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  1. Typically we don't comment on ongoing investigations, whether they're open or closed, though we have made a few exceptions in the past, such as with the Hunter Doyou company, and we'll make one here too. We have been looking into this case for a while based on the reports we received and now that the investigation has come to a close, we have taken action. We understand that it may not come as quickly as you may like and that's a fair criticism, but it has certainly been on the radar whilst we investigate fairly and thoroughly. It is just a process that we are not and will not be transparent about. To reiterate, threads (sometimes with scant evidence) calling for the banning of players in no way expedite our investigative process and we may make moves to moderate witch hunting in the future on our forums. Ultimately, we will take action as we deem it necessary based on our own investigations, and the reports which are submitted to https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/ supplement those investigations. Going to lock this thread now.
  2. We'll be going through quite a few things in that livestream related to our March Milestone. There should be a green announcement post on this site, are you able to see it? https://gyazo.com/36afcdfba2def1ea0e6b356cfacdafb4
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  10. In regards to this bug, it's something the team are aware of and we're looking into. We've got quite a few things we'd like to tackle varying from the design of the game, to bugs/exploits, balance concerns, and server performance and stability. Not everything can be resolved immediately, and as stated in previous posts, we've provided insight into how our customer service requests are being handled and managed with our small team through Early Access. If it's not something you have the patience. I recommend stepping away and giving us a go at another time when we're further in our development process, as that might be a more enjoyable experience for you.
  11. I think this thread is getting a little out of hand. You're welcome to believe what you'd like about our team. Here's the deal with how we'd like to handle customer service for the time being: When someone opens a ticket, that ticket is automatically closed with an auto response. Our GM team will then look into it to see if it's one we are currently supporting if so they'll begin investigating and may open the ticket to ask for further information. This more or less was always the situation, we'd close tickets we weren't supporting and just deal with key issues. We've just automated that part of the process. I understand that this isn't ideal. In an ideal situation, we'd be able to support every single ticket that comes in and deal with it from either a technical or customer service point of view. However, at this time in our development phase, we're going to be using this system to identify game issues and trends so that we can tackle them from a technical/development point of view. The team have determined that this is the most efficient use of our resources and will ensure that we're able to resolve problems quickly and for a larger amount of players. It will also ensure that we can avoid those problems existing in the future, the alternative would be tackling them more slowly and risking more players having to deal with game breaking issues. Yes, having a large and super responsive GM team would certainly be helpful, and I would love it but as is recruiting programmers and engineers to work on core problems which will have much more of an impact on the entire player base. The goal is to solve problems so that they do not exist overall. However, this doesn't mean we won't be doing any GM/ticketing work. We still plan to take action against rule breakers, hackers/cheaters, people who are harassing each other, resolving company problems, etc using the report system and the tools we have available to us. We've been pretty transparent about this from the beginning, it was mentioned in the initial Captain's Log, it was included in an announcement on our Official Discord, and our automated response when opening a ticket also makes clear what the primary function behind it is for. It's not a matter of not valuing your time, it's a matter of recognizing how we can best utilize the resources we have available to us and what practically is the best way for our team to fix problems with the game and that players are experiencing on a day to day basis. Over time, the process will improve. We'll have a larger team, who will be equipped with better tools and information to tackle problems via tickets and we'll have dealt with a lot of the current issues which are plaguing the game, resulting in tickets being created. We believe that this plan of action will inevitably lead to a better game, a better experience for players, and in the long term a better customer support service. I understand that you may feel frustrated with this in the meantime, and I am sympathetic to you, however, this is how are going to proceed going forward. Everything is a process, and as we make strides in our development resolving issues, that will clear up the response rate. Additionally, as the game grows and the project gets further into its development cycle, the team will grow too. That will lead to having more active GMs, readily available to handle tickets. Going to shut down this topic, in future please be more civil with one another when discussing topics. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for all the responses guys. Will be going through it all with the team
  13. We're going to be looking at moving over the tax-bank item-restrict functionality over to tames. Thanks for the feedback folks, keep em coming
  14. Yup, I feel ya. This bug is a priority for us to resolve asap.
  15. Let's play a game! If you were a designer, what would you change about the following tamable creatures? We often hear feedback that players don't find value in most of the ones we've tamable, and I know some ideas have been shared in various threads previously but figured I'd make a giant thread where y'all can suggest. Not saying any of this is going to happen, but curious to see what you suggest. Bear Chicken Cow Bull Crow Razortooth Shieldhorn Elephant Giant Pig Giraffe Horse Lion Monkey Ostrich Parrot Penguin Rabbit Rhino Seagull Sheep Tiger Vulture Wolf
  16. Good news. Team have informed me that the painting issue on Galls + Brigs is just a client side issue. We're working on a fix now and will have it posted as soon as possible. No colours are lost, so they'll reappear when the patch is live
  17. Looking into it, thanks for the report guys.
  18. This an issue we're working on and trying to resolve and it extends beyond tames with players also falling through the structures. Sadly it's more of a complex and difficult one to get the bottom of, but it is certainly one of our higher priority issues.
  19. It's a reasonable suggestion. I think they should still be retractable + destroyable though, which may not make it possible. Will see what the techie and designer folks say.
  20. Those specific changes which were made on that beta branch have been incorporated into the live game, though it might be that we'll end up using the branch again for these additional changes, we'll have to see how dangerous they are
  21. We'll be making some design changes over the months ahead to make the game more accessible for smaller groups and solo players, whilst still maintaining elements focused on large groups too.
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