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  1. Raid off is the cancer of this game, raid off is absolutely not a pvp feature. If you increase the mortier damage you will just increase raid off. The core mechanic for contest should be rework imo.
  2. Maybe a wipe will resolve those issue
  3. The company bug The skill tree modification The shield bug exploit The troch bug exploit The lag servers at the start Please for the new year do a wipe for pvp server.
  4. Joy

    Compagny BUG

    We are not alone look the discord many company have this issue
  5. Joy

    Compagny BUG

    Devs, please fix this glitch happening with our company. It's making it impossible to play when our perms get taken away, and kicks half our members and then they can't use anything or be reinvited because It says our company doesn't even have a GM anymore - all of our players lost perms. This is ridiculous
  6. When you have a shield equipped with no weapon you can destroy stone wall by pressing R This feature will ruins the point of making base
  7. window 10 x 64 1050 ti N vidia 4Go Xéon w 3550 3.07GHZ 8 CPU 12GO RAM Almost all setting in low : <30 FPS Anyone can help me for tweek Atlas setting or tell to me which part of my pc I need to change in first
  8. Please Delete My character in EU I cant log in EU server but its ok for NA
  9. Joy


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