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  1. Buildings/storage belongs to whoever owns the claim you'll need to claim you own old territorry back if I understand your situation correctly...
  2. In my experience creatures can and should be unclaimed and then claimed by whatever your new company is, you will be able to claim the land but it wont follow you as you leave your company if the owner still exists... You'll be able to claim the land eventually if there no one left to defend it, but its gonna take the time it would take for anyone to claim your territory...
  3. Yes ! This is very very true and defies the whole point of using radial menus in the first place... That kind of menu is well known for the ability of a user to very quickly learn where an option is located in the menu and there is very fast and equal acces to all options in the menu (as opposed to a dropdown menu with first option being closer to pointer and last farther away). Well I wont elaborate on GUI theory but swapping option positions in the menu nullifies the main advantage of that kind of menu and the very reason it is used + adds the possibility of errors by chosing the wrong option.
  4. I feel one thing is really missing out in the game... Fishing nets ! We have ships for fighting and transportation but we have no way to craft a net to go out on a ship to fish ? This would really add a nice way to get that vitamin D easier and in bigger quantities. We would need to craft the net of course, we have looms that would be the perfect crafting station to do that ! Then I suggest the net would have to be bound to the ship hull, on a side for example just like we have diving and dinghy attachements. Upon using the net it would slowly loose durability and eventually break, and it would have to be repaired or replaced. That way we'd have those little fishing sloops for example, I feel this would add a bit to the experience of the game.
  5. Exactly ! This would be free teleportation of ressources !
  6. Yes, same I was really confused we had to place additionnal, odd looking ladders when there's a perfect rigging in place to climb on...
  7. How are you going to do for the ship emergency ladder that is usually bound to the top rear part of the ship ? Wondering considering the shape of this one ^^. But anyway excellent work on this one, looks really nice and fits the game perfectly ! You're definitely gifted, that's the kind of mod I want to see, tired of those easy no vitamin, super stacking mega weight increase mods... x)
  8. "Worth" is very subjective, it depends how easy you can get to organic paste. Wood is very very cost efficient right now, stone is expensive, might be worth in some regions for some buildings, but I feel its not worth for every building and definitely not worth in some regions (tundra or polar regions which have little to no sap). Offline raiding is going to be a peace of cake, for any base anyway, which is the real issue here.
  9. They should stop with weight reduction alltogether in ATLAS, it's not Ark, but they could definitely make the cargo carriage a weight increase... Increasing the total weight the bear can carry or invent something else, like give the cart a weight limit and make the bear just able to move it as long as the cart is within its own limit... With no weight reduction needed, if you put both in a ship then the ship gets to carry the actual total weight of cart and bear... Very simple, no exploit, no exceeding ship weight limit.
  10. Oh because of course on PVP servers you don't have to defend against alphas... At least you don't have to fear every human being you see and alphas are not going to bomb your base with explosives anytime soon... And its not like you have any need to urge your base building either in a PVE environment... Again, as if PVE servers were the only ones to deal with alphas, what the hell do you think is a PVP server, a server with only players and no environnent ? Well you just owned the right and incredible chance to collect a lot more organic paste and metal than ever before, enjoy ! Again, we all have to deal with that, nothing specific about PVE in your whole post, just some free salt thrown to PVP players and servers, for some reason... Like it or not PVEers are building and leaving, leaving behind tons of constructions that PVE servers tend to take a long time to get rid off because the core concept of the game is designed around PVP mechanics. What thrustworthy statistics do you have for claming PVE players are the only one staying on survival games in the long haul ? You obviously don't like their recent changes, stick to your point and don't fantasize about PVP having begged for those changes, we're all affected in the exact same way... We just have more issues to deal with on PVP servers than you have on PVE.
  11. I'm trying to understand your suggestion, but it's really not clear to me what you mean ? What do you call construction weight ? Everything you build on the ship counts towards to ship's weight, so if you want a high cargo ship just build the strict minimum of structures on your ship, leaves most weight to cargo. If you build lots of structures, cannons, doors, walls etc your weight left for cargo will be lower as your overall ship is heavier... If I read your suggestion like that I'd say it's already in game...
  12. Reading this post again today after last patch with stone costs is really laughable x). Just remember when you think things couldn't possibly go worse, in fact they can ! Enjoy present time, don't know whats coming next ! But still a lot of complaining going on, lets wait and see how things turn out, how people adapt and react (IG, not whining) to these changes. Kinda admire the devs, really takes some guts to push those patches :') Just imagine the sadistic grin on dev teams faces when they tell community managers to communicate that kind of changes... x)
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