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  1. i like the golden age location but the biome are in shit location they should be mixes like before and have the golden age in the middle
  2. kawas

    New World Map!

    any chance we could be testing the new map anytime soon?
  3. please developpers...can we have a patch for golden age drop? i though last patch was suppose to make it easier finding good blueprints in golden age but s it even harder now since they only drop gold and ammo 99% of the time...even just removing the possibility that it drop only gold and ammo would be ok because it feel like we are just wasting time in golden age
  4. i dont know if it would be hard but maybe if we can have some kind of super galleon spawning every 1 hours or 3 with a guaranted mythical sail , canon,deck, plank( no food ladder catapult ammo box, ressources box, diving attachement dinghy,cargo rack, remove all this from the loot table and put only real valuable drop) and make it appear for everyone like a world event so people actually take their ship out to fight for it(instead of just looking around for hours and not finding anything) and it would force people to sail out and fight for the drop because people will know it s worth fighting for it....im not talking changing about all the loot table from regulars Ship of the damned ...just add somekind of super galleon lvl 60-80 , just like in rust...every 3 hours there s a cargo ship spawning and a chopper(everyone see it on the map) that encourage people to fight for it because you get the best drop from it
  5. dang...another delay :(....we want to play...dont you understand that....we dont want to wait for the new empire systeme no ones asked for.....just put the new patch with the windored raid time ..that s all we waiting for....
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