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  1. Any instructions on how to host a dedicated server on Blackwood? I mean, more than the instrucions on patchnotes.. only that dont work, or at least im not getting to work.. thx in advance.
  2. does anyone knows if there will be a wipe again?
  3. This is for track your player on map? Im searching for a hosted map that can track players that are logged in, for example, me and a friend can see where we are on that map! Is there any function like this?? THis way we will be able to know company's players position... THx in advance!
  4. You're right! I will do that, let the devs knows what is annoying.. thx for the reply!
  5. Ok. Someone parked at my base and its been a long since the boat was abandoned there. I Can't claim it, can't sink it, and now cant even get on board... any idea how long do i have to wait to claim in lawless? Or how to sink it?? Thx in advance!
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