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This game is missing the RIGHT kind of conflict.

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Because this game is billed as a "PIRATE" game (mostly younger) players have assumed a faulty and misguided persona of trolling and messing with people.

I suspect what many of us have in mind for this game is more of the "Privateer" version of pirates -- Historically Pirates were not all "Criminal" -- many were hired by governments to mess with rival countries or companies. Piracy only thrives when there is a thriving resource trade -- Merchants!! <-- I'm sure this is in the works...

Here are some ideas that might be fairly easy to implement:

Craft-able MARKET (like the Bank) -- Allows players to put up resources, ships, animals, and gear, for sale on their own land. <-- also a taxable resource

TRADE HOUSE/TABLE/CHEST -- Similar to above, but allowing for a safe trade/transfer interface similar to other MMO''s where two parties can put up their individual offer, and either accept or decline.

Property TITLES -- For any "Claimable" (ships, animals, land, even chests or connected foundations) allow the player to generate a "Title" that can be put up for sale or traded to another player. Titles would just be another commodity. 

Issue LETTERS OF MARQUE -- These were given to captains of renown to "legally" hunt rival ships. <-- This would allow for a second layer of company interaction. Not allies, but a hired guns (cannons) <-- they could receive a (negotiated) cut of the profits, or run off with the loot and gain a price on their head. This would allow for limited PVP on PVE servers. If the player gets a price on their head, they are fair game for PC's as well as NPC's <-- It's important the the bounty be assigned by the game, not other players... this is just another avenue for trolling.


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Agree. right now the game is more focused around owning as much land as you can by spamming land claims and less about I dunno... playing a pirate? Even in the fantasy terms of what a pirate is. 

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