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  1. Wow, good news finally pirate encampments, I can't wait to test them, also I like the idea of the wipe so I might come back to NA-PVP also.
  2. I have the Same Network failure message, since today, first i thought must be my computer so i reinstalled it, but still, same message, so then i tried logging in on other computer which my other account was running on fine, but I get the same message. So it must be something on the server side, since when i login my other account it just works fine. For me it happened when i traveled to B7 was swimming in the ocean. So thinking my character must be stuck there I jumped on at other 3rd computer and went to B7 NA PVP on my 3rd account, looking for my body i started swimming around and BAM, invalid token message, and then Network failure message so same as on my main account! So i think something in the ocean near 2 ships i was swimming in B7 on SW bottom island on northside under 2 brigs who are back to back then i swam towards the ocean to be precise.
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