cost anything to join. Thank you for suffering through my slightly insane proposal and for anyone who didn't want to read it all, here comes the TL;DR. TL;DR: Building a light/medium RP community on the Gorgons Gaze server (PVE). This idea is currently in development and we need a few people for the initial set up. Join the FB Group Atlas RP if interested.
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    Massive bug with Brig. Full fixed brig before patch. Download patch, log in, brig is sinking, my animals on shore getting destroyed. Fix boat, get bear back. Start sailing, ship is doing catwalks, and full barrel rolls. Witnessed by teamates in another ship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-4xyfRKBtQ
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    Well, you could just say no. Sounds like the two above are playing on the official servers. I tried that and won't do it. I'm currently playing on a server that has 100x gather rates. It takes me an hour or two to make a schooner. A bit longer for a brig or even a galleon. Ya, I'm not playing the game as intended, but as it is designed it sucks. If the game ever becomes playable with vanilla settings, I might try it again at maybe 2x settings and enjoy the challenge. Right now, I'm just goofing around and having fun.
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