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The Templars are a world wide organization focused on the EU server. We will be a PvP based guild but with room for some players to focus PvE in support of the Order.

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  2. |☩| Knights Templars |☩| The Knights Templars are looking for new members to join its family as we embark on a new adventure to sail across and conquer the new world of Atlas. Although we accept all ages above 16, we expect our members to show maturity and respect towards each other. We are an active guild and we strive to ensure that our members develop relationships with each other rather than being complete strangers on the internet. On top of this we offer a safe environment for new players to learn and train into becoming stronger players in both PVP and PVE. In terms of current players, we are an international guild with English being our primary language, although we mainly play on European servers we do have multiple members from the US. So what are we looking for in our newest initiates? |☩| 16+ |☩| Working microphone |☩| Teamspeak |☩| Discord |☩| Character on EU |☩| Activity |☩| Good attitude |☩| Loyalty |☩| English speaker If you feel like the Knights Templars are a good fit for you then apply by contacting one of the following members on discord: [Templar] Harold#2061 RedBull87 / Flakey#4098
  3. Hi there. I'm new member, currently on 35 lvl . Woundering if you have a discord server for community Oh never mind i find it

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