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Would like to see a few more simple recipes.....Beans and Rice, Stew, Porridge, Dirty Rice, Fish soup, Chicken and Rice /   also maybe a long term dry storage for grains and  beans

maybe a barrel that can be sealed with wax from the honey or sap.....    Maybe a rum recipe with a fermenting stage in the barrel (sealed)..more age more powerful?

a grindstone to make flour.......corn flour , wheat flour, rice flour   with eggs/milk   -   bread  / flatbread


possible herb garden?    Ingame spice trader that would travel and anchor to trade Port Royal Shipping Company???                         

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I would like recipes that are "Filling" but not so much on the vitamins.

Also I would love for liquids to be liquids.  Grog, Rum, Ale, Milk, Water should all be stored in a barrel.

Water should also at some point become stagnant, and then fetid.


Also, totally new thought would be a drying rack that would allow for the drying of herbs and meats.  For longer term storage!

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Oh i thought about that herbgarden, too.

We have no medical herbs on our island and I think on the other Islands in this sector  there are also only cooking herbs.

To put a herbgarden or herb pots in the game for the medicalkits and for cooking it could be a good idea, especially a new option of trading with.

Okay thats not really something for pvp-loving-big-companies-Pirates but for the Smutjes and the atmospheric Play. :pirate_mask:

Barrels for rum, whine ..👍

Grindstone 👍

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