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  1. So how many discovery points do you need now for fat walk?
  2. I was having a problem with my computer and it kept crashing. I finally fixed it, but when I logged back into steam, I went to my main character (I have 2 accounts) and I wasn't given the option of rejoining the server. Only to Join New Atlas. I didn't try to enter in case it deleted me. I was told by a guildie that my character still shows in the company roster, and his name is Odo Majere. My 2nd character logged in just fine, but my main who I have over 700 hours in is potentially deleted. I want to ask you to take a look and see if it is, or if it is in limbo and can be recovered. I am on the NA PVP server. Please don't give me some bullshit story about how you can't fix these things like you do with tames. If you do I will demand my money back for both accounts since you can't protect your investors.
  3. I am having the same problem on the NA PVP server too
  4. I keep getting tames falling thru the ships when I tell them to get on the ship. And last night I actually had a bear that I told to get on my ship carrying 3k gold die. The message that popped across my screen was that I killed the bear. At the time I was walking down the stairs to get below decks on my ship carrying 2k gold, so yes overweight, and I knew the bear was bugged (again). This is the first that has died, but I have had 2 or 3 bug out by getting stuck either on the railing and disappearing forever, or falling thru the deck never to be seen again. Really am getting tired of having to train new ones at least once a day because of this.
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